Recruitment Consultant Interview Questions and Tips

Tips to help you for Recruitment Consultant Interview: Candidates are interviewed not just to check how much knowledge you have of the particular job, but also to know you personally. Having just educational qualification is not enough, as it is important to consider every aspect of you as a person. Following tips can help you to walk in confidently for the interview with complete preparation:

A proper resume is important for any job interview. Not just good but an excellent resume will take you one step closer to your dream job.

Positive attitude is of utmost importance. So erase all the negative thoughts from your mind or else it might reflect in your answers during the interview round.

Having information of the company, company’s employer, etc at first hand will help you to boost your confidence level.

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A cloth that you wear speaks a lot about you therefore wear outfit that is neat, clean and ironed.

A recruitment consultant has to interact with many people therefore he/she needs to have a friendly nature. So maintain a pleasant smile on your face right from the time you enter the company.

When you enter the room wait until you are asked to sit, avoid playing with pen, as all this will create a negative impression about you. Body language can show how much attentive you are and how much keen you are to do this job.

“What made you to leave your previous job?” is a common question asked by the employers during the interview; avoid giving negative answer to such questions. You may reply that you want to explore more, want to learn something new, etc.

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The more you create a positive attitude, more the chance will be to be appointed.

Recruitment Consultant Interview Questions

You should expect Role plays on selling candidates to clients during your interview so be prepared for this as well.

Why do you want to go in to recruitment?
Recruitment call role play
Tell me about yourself
What is a mistake you don’t regret making, and explain how it has made you into better person?
What motivates you?
What would your friends say is your greatest weakness?
Tell me about an interesting business newspaper article you’ve recently read?
What is your biggest achievement?
Describe a time when you over excelled in your personal life and how could you adapt this to recruitment?
What would you want to do if money wasn’t an issue?
Give me an example of the time you tried to persuade someone but failed
Why is 99% not good enough?
Why do you think you will be good?
Everyday is like having a driving test, there is so much pressure and stress could you handle it?
Do you have any sales experience?
Why do you want to work as a recruiter/ sales consultant?
Why should we hire you?
Give me an example of working under pressure.
What do you expect to earn here?
What is stopping you getting the role you want in recruitment?
Would you consider yourself as a money motivated individual?
What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced in your personal life, and how did you overcome it?
What have you failed at?

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