Why Should We Hire You? – Interview Question

Is usually asked by prospective employers in order to gain an insight into how you view yourself, and what you believe you can offer them in terms of meeting your tasked commitments. With a question such as this it is important not to sound as though you are bragging. Before the interview be sure to research the company well so that you understand its ethics and goals. When asked the question be sure to respond by explaining that you feel the core values of the company and your own are mutual, and that you believe that you have the relevant experience and qualifications to carry out the duties that would be expected of you. Make sure that you put emphasis that you would like a career, not just a job, by inferring that you see this as a long term prospect.

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why should we hire you

Example Answers for “Why Should We Hire You?” Interview Question


“You should hire me for this position because I believe that I have the talent and experience to assist the company achieve and exceed its potential. I share the same ethics as the company and I would be proud to say I worked for a company that rewards its employees and cares about its clients. I envisage myself having a long and successful career here”.


“You should hire me because I agree with your principles and I think that having the same principles myself I am in a better position than someone who doesn’t share those principles. I feel with my skills being supported by a company such as yours I can exceed my potential”.

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“I really think I deserve a chance with your company as I tick all the boxes you require, I have an excellent track record when it comes to sales, and I would really appreciate the experience and prestige of working for your firm. I wouldn’t view this as a job, but as a career, and I would put my all into proving myself.”


“I am new to bar work but I am very enthusiastic and willing to learn. I have had some experience with customer service from my last role, and I regularly organized parties and discos whilst I was at school, so although I don’t have a lot of employment history, I would be a great candidate for this position. I have a great sense of fun, and I love music, so a bar is a perfect place for me to work, I also can fit the hours perfectly around my university studies.”

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Make sure not to give an over sure answer such as “Because I am brilliant” or “Because I am the best”. This question is designed to find out what you think you can offer the role.

Good luck.

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