How To Withdraw Your Resignation Letter: In Case You Want to Go Back

It happens sometimes that you regret your decisions in the life. You may change your mind about resigning from your job but you have already handed your resignation letter and you are on your notice period.

How To Withdraw Your Resignation Letter: In Case You Want to Go Back

Large companies usually accept you back within a month without going through the paperwork and trainings however there are some companies wouldn’t accept you at all with the same conditions and pay.

As usual, we advise you not to bring your resignation letter in until you are fully sure that you have given a formal offer and you have signed it and you have a start date with the new company and employer.

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It is not impossible to withdraw your resignation letter. Many employers will understand the situation unless you have burnt the bridges with them.

If you left your previous company in good terms then it would be a straightforward process for them to welcome you back in.

If you haven’t left your company on good terms then it’s a very different story. They have all the rights and reasons not to accept you back in.

You would understand if you were a valuable employee or not when you are given your leaving note to your manager. They would be sad to see you going and wish you all the best with your new employment. 

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How To Withdraw Your Resignation Letter

Provide your name, postal address and the current date

Dear Mr Jacobs

I realize that my resignation may have caused inconvenience and wish to apologise for that. I hereby withdraw my resignation of 18 March 2006.

The conditions surrounding my resignation have changed and I would appreciate the opportunity to resume my job. I undertake to perform to the best of my abilities. Although I realise the process may not be that straightforward, I will await your reply.

I enjoy working at the company and hope to make a positive contribution to the team. Thank you for considering the withdrawal.

Yours sincerely,

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