Tell Me About Yourself – Interview Question

Usually the opening question to start the whole interview. What the interviewer is looking to see is if you can go back mentally through your CV and talk them through what experiences you have learnt, where you have worked, what you enjoy and dislike and how you could fit into their organisation.

tell me about yourself

You should start answering this question as far back as appropriate maybe leaving education and what did you do in education then to your first job so forth to the last or current role you are in. Along the way ensuring that you tell your interviewer what you learnt and achieved along the way as well as why you left those organisations.

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The question used normally as an opener allows the interviewer to see how you handle this question and whether you calmly explain your experiences or whether you are nervous and get into a flap. If you can prepare and research before hand and know your CV inside out then answering this question should be quite easy.

If you remain calm and factual it will show the interviewer how confident you are and how you would come across in their establishment.

It also gives you the chance to put across your strengths which is what the interviewer would like to know. Remember to focus on what the interviewer wants to know. By reading the job description thoroughly you will know what they are looking for you to do and if by talking about your experiences you can show that you can do this or have experience in this area that will be a positive slant on your interview.

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Try and highlight on your accomplishments whilst explaining your experiences and show how you have developed and how you could develop in their company also, what could you bring to their company.

If you have prepared for this question you will come across well, if not it will show that you do not even know your CV that well and that will not look good to a potential new employer.

Keep it Professional, not Personal

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