Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Why do you want to work here? With this question the emphasis is on why you want to work for that particular employer. Before the interview be sure to read as much company policy as possible, read all about what they do, how they do it, any awards/commendations that they company have attained. Use this information when forming your answer. The type of job, the company itself, office placement, benefits and more can affect what answer you might want to give. Here are a few examples.

why do you want this job

When you have researched the company and the job that you are being interviewed for you should instantly know why you want to work there.

What is it that makes you want to go to the interview? Do you enjoy that particular job in another company and want to do the same role in another company? Is it the company that you want to work for and if so why?

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As with any question its best to practice the answer but not so that it sounds like a script when you relay it to your interviewer, you need your answer to be well thought out and sounds genuine and honest.

Some sample answers:

  • This job is what exactly what I have been looking for and when I saw it advertised and knew what company it was for and the excellent reputation in the industry I was thrilled to get an interview.
  • I like the fact that the company has X years experience in the industry that I can learn from.
  • I was very impressed with the services you offer as a company and want to be part of that.

Whatever you answer you want to sound impressed by the company and the role and want your interviewer to be pleased with your answer leaving them thinking that you really do want the job and within their company.

Try and go to the interview with at least a couple of good reasons why you would like to work for that company focussed on both the company maybe their services or products and also on the job description and how they together are a perfect match in your eyes and a real challenge you would like to undertake.

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Here are some more example answers:

#Example Answer 1

“I watched your office being built and wondered all that time who was going to move in. Then when I saw the advertisement and realised you are a startup company I felt this would be a fantastic opportunity for myself. I have the experience that you will need, and being such a fresh and new company I am keen to start with you from the grass roots so I can look back over a long and successful career and say ‘I was there from the start’ I would be really proud of that. ”

#Example Answer 2

“I have noticed that the company has had a slight downturn in sales in the last quarter, I am sure with my skills and expertise in the sales field that I can turn that around and boost your profits.”

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#Example Answer 3

“I love that your company is carbon neutral, and has invested in Eco friendly schemes. I noticed all of your products are made from recyclable packaging, and that you have an employee cycle scheme. I would love to work for a company that cares so much about our environment.”

#Example Answer 4

“I really love the idea of working in such a busy retail store such as yours as I enjoy being on the go all the time. I like the idea of being able to always have something to do, from stocking shelves, to assisting customers find items or advising on the right item. I love to socialise and help people so to be able to do that as a job would just be fantastic”

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