Why do you prefer modular learning?

MODULAR LEARNING TEACH THE STUDENTS VALUES, NOT SPECIFIC LESSONS WHICH IS REPETITIVE. There are actually lessons which are not found in the modules but the students learn this pandemic. These are the values of making an effort, time management, discipline and experimentation.
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Why do Filipinos prefer modular learning?

In a public secondary school in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, modular learning also emerged as the most preferred learning mode. According to their local LESFs, learners cited the lack of available gadgets and internet connection as the main reasons why they preferred modular learning over online learning.
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What are the benefits of modular distance learning?

The Benefits of Modular Learning
  • A better study balance. Modular learning means that we can split your year into terms. ...
  • More time to reflect. Studying law, especially sitting law exams, can be a little different from other subjects. ...
  • “Exit velocity” ...
  • Exam insurance.
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What do you think about modular distance learning?

If to consider the engagement capacity of children, modular distance is more convenient. It is much accessible for the kind of pupils in the community. It can cater pupils who cannot afford gadgets and internet connectivity that will be used in online class. This is the appropriate learning modality in our community.
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Which do you prefer modular mode of learning or online classes?

Based on the partial results of the Learner Enrollment and Survey Forms (LESFs) distributed during the enrollment period, it showed 7.2 million enrollees prefer to use modular distance learning, TV & Radio based instructions and other modalities while only 2 million enrollees prefer online for school year 2020-2021.
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Question # 1 Which do you Prefer Modular Learning or Online Learning?

Why do students prefer modular learning than online learning?

Costs less. Like online classes, modular class eliminates the need to travel to school, and so, it saves you from spending on daily transportation, food, attire, and other things. Students receive the modules, which are already printed by the school.
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Is modular learning better than face to face learning?

In conclusion, face-to-face classes and modular distance learning can be beneficial to the students and the teachers. Their similarities mainly focus on the learnings or the knowledge acquired, while the differences emphasize their pros and cons towards the ways of executing them.
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What is modular learning to students?

Modular learning, as the word connotes, uses learning modules that facilitate student learning by themselves. Modular learning is a form of distance learning that uses Self-Learning Modules (SLM) based on the most essential learning competencies (MELCS) developed by the teachers with the aid of curriculum developers.
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What is the impact of modular learning to students?

Students using the modular learning approach significantly increased the academic performance of the students. It also exhibited that from the different learning areas such as Mathematics, Science and English rational improvements in the academic performance of the students who used the modular learning approach.
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Is modular learning effective in the Philippines?

During enrollment last year, DepEd conducted a survey among parents, which revealed that 87% chose the printed modular learning modality for their children.
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What are the benefits of module?

Benefits of module learning
  • A better work life balance. ...
  • Studying a module based course means that you will study in smaller chunks. ...
  • Exams and assignments are spread out throughout the course, as you will typically be examined on each individual module.
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What is the importance of learning module?

The Learning Modules allows teachers to make close links into curriculum frameworks and standards, literally with hyperlinks if these are online, or by citing the standards in the Knowledge Objectives area.
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What is the purpose of module learning?

About Learning Modules

A Learning Module is an organized collection of content presented together. A Learning Module can support a course goal, a course objective, a subject, a concept, or a theme. Instructors can set a structured path through the content items using a storyboard or a set of dependencies.
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How do parents feel about modular learning?

The articles reviewed conveyed that parents are highly engaged in modular distance learning. In addition, it can be attested that parents are highly preoccupied in supporting and managing their children's modular distance learning.
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What are the challenges of students in modular learning?

7 Challenges of Modular Learning to Students and Proposed Solutions
  • Inability to submit on time. ...
  • Difficulty in reading and comprehension. ...
  • Personal Teenage Problems. ...
  • Poor Wi-Fi Connections. ...
  • Inability of parents to assist in the modules. ...
  • Inability to Comprehend the Lessons. ...
  • Game addiction among students.
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Why modular distance learning is easy?

As the Modular Distance Learning is implemented to every public school some say it is easy to adopt. If teachers and schools will just have to distribute and not to be bothersome of any interventions for students to learn then the use of module perse could be found the easiest to implement.
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What is the impact of modular learning to the teachers?

Modular teaching is more effective in teaching learning process as compared to ordinary teaching methods. Because in this modular approach the students learn at their own pace.
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What do you know about modular learning?

Modular learning is the approach where the focus is on learning outcomes, and its success relies on connecting outcomes to student learning and course design. These areas combine to make a course constructively aligned as discussed by Biggs (1999).
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What is modular learning Philippines?

Modular learning is the current learning modality of primary education in the Philippines where traditional teacher-student practice has now been shifted to mother-child since mothers are the immediate assistants of their child in modular learning. Therefore, they play essential parts in their children's education.
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How do students perceive modular learning?

Modular teaching was appreciated as an effective method by 93.4% students. Case based teaching, small group sessions and problem based learning were considered most favored teaching methods (97.7%, 97.1% and 94.85%) respectively by the students.
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Why is in person learning better than online?

In-person learning allows you to interact with other learners and instructors in a physical setting. This provides opportunities to learn firsthand through seeing and acting. Face-to-face interaction is essential for greater clarity and understanding than online training.
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Why Distance Learning is better than face to face?

IBM have found that participants learn five times more material in online learning courses using multimedia content than in traditional face to face courses. Because online courses give students full control over their own learning, students are able to work at their own speed.
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What are the benefits of face to face learning?

The Advantages of Face to Face Learning in the Classroom

You can access more information and richer understanding through teacher and other students' body language and voice. You have the opportunity to connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds.
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What is modular learning DepEd?

What is modular distance learning? It is a form of learning delivery modality developed by The Department of Education (DepEd) in which learning takes place without physical interaction between teachers and learners.
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Are modules effective?

Previous research has shown that modules -- that provide much needed social, academic, and adjustment skills including time management, examination strategies, reading, and note-taking techniques -- increase student success through coursework [3, 7, 13, 15, 16], thereby creating a useful framework from which students ...
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