Why should you not move to Australia?

Beaches. One of the top reasons not to move to Australia are the beaches. If you hate golden sand, blue waters, the sound of splashing waves and an opportunity to catch some amazing fish, this country is not for you. Australia has 10,685 beaches, some of them rated as top-beaches in the World!
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What are the disadvantages of living in Australia?

List of the Cons of Living in Australia
  • Australian law allows creditors to force you into bankruptcy. ...
  • The housing market in Australia can be challenging to navigate. ...
  • You may need to pass a medical exam to qualify for a visa. ...
  • There are character requirements that you must pass to live in Australia.
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Is moving to Australia a good idea?

Well, expats living in this country enjoy many benefits of going to Australia including a high quality of living, great education, good healthcare, fantastic work-life balance, and decent work benefits from employers. These are just a fraction of the things to know when moving to Australia.
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What are the cons of migrating to Australia?

Pros and cons of migrating to Australia
  • Language barrier.
  • Expensive lifestyle.
  • Expensive health care insurance.
  • High skin cancer rates and obesity rates.
  • Education is expensive.
  • Travelling.
  • Alienation.
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What are the dangers of going to Australia?


Natural threats are probably the only risks for you in Australia. There is a variety of threats, from dangerous animal species, to dangerous waters and currents, UV exposure and riptides. Follow the signs at beaches, roads or any other natural spaces and the advice of authorities.
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Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Australia

Is Australia safer than USA?

Australia is better because the crime rate is much lower that the United States. The crime rate is so low that police officers do not even carry guns with them. They only carry batons. A killing with a gun would be on television for days.
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What should I avoid in Australia?

10 Things All Tourists Should Never Do in Australia
  • Never get off the bus without thanking the bus driver. ...
  • Never think you don't need to swim between the flags at the beach. ...
  • Don't head outside without sunscreen. ...
  • Don't talk loudly on a quiet carriage during peak-hour commute. ...
  • Never drive fast or drunk.
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What are the positives and negatives of living in Australia?

25 Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Australia
  • Pro: No Language Barrier for Americans. ...
  • Con: You'll Still Pay US Taxes. ...
  • Pro: High Standard of Living. ...
  • Con: High Cost of Living. ...
  • Pro: Very Warm Climate. ...
  • Con: Bush Fires & Dangerous Weather. ...
  • Pro: Amazing Work-Life Balance. ...
  • Con: Christmas in Summer.
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What are the negatives of migrating?

Negative impacts of migration on migrants

Migrants may run out of money. Issues communicating due to language barriers. Issues securing accommodation or housing on arrival. Migrants can be exploited.
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What are some challenges of living in Australia?

The 5 greatest challenges of living in Australia every student...
  • Homesickness. This is the most common challenge that our students face while in Australia, especially in the first months. ...
  • The Australian accent. ...
  • Cultural differences. ...
  • Finding jobs. ...
  • Living with others.
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Is life better in Australia?

Australia performs well in many dimensions of well-being relative to other countries in the Better Life Index. Australia outperforms the average in income, jobs, education, health, environmental quality, social connections, civic engagement and life satisfaction. These assessments are based on available selected data.
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Is Australia safer than UK?

Beginning with general crime rates you can already see that the UK and Australia have little difference in their assault and murder rates. While the murder rate does spike slightly for Australians per 100,000 inhabitants, there is a drop of 0.4% of people victimised by assaults in Australia compared to the UK.
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Is Australia friendly to foreigners?

Overall, the country's culture is friendly and inviting, and the class system is not as strong as you might find in other English-speaking countries. However, expats will have to deal with a competitive housing market.
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Is life easy in Australia?

Australia is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time, want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country. Known for its easy-going lifestyle, Australian's find the perfect balance between efficient productive work-lives and fun-filled social lives with a strong focus on well-being!
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Is life better in Australia than the UK?

While consumer prices (overall) are 12% lower in the UK, the purchasing power is 16% lower (because of lower pay). Life is overall better in Australia, friends. It will be even more obvious after Brexit when the food prices in the UK will shoot up.
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Is Australia or New Zealand better to live?

Living In New Zealand

Life in New Zealand tends to move at a more relaxed pace. In 2019, New Zealand was ranked as the second safest country in the world. New Zealand has a lower crime rate than Australia. Plus, you won't have to worry about any snakes!
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What are 3 disadvantages of migration?

Migration can bring advantages and disadvantages to the country which is losing people and also to the host country .
In addition, there are a number of obstacles that the migrant may need to overcome, including:
  • unemployment in new country.
  • racism and cultural differences.
  • language barriers.
  • lack of opportunities.
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What are pros and cons of immigration?

Immigration can give substantial economic benefits – a more flexible labour market, greater skills base, increased demand and a greater diversity of innovation. However, immigration is also controversial. It is argued immigration can cause issues of overcrowding, congestion, and extra pressure on public services.
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Is healthcare free in Australia?

The Australian public accesses care within the public health system for free or at a lower cost through Medicare (funded by tax). The private system includes health service providers that are owned and managed privately, such as private hospitals, specialist medical and allied health, and pharmacies.
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What is life really like in Australia?

Australia has high quality of life, and cities like Sydney and Melbourne are often in the top 10 in terms of their livability. Australian culture has a British foundation, but people are less formal than in the UK on the whole. It's easy to strike up conversations in Australia and people are often willing to help.
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Is Australia safer than Canada?

Australia reported 46.01 crimes per 100,000 citizens. Australia is ranked 69th out of 164 countries when it comes to crime in general while Canada did better with only 39.03 crimes per 100,000 and ranking 80th.
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How safe is living in Australia?

Australia is generally a very safe and welcoming place to live and study, consistently ranking among the safest countries in the world. But it is still important to look after yourself and be aware of the risks that exist - and ways to minimise them.
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Is Australia very expensive?

By almost any measure, Australia is one of the costliest places on the planet. The Economist Intelligence Unit's (EUI) global cost-of-living survey, which compares 131 cities using New York as its baseline, ranks Sydney as the fifth and Melbourne as the sixth most expensive on places earth.
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How many tourists are murdered in Australia each year?

In the most recent year for which data are available there were only two tourists murdered. Those most likely to be victims of homicide are young males, which reflects the general profile of homicides in Australia more broadly.
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What is the safest country in the world 2021?

Iceland tops the Global Peace Index, which ranks countries according to safety and security, ongoing conflict and militarisation.
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