IT Support Analyst Interview Questions and Tips

IT support analyst interview questions and possible answers. If you have an interview soon then it’s best to be prepared.

Competency based question:

Describe a time when you have had to use several alternative sources of data to arrive at a decision. What actions did you take and what was the outcome?

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Competency based potential answer:

In my previous role as IT Support Analyst intern at XXX Company, I was tasked with a project to roll-out a new tracking / ticketing system for in-house IT support which was to be delivered within a two month time-frame. To begin with, I reviewed many of the standard systems; held discussions with internal customers; arranged vendor meetings so that I could better understand what products were on offer. I set myself milestones for completion and talked my Supervisor through my findings which I had summarised in a list of advantages/disadvantages; implementation timings, resource requirements and cost. I found this method really valuable – it ensured I remained on track throughout the project. By week 3 and after much in-depth analytical research, I was ready to formally share my proposal with the IT Manager and department Supervisors. I received approval to proceed with my recommendation – I was really pleased with this outcome as the IT Manager was very supportive of my proposal on the basis of the analytical work I undertook in advance. By week 7 of the project, the new tracking tool was up and running effectively and I was able to monitor its usage and ultimate success in my last few days at XXX. From what I have gathered, the system remains in use at XXX. This proved to be a fruitful outcome for me as well as XXX Company.

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General IT Support Analyst question:

What do you believe the key skills for a role as IT Support Analyst are?

Possible answer:

My understanding and research suggests that employers are seeking candidates with a skill-set focusing on the technical components of IT; strong communication skills; effective time management, listening skills, a high level of analytical strength combined with a positive team working mind-set and tenacity to name but a few. (Candidate should then be prepared to talk through examples where s/he can demonstrate application of those skills in previous roles/university etc should the employer ask).

Good luck with your interview.

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