Nurse Manager Job Interview Tips – Helpful Read

The face-to-face interview is the final obstacle to overcome when trying to obtain a nurse manager job. For many candidates, the interview is a very intimidating experience. However, with proper preparations and an idea of what to expect, the interview can be where you nail down the job and get the opportunity you’ve been looking for. This article will provide some tips for that interview.

Nurse Manager Job Interview Tips - Helpful Read

General Advice

Of course, you want to be on time for the interview. It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes early to the interview location. If you don’t know where it is at, find out beforehand and “scout” the location out. Preparation and thinking ahead; those are qualities the interviewer will appreciate in a nurse manager.

Dress professionally for the interview and avoid excessive make-up and jewelry. Send a message of confidence and competence with your appearance. Walk right into the interview room, look the interviewer in the eye and give them a firm handshake. Sit straight up and avoid any fidgeting. However, if you need to think before answering a question, go ahead and do so. A manager needs to make thoughtful decisions and this will show you think over your answers carefully. When you do answer, do it with confidence.

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It’s a good idea to do a “practice” interview with a friend or relative before going in for the real thing. This will give you a chance to become comfortable and find any weaknesses to work on.

Types of Questions

You will be asked several types of questions during the interview. We will look at each type and provide examples.

Hypothetical Questions

These are the most critical questions you will be asked. They set up an imaginary scenario to see how you would respond. The interviewers are looking for decision-making ability and to see how you handle stress. Think carefully before you answer these! Some examples may include:

  • An important member of your team has been late 2 days in a row. How would you handle this situation?
  • A team member says she is being harassed by another team member. What steps should you take?
  • Victims from 2 traumatic accidents are coming in at the same time. How would you respond?
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Background Questions

These questions will dig a little deeper into your history and thinking. They are looking for “what makes you tick”. Here are some possible questions you may be asked:

  • Describe a time you dealt with an extremely stressful situation.
  • What was the most challenging part of your last position?
  • What led you to choose nurse management as a career?

Additional Tips

Don’t be afraid to ask some questions of your own. You should show some curiosity about the position. Avoid asking about pay or benefits early. The interviewer should bring those points up. It is fair to ask about training for the position.

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Try to always provide examples from your own background when answering a question. The interviewer is interested in how you would respond, not some imaginary third person. State things concretely; don’t say “I might” or “I think I would”. Say “I would” or “This is the way I’d do it”.

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