Civil Engineer Interview Advice, Tips and Questions

To become a Civil Engineer you would need to have a Degree in Engineering which is normally a 3 year degree or you could do a 4 year Masters Degree in Civil Engineering. As well as educated to Degree Level you will also need to have excellent maths and IT skills.

A Civil Engineer is interested in designing and building things. A Civil Engineer would plan, design and manage a variety of construction projects.

Usually Civil Engineers start their career through a Company’s Graduate Training Scheme where you would learn through an experienced mentor from the company developing the theoretical skills you have learnt at University. These training schemes are usually for one to two years. A company will be thorough in accepting you onto a graduate program as they have to invest a lot of time and effort into developing your skills and they will want to be 100% sure that you are the right person for their company and that you are looking for a long term future within their company.

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Of course depending on what company you work for you could as a Civil Engineer be working on:

Structural (Buildings), Transportation (Roads/Railway) , Environmental (water supply/drainage) , Maritime (ports) and even Geo technical (mining).

As a Civil Engineer you can expect to spend your time making sure that the requirements are correct with the client and colleagues working alongside you. You will have to analyse data from surveys, judge whether projects are feasible, assess the environmental impacts and risks and making sure that the legal guidelines have been covered. This is only a sample list of things a Civil Engineer can expect in his or her role.

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Civil Engineers normally work alongside other professionals such as architects, surveyors and building contractors.

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