Zara Interview Questions and Helpful Tips

You can register online for vacancies at Zara as well as taking your CV into your local store. You can check out tips and and example questions for a Zara interview here.

Company Information:

  • Zara belongs to the company Inditex one of the world’s largest distribution groups. Inditex has 5,000 stores in 77 countries.
  • Zara is classed as one of the world’s largest fashion companies.
  • Zara are very environmentally friendly throughout their stores and are implementing a eco friendly management model in their stores to reduce energy consumption by 20%.
  • They have different opportunities world wide as they open a new store somewhere each week.
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zara interview

Their interview process seems to be one to ones, although they do have group open day sessions. Before attending an interview for a company like Zara you need to polish up your knowledge on fashion, trends, their competitors etc and remember you are going to be interviewed by a high fashion company therefore whatever smart outfit you try on for this make it on trend so they can see what you will look like out there on the shop floor.

Do some clear research before hand into their biggest competitors, who shops at Zara etc, this will mean a couple of visits to your nearest store to assess this but it will be worth it if you can answer the questions or make sure they know you have researched when you are asked for any questions.

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Draw on any other previous retail experience you have had, how do you think it could compare? Would Zara be interested in your findings, if it is a close competitor or other fashion retail business then yes I would say any research like that you can take to an interview to be part of the questions process will show you in an enthusiastic light.

Best Wishes.

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