What Can You Do for This Company?

What can you do for this company? Is a question that is posed in order to ascertain what you have to offer in terms of skills and experience that will benefit the business. You should be able to answer this question with facts about how your experience, qualifications and skills will directly benefit that company. Be sure beforehand to have carried out as much research on the company as possible. Be sure to know what the company is looking for out of the employee that they are looking to hire. IF you can give examples of how your skills match the company well , and if you have accomplished something they are looking to achieve in the past, mention that in your answer too so that you show that you get results.

what can do for company

If you are being interviewed for a Customer Service Agent for example what have you done that you can show to them that you have worked with customers either over the telephone or face to face, what customer service techniques have you adopted in the past? Think of examples of when you have provided good customer service the scenario including outcome and the same with regards to a difficult customer and how you handled this. Although this is an example job for the purpose of this question it allows you to think how are my skills suited to what I know from the job description and also from the research I have done.

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If for example the company has won awards for providing excellent customer service you can draw on this by letting them know you have researched and answering that because of when you did X,Y and Z you were providing good quality service which is a great skill that you can bring to their company and help them to continue doing well as they are.

Match skills with what you think they are looking for and show your experiences, be able to back this up with one or two examples if you can and you won’t go far wrong.

Some examples of how you could word this would be:

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What Can You Do for This Company? If We Hire You


“Being a skilled salesman, and knowing that you are looking to sell an extra 10% of your stock over the coming quarter, I know that with my experience and personality I will be able to achieve that for you. In my last position, I was set a challenge of raising my sales by 20% for the first quarter of 2012, as the last quarter of 2011 had been average. I actually managed to apply a new angle to my pitch and exceeded the previous quarter’s sales by 34%. I was very proud of this achievement and would love to prove that I have what it takes to translate this success to your venture.”

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“I understand from the job posting that you are hoping to hire a PR guru in order to address the issues that you have been experiencing lately with regards to complaints and bad press. I can understand the pressures this situation must be exerting upon the company as I had to deal with a well publicised campaign of bad press in my last position. Thankfully, I was well educated and experienced and managed to get the issue under control and rectify the damaged caused. I am certain that I will be able to do the same for your company and turn this situation around.”

Good Luck.

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