Qualifications CV Template Example

Use this template if you’re a post graduate, returning to work after a long break (12 months or more), or if you’re changing to a career where specific qualifications are required (e.g. accountancy).

Postgraduates, return to workers and specialist career changers

If you have recently completed a course to update your skills or learn a “new role”, or if you have just graduated from university, you will need to write a qualifications-based CV. This CV type suits post graduates, job seekers that want to return to work after a long period of unemployment (12 months or more), and some career changers. A qualifications CV is only suitable for career changers that must have specific qualifications in order to be able to work in their new career. Examples might include accountants, doctors, IT programmers and social workers. For career changers, where the need is for skills or market knowledge, a skills-based CV is more relevant. Please see below.

Qualifications CV Template Example

Your full name
Your home address
Your home phone number
Your mobile phone number
Your personal email address

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I am a hard working team player and I enjoy exceeding targets. I look for ways to do things better because I am motivated by being successful and achieving.

Profile explained: your profile should be about 30 words long and describe what you are like to work with, focussing on how you can help an employer to prosper. Remember, you don’t need to have had a job to be able to describe yourself as a colleague.


BA Marketing Edinburgh University 2020 -Summer 2022
Expectant grade: 2:1 Hons

Areas of study

For example: Conducting research into financial sector companies and how they attract and convert local businesses. Findings to be published in ‘Marketing’ magazine and the ‘Scottish Herald’.

You could also list here any relevant modules that have specific relevance to the job that you’re applying for.

Skills acquired

List up to five core skills, see the example below:

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Advanced market research and analytical skills developed through interviewing marketing professionals in the Finance sector.

Skills acquired explained: you should not only list the skill you acquired, but you should also explain briefly how or what you did to acquire it.

Key skills and achievements

List up to five achievements – remember, you want to show how you would add value to a company. Explain what you did, how you did it and what was achieved.

Conducted desk research to identify decision makers in core market; called and emailed them and arranged interviews with 12 individuals. Designed questionnaire to benchmark marketing activity. Obtained 12 in-depth interviews giving insight into marketing activity and success metrics.

Employment history

If your employment history is relevant to the job that you are applying for, list up to 3 work histories starting with your most recent job first. If you have no employment history, list any voluntary work or team based hobbies that you have been involved in.

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Histories should be listed in the following way:

Job title From-to dates Company name (or team name)

If you do not want to name your current employer, describe the company instead e.g. Leading UK software house

Training and awards

List any recent relevant courses that you have completed. If you have a work history, list work-related awards here. If you do not have a work history, see ‘interests’ below.


Keep this short – about one line. If you don’t have a work history, list awards and personal achievements here.


You don’t need to include a references section, most recruiters will assume you are able to provide references upon request. If you want to include this section, it is sufficient to say ‘References available upon request.

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