10 Perks of the Job That Top Talent Really Wants

When you’re searching for a new job, there’s more to consider than just the salary you want. You’ll also need to think about the types of benefits that will make you a happy, productive employee.

Many companies are upping their incentives game to attract talented workers. So your dreams of becoming a digital nomad or being served food at your desk could be a real possibility.

With so many new workplace incentives becoming popular—such as game rooms, “baby cash,” and unlimited vacation time—it can be hard to sort through them all. That’s why Company Folders created this infographic of the top ten perks and the reasons companies offer them.

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Some cool incentives at popular brands:

  • Facebook will reimburse new parents for adoption fees.
  • Google employees are never more than 200 feet from free food.
  • Yahoo has backyard barbecues and concerts.


Infographic by: Company Folders Inc.

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