John Lewis Online Job Application Form and How to Apply

In the UK, John Lewis is the largest department store with 42 branches (2021). This is one reason that many people apply for John Lewis jobs. The stores ranges from Aberdeen to Bristol so there are various opportunities for employees no matter where you live in this area. Because the John Lewis stores have over one million different items, the inventory is one of the reasons this department store has such a good customer base. Some of the items sold by John Lewis Department stores are:

  • Apparel for men, women, and children
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Gardening supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys
  • Jewellery
  • Electronics
  • Books

The wide varieties of items they carry are another reason this store does so well. The John Lewis Company also has Waitrose, which is the supermarket version of the department store. The Waitrose chain has over 338 stores (2021). This makes John Lewis company one of the best companies for which to work in the UK.

When looking for new employees this company considers people skilled individuals. In other words they must be able to communicate effectively with customers, they must be friendly and outgoing, and someone who can use their heads when it is necessary. The pay is extremely good to start and you will have reviews every so often.

If you are a partner in this business in addition to the salary you receive there are many benefits that are provided as well. The annual bonus is one of the benefits that many employees look forward to receiving. This can be anywhere between 12% and 18%. The percentage is of the past year’s earnings and last year it was equal to 9 weeks pay.

After working at John Lewis for 3 months, you are eligible for a 12% discount on most anything you buy at John Lewis or Waitrose. This increases after you have been with this company for a year to 25%. Not only does this look good to prospective employees but after being at your job for one year, you are allowed four weeks vacation and 5 weeks after three years.

A pension is available to which you do not have to contribute. The qualifying period to receive this after age 60 is having five years employment during a specific time frame. The life insurance that is essential to everyone is a great bargain paying at three times whatever you make yearly. Most of the stores have a dining room that is available to the employees for a very reasonable price which eliminates the need to rush through your lunch break.

This store even has tickets for sale for operas, concerts, and theatres. The 50% off you save here is money well spent if this is something you like to spend a fair amount of time doing.

Taking everything into consideration this is a good place to work if you are looking for benefits plus a decent wage. The discount that you receive from being employed by John Lewis is a big savings especially when you consider they sell practically anything you may need. If you are looking to find a position and stay with it long enough to advance, the John Lewis Company is one you should definitely consider.

John Lewis Careers

Known as one of the UK’s largest department store companies, John Lewis has a network of over 26 branches, plus a production unit and distribution centres. These networks stretch all the way from Scotland to England. John Lewis is known for meeting all of their customer’s needs, with fashion and household items. They know how much everyone’s tastes change as the years progress, so for this purpose, their goods change frequently as well. However, the objective of the company has stayed basically the same: to offer customers the best service and affordable products while still offering high quality goods.

The department stores offer over a million different brands and lines. There are clothing and accessories for men, children, and women. There are also electrical goods that meet all of the standards to furniture and lighting. In addition, John Lewis provides gardening supplies, toys, cameras and much more.

The supermarket division of the company is known as Waitrose, and they have over 180 branches across the country. Waitrose was recently voted the nation’s favourite supermarket in a ‘Which?’ magazine survey. No matter where your interest lies, with John Lewis or Waitrose, the company recruits people from all different backgrounds. Their main goal is to find people who have wonderful communication skills paired with an outgoing personality, the ability to work within a team, common sense, energy, passion, and an awareness for commercial goods.

Your pay is very competitive and it will be based on your progress. This encourages all of the employees to maintain their best while on the job. You might even find your inner competitive streak. Either way, the benefits are outstanding:

Annual Bonus – This is one of the best reasons to be employed with John Lewis. Each year, a portion of the overall business profits will be distributed to the employees at a certain percentage. In previous years, the bonus has varied between 12% and 18%, and in 2017, it was recorded as equivalent to nine weeks pay.

Discounts – Obviously, if you are employed with the company you should get some sort of discount. John Lewis is aware of this and if you are employed for three months or more, all employees are entitled to a 12% discount on most purchases. If you are employed for up to a year, then the percentage rises to 25%.

Paid Holiday – You are entitled to four weeks per year for holiday, which will rise to five weeks after you have been employed for three or more years.

Pension Scheme – While this might be the furthest from your mind, John Lewis offers a non-contributory salary pension programme, which is payable from the age of 60 to when employees have completed a five year period.

Instead of bringing your boring bag lunch or having to worry about where to go for your dinner break, John Lewis offers a subsidized dining room. In most locations they offer a dining room where you can enjoy great food at affordable prices.

Holiday Facilities – The company owns numerous residential clubs where you can take part in holiday accommodations.

Ambleside Park in the Lake District

Odney Club in Berkshire

Brown sea Castle in Poole Harbour, Dorset and

Leckford Abbas in Hampshire

Education – Employees who want to continue their education can do so with a great financial support system. This can be acquired through the Open University or evening classes.

Obviously, the benefits are enough alone to join the team at John Lewis. If you are interested you can easily access the jobs available via the John Lewis website. You can search for a job according to your specifications and your location.

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