Warehouse Job Interview Tips: Read It Before Your Interview

Warehouse job interviews are a mix of technical knowledge and behavioral interview techniques. If you’ve got experience in a  modern warehouse, you’ll know the employer has a lot to ask you about systems and working methods.

Warehouse Job Interview Tips: Read It Before Your Interview

Warehouse Job Interview Issues

There are basic workplace issues which must be addressed in warehouse job interviews:

  • Working with warehouse systems: These questions relate to the various forms of machinery including:
  • Occupational Health and Safety: Extremely important in all warehouses.
  • Ordering and receiving: These are basic skills, but in some industries there are a range of security and accounting issues.
  • Stock security: Theft of stock is a major problem in warehousing.
  • Stock quality: Damaged stock and defective stock are primary handling and business issues for warehouses. Many warehouses store valuable stock for clients and may be held responsible for damage.
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Warehouse Job Interview Questions

Interview questions are both behavioral and technical. Expect a mix of types, because the employer needs.

The behavioral interview questions cover these areas:

Problem solving: These questions test experience. In warehouse jobs the level of experience is important in describing your ability to deal with situations.

Communications: Handling the quantities of materials involved in modern warehousing requires clear communications, written and verbal. Whether you’re asked about specific areas of communications like email or reporting will depend on the requirements of the job. The interviewers will also notice any communication problems, so make sure you speak and answer clearly.

Teamwork: A busy warehouse has to operate efficiently as a team. You’ll be asked how you contribute within a team environment.

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Technical Questions

Technical questions are based on the core skills and issues of the job:

  • Automated loading and handling systems handling
  • Specific types of work like containerized stock and heavy materials
  • Hazardous goods (Note: These questions are mandatory)
  • Licensed jobs like fork lifts, cranes, etc.
  • Administrative skills
  • Ordering and receipts
  • Warehouse databases
  • Working with types of goods and materials
  • Working with stock control systems
  • Working with stock management issues

Interview Question Examples

Give us an example of solving a problem with a  10 ton load crane that’s become immobile and has a load on it.

This is both a safety and problem solving question. The correct answer is in the safety guidelines for heavy lift cranes.

If you’ve found a contaminated food container load in an import shipment smelling terrible, what do you do about it?

Contaminated imports may require Customs and health inspection. The smell indicates bacterial decay. The load should be separated from others and inspected before handling.

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What do you do in case of a spill of a load of sulfuric acid in the warehouse?

This is an emergency safety situation. You must act according to safety guidelines for hazardous chemicals, and report immediately to the safety inspector.

How do you contribute to a team as the most junior member?

Participation within a team involves actual actions and contributions which add positive values to the team effort.

Give an example of a complex order you’ve handled recently.

The question relates to complexity and levels of responsibility. Your  description will be a virtual map of experience and levels of responsibility.

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