Leaving Your Job Due To Illness: Resignation Letter

You can use this resignation letter example if you are going to leave your job due to illness. Writing a letter to your employer must be taken very seriously even if it is just to let him / her know about your decision to leave.

Being rude, not being serious and not being relevant will only ruin your reputation in the employers eyes.

Your letter must be grammatically error free. Most of the word processors have spelling check features by default so you should be fine with spelling unless you use a plain text editor then you would have to check your writing a couple of times before sending it to the employers.

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Leaving Your Job Due To Illness

Your name
Contact details

Employer name/address


Dear HR

Re Intention to leave (insert date)

In accordance with the terms of my written contract, I hereby give you two weeks notice of my intention to leave. My last day will be?

As you are aware I have been unwell for sometime and due to the ongoing nature of my illness, I do not feel able to continue in my present role. I apologize for any disruption this will cause but assure you that I will assist with the transfer of duties and responsibilities before leaving.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your team and wish you and your colleagues all the very best for the future.

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Yours sincerely

Your Name

How to Send Your Letter

Posting your letter as in a printed paper is no longer necessary and it’s not recommended environmentally. Prepare your letter and don’t forget to take a copy of it somewhere on your PC and smartphone.

You will need to make sure that you are sending your resign letter to right person. It’s usually ok to email your letter to HR department but no harm doing a quick research and find out who to send it.

We can not stress enough how important to give two weeks notice to your employer so they can replace you with someone else. Your position has to be filled before your leaving date.

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