Aldi Interview Questions and Helpful Tips

Aldi say that they can keep their costs low because they buy them in great volume and because they hand pick their suppliers. They pride themselves on not having fancy displays and gimmicks like the other supermarkets so that’s its easy to find the low cost products that you want.

aldi interview

They are very keen on quality and choose their products including fresh fruit and veg to electronics and wine from the best suppliers chosen by the best buyers they have. Because Aldi sell mostly their own brands they can keep the quality high and the prices incredibly low which is great value for the customer.

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Aldi believe that their employees are at the heart of the company and they believe that to have a good working relationship with employees is built on cooperation, honesty, trust, respect, individual empowerment, accountability, mutual support and most importantly learning.

Aldi are committed to supporting their staff by:

  • Providing a range of structured training programmes as well as development opportunities.
  • Rewarding performance with positive recognition and attractive remuneration.
  • Creating a culture of openness, transparency and diversity.
  • Offering job security.

Those are very strong reasons for believing Aldi is a good career choice.
You can apply to be one of the Aldi team by filling out an application form or by sending your CV to the store you wish to work in with a covering letter or by applying directly online.

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They look for staff that are willing to put 110% into their work and grow with them, they even provide schemes for placements or management that you can join and have a long happy career with them in a thriving business.

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