Fired From Your Job? The Best Tips To Get Back Into Employment

It’s already a hard job to find a job and it’s even harder when you were fired from your previous job. There will be lots of questions about your former employment and one of them will definitely be like “why were you fired from your job”.

Fired From Your Job? The Best Tips To Get Back Into Employment

If you were made redundant or fired from your job due to COVID-19 then it’s another story and most employers will understand the situation however if the reason is something else rather than the pandemic then you have lots of explanation to do.

You will be ok as long as you are honest with your answers. Tell your potential employers everything and explain why it happened and what would you do if you ever come to that situation.

Everyone deserves a second chance. 

Remember employers wouldn’t need to know more than necessary. If you are not comfortable with the question that you think is not legal then you may not have to answer it.

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If you are a fired from a job, it can be a very frustrating experience. You may find that it is difficult to be hired again. The process of searching for a job after being fired can be more difficult than if you resigned. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you find yourself in this situation.


You will need to focus on looking for jobs that fit your qualifications. Many times, your last job firing may have been related to having a different skill set than what was needed. If this is the case, focus on your skills and qualifications. Look for jobs that mesh well with your skill set. When you are qualified for a job, you will have a better chance of getting the job that you apply for.

Update Your Resume

It is a good time to update your resume. Now that you no longer work there, you can add the job to your resume. You can also add any accomplishments that you were able to achieve in your old position.

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Answering the Question

When you are fired from a job, you will inevitably have to answer a question from every employer that you apply with. They will all want to know why you were let go from your last position. The way that you answer this question can play a big role in whether you are able to secure a job. When the employer asks you why you were fired, it is important to address the question directly and then shift the focus back to your skills or qualifications.

For example, you might say, “My skills and qualifications were not the best fit with my last employer, but I think they would be a good fit with your company.” This addresses the issue at hand tastefully, without getting into any specifics about your last employer. Regardless of how wrong you might feel your firing was, you need to avoid dragging your past employer into the conversation. Do not talk negatively about your boss or anything else that happened while you were in that job. This only makes you look bad, regardless of whether you were right or not.

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When you are searching for a job after being fired, you need to network with your circle of contacts. Do not hesitate to go back to any of your past business acquaintances to talk about potential jobs. Someone that you knew from the past may be able to turn you onto a job to apply for. Your circle can open up new doors and vouch for you at the same time.  Also, consider joining a social group that focuses on your business. Many associations have members from different areas that are aware of job openings.

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