Who Was Your Best Boss and Who Was the Worst?

Who was your best boss and who was the worst? This is such a fun question to answer, and you can really show off your character in this one. Of course you don’t have to give the typical “Fair boss, evil boss” answer. Have a think about this one as a good humoured answer here can really get you points in your interview. Here are some examples of how you could field this one.

best worst boss question

Example Answers for “Who Was Your Best Boss and Who Was the Worst?” Interview Question


“My favourite boss was a man named Adam who I worked for at McFarlane’s, he was a lovely man. He was very fair when it came to shifts and breaks, but god help you if you made a mistake with the till! He absolutely hated having to cancel transactions, but I appreciate that was because in a fast food restaurant the food is prepared so quickly that once the order is through the cook may have it ready before the cancellation goes through, and that will then be wasted food. My worst boss ever was a lady named Eve, and the only reason she was the worst boss is because she used to make us stay back each night to do unpaid overtime, helping her with tasks she should have been carrying out herself, for example she used to hold each of us back for half an hour to cash a till up each, when as the manager she should have been doing that herself. Although it was flattering that she trusted us to do it, cooks should not be cashing up.”

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“My favourite boss was a man named Adam who I worked for at a sales office, he was very tough on targets, and would give us really hard targets to hit. We would work really hard and usually hit them. If we didn’t he would get angry, however when we did he would always reward us. Looking back, the targets were set so high to push us to achieve more than we thought we could, in fact we were exceeding the real target, as he would tack on extra target just to see how far he could push us. My least favourite boss was a woman called Eve, she used to use very threatening and abusive language if we didn’t hit our targets. All it really achieved was to push the morale of the team lower and lower, and several members of staff left because of the abuse that she would give. She never ever thanked any of us, or praised any of us. She would also often give her ‘favourites’ lower targets than the rest of us and they didn’t get berated if they didn’t hit their lower target like we would if we didn’t hit ours.”

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