Why is my ball pythons poop green?

Green urates (the chalky portion of the droppings) can be healthy. However, green feces can also indicate an internal infection. It's also believed to occur if your snake is fasting, and living off of their fat reserves.
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What color should ball python poop be?

Ball Python Defecation and Health

A healthy ball python will produce feces that is light brown to black in color. If you are feeding rodents, you should expect to see some hair in the feces, since hair does not break down easily in the digestive tract.
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What color should my snakes poop be?

Normal ball python poop should consist of brown to dark brown part (feces) and urates – white to yellowish pasty urine in solid form, consisting of nitrogen waste (it might also pass some liquid urine). Poop might be small to medium-large, similar to small to medium cat or dog poop.
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Why is my snakes urate green?

Sometimes you will get green or blue colour on or in with the urates. This I believe is a natural bacteria that is within the gut of snakes and as long as they are healthy it does not present a problem. Also you sometimes get a dark green slime (jelly) type poo with the urates when your snake has not eaten for a while.
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What does ball python snake poop look like?

Healthy ball python poop is brown or black logs with chalky white, which is known as urates. These two will always be present in the poop of your pet. In some instances, you may see a small amount of mucous or liquid urine, this is not something you need to worry about.
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What dies snake poop look like?

When snakes excrete waste, it is actually a mixture of feces and urine that looks white and is more of a liquid than a solid, much like bird droppings. The pests' waste may contain bones, hair, scales, and other indigestible materials leftover from meals.
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How often should ball pythons poop?

How often should a ball python poop? Most ball pythons poop around 6-10 days after eating, but it can be longer than 10 days depending on ball python's environment. Ball pythons can hold their waste for long periods of time, and some normally poop only once in 1-3 months.
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Do snakes poop when stressed?

Defecating And Urinating (On You) Definitely, the least … delightful … of a snake's stress responses, is that they'll sometimes defecate or urinate (or both) when they're stressed. This often happens when they're being handled and, as they can't ask you to put them down first, well, you get the picture.
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How do you tell if your snake is impacted?

The symptoms of an impacted snake are a lack of appetite along with lack of bowel movement for many weeks. This is a serious condition that could result in the death of the snake if not treated, which is exactly what happened to the second snake.
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Why does my ball python have diarrhea?

A dirty enclosure that is not cleaned on a regular basis can cause your pet to get diarrhea. Ball pythons need clean living conditions in order to reduce stress. Stress can lead to diarrhea if the enclosure is not spot cleaned daily with a monthly deep clean.
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What does ball python poop smell like?

Most owners rate pythons as much less smelly than colubrids like corn snakes and kingsnakes. Ball pythons rarely musk, which is a smelly secretion from the anal glands that many snake species use as a defense. Feces is typically solid for ball pythons and is less smelly than what colubrids produce.
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How long after eating Do ball pythons poop?

How Often Do Ball Pythons Poop? A ball python will usually poop around one week after eating. It takes one week for it to fully digest its food. The amount it poops therefore is connected to how often it eats.
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Do ball pythons need humidity?

Ball pythons seem to prefer humidity levels of 50 to 60 percent. Maintaining proper humidity will allow your ball python to shed properly.
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How often should ball pythons eat?

How often to feed a ball python. You don't need to feed a ball python every day. Generally, smaller or younger ball pythons need to eat twice each week, while larger ones usually eat once every week or two. As they get older you feed them more at one time so they don't need as many feedings.
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How often do ball pythons drink?

Ball Pythons drink water on a regular basis and seem to appreciate being given fresh water and a clean bowl every few days. Some will even drift over to it and drink straight away. In general, my adult Ball Pythons drink around once a week. Hatchling Ball Pythons will drink slightly more often, usually every few days.
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Do the snakes fart?

Why Do Snakes Fart? Snake farting is not common because they are strict carnivores, and most of the gas that we humans experience comes from consuming vegetable material. Snakes don't even have the gut bacteria to break down plants to cause the gas.
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What is sausage butt in snakes?

Sausage butt, as is my understanding, refers to when a snake's back end is swollen with poop and is about to defecate. This can be as much as the entire back half just bloated out, and once they defecate they'll look like normal.
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How often should a snake poop?

If you're feeding your snake every five days, you can typically expect it to poop every five days. If you are feeding it every month, it should be pooping every month. If your snake is pooping multiple times between meals, this could mean that your animal is sick and has diarrhea.
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How do you destress a ball python?

How to Calm Down a Snake
  1. Move Slowly. Quick movements can frighten snakes and send them into fight or flight mode. ...
  2. Good Behavior. Snakes typically react to handling with fear or, if they are calm and relaxed, curiosity. ...
  3. Guide, Don't Restrain. ...
  4. Cutting Your Losses. ...
  5. Provide a Comforting Home.
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How do I know my ball python is happy?

Ball Python Happy And Stress Signs
  1. Calm Tongue Flicking. One of the signs of a happy ball python is when it's calmly flicking its tongue every now and then. ...
  2. Unrushed. A ball python hanging on a branch. ...
  3. Grip is Gentle. ...
  4. Normal Behavior. ...
  5. Tense Body. ...
  6. Pacing and Increased Activity Levels. ...
  7. Freezing. ...
  8. No Flicking of the Tongue.
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How do I know if my ball python is hungry?

Snakes will let you know when they're hungry. They will start prowling their enclosure and their tongue flicks will increase in frequency and number.
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Should I soak my ball python?

Soaking isn't always necessary in the care of your ball python, though it is useful to help with shedding, impaction, and mites. Remember to always use warm water and move slowly. Let your pet swim around for 10 to 15 minutes before drying them off.
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What else can you feed a ball python besides mice?

Ball pythons in the wild eat a wide variety of rodents aside from mice, and they also eat small birds. In captivity, you can try to feed them any appropriately sized, commercially bred rodent. This includes domestic mice or rats, multimammate mice, gerbils, and hamsters.
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