Web Developer Interview Tips and Questions

To become a Web Developer you would normally study for a HND or degree in an IT related subject including:

  • Web Development or Web Design
  • Programming
  • Web Content Management

web developer interview

A web developer designs, builds and maintains websites and website applications in line with what the client or company are looking to achieve.

In this role you could work in a few different types of sector, private or public sector and all industry types but part of your role would involve working on different projects as to the needs of the business or client.

A project could include:

  • Build a framework of the site and add different command buttons working with the client using test sites to see which best suits their company needs.
  • Ensuring the new site can work with what they have existing.
  • Measures to deal with security and access.
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Even after the site has been built you may continue to make changes to make sure their site is working properly and in some cases you may be under a maintenance contract to ensure it continues running well.

Depending on the role you will possibly need a good working knowledge of one or more of the following programming languages: Java, C#, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML etc as well as an understanding of SQL and MySQL databases and application frameworks such as ASP.NET to name a few.

Once you have got your degree and got into your first position as a Web Developer the rest of the training continues on the job.  As technology is ever changing it is so important to continue learning and keeping your skills up to date. There are numerous courses that you can do usually online these days which will help keep you ahead of the rest!

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