Who was Alexander Hamilton to George Washington?

Alexander Hamilton served as Washington's aide during the Revolutionary War, the first Secretary of Treasury under Washington's administration, and is considered to be the founder of our nation's economic system.
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Were Alexander Hamilton and George Washington friends?

Though they worked in close proximity for years, Alexander Hamilton and George Washington never became close friends; different positions and different personalities prevented it. However, they gave each other things that were perhaps more valuable.
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Was Alexander Hamilton really George Washington's right hand man?

Hamilton fought with honor in the Revolutionary War

Through his efforts as a volunteer, young Hamilton became General George Washington's aide de camp, or his right-hand man. Hamilton also personally led an attack and charge at the Battle of Yorktown on a British redoubt.
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Who was George Washington's best friend?

"Dr. David Stuart: Friend and Confidant of George Washington." Northern Virginia Heritage 10, no.
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What did Hamilton think of George Washington?

Hamilton wrote Washington's secretary, Tobias Lear, and said: “I have been much indebted to the kindness of the General, and he was an Aegis very essential to me” (Alexander Hamilton to Tobias Lear, 2 January 1800, National Archives).
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Alexander Hamilton's Thoughts on George Washington

What did Thomas Jefferson think of Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton thus saw Jefferson as sneaky and hypocritical, someone with wild ambition who was very good at masking it. And Jefferson saw Hamilton as a wildly ambitious attack dog who would hammer his way into getting what he wanted.
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How did Washington respond to Hamilton being his right hand man?

Right Hand Man

The Continental Army performed poorly during this campaign and was chased out of New York State, partly because Washington was outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, and outplanned. So Washington requested supplies, information, and help, from men like Hamilton, who served as his aide-de-camp.
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Was George Washington a good man?

Washington became a great man and was acclaimed as a classical hero because of the way he conducted himself during times of temptation. It was his moral character that set him off from other men. Washington fit the 18th-century image of a great man, of a man of virtue. This virtue was not given to him by nature.
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What did Eliza do after Hamiltons death?

In 1806, two years after Hamilton's death, Elizabeth became the co-founder of the Society for the relief of poor widows with small children. A few years later she became the co-founder of the Orphan Asylum Society.
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Did Washington's wife name her cat after Hamilton?

Wrong: “Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after Hamilton.” In the song “A Winter's Ball,” Aaron Burr suggests Hamilton is a womanizer by bringing up the idea that Martha Washington named a feral cat after him. Though this story appears in several Hamilton biographies, it's likely false.
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What was Alexander Hamilton's famous quote?

“Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.”
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Who started the fight Jefferson or Hamilton?

The feud between Hamilton and Jefferson began as a battle for the approval of George Washington. When Washington became America's first president in 1789, he appointed both men to serve in his cabinet, Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury and Jefferson as Secretary of State.
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Did Washington and Jefferson get along?

While never especially close, Washington and Jefferson knew each other for 30 years. For most of those three decades, the two Virginians enjoyed a productive and positive relationship, which at times was a warm friendship.
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Why didn't Thomas Jefferson attend George Washington's funeral?

Jefferson even refused to attend memorial services for the President, saying in private that the "republican spirit" in the nation might revive now that Washington was dead and the Federalists could no longer hide behind his heroic image.
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What did Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton disagree on?

Alexander Hamilton became a leading voice of the Federalists who believed that the federal government needed to be strong. On the other side, Thomas Jefferson, a Republican, argued that too much power in the hands of the federal government would lead to tyranny.
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Why did Hamilton and Jefferson wrote to George Washington?

Why are both Hamilton and Jefferson writing to George Washington? Based on both of these letters, what seems to have been happening in George Washington's administration? How can you tell? They are expressing their concerns, they want to tell him their side of the story.
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Was Alexander Hamilton a president?

When Was Alexander Hamilton President? Hamilton was never the president of the United States, although he was the closest aide and advisor to the country's first president, George Washington, and also helped to shape the policies of his successor, John Adams.
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Did Hamilton and Jefferson agree on anything?

The Compromise of 1790 was a compromise between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, where Hamilton won the decision for the national government to take over and pay the state debts, and Jefferson and Madison obtained the national capital (District of Columbia) for the South.
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Why did Aaron Burr and Hamilton have a duel?

The two men had long been political rivals, but the immediate cause of the duel was disparaging remarks Hamilton had allegedly made about Burr at a dinner.
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Why was Alexander Hamilton against the Bill of Rights?

84, Alexander Hamilton warned that a bill of rights could even be dangerous, because defining certain rights vaguely would leave them subject to misinterpretation or violation, where previously no such power had existed. Moreover, some important rights would be left out and therefore endangered.
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Was Alexander Hamilton a Patriot or Loyalist?

New York City was a hotbed of contending political factions, pitting Patriots against pro-British Loyalists. While still a student at King's College (now Columbia University), Hamilton took up the Patriots' cause, writing his first political article in 1774 (he signed himself "A Friend to America").
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What did Alexander Hamilton believe in?

His belief was that a governmental power should be concentrated in the hands of those few men who had the talent and intelligence to govern properly for the good of all the people. Hamilton feared that if most power was given to states or peoplewould determine decisions, not what was best for everyone.
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Why was Alexander Hamilton the Tomcat?

Newton says that what apparently started as a joke about Martha Washington naming her cat after Hamilton ''in a complimentary way'' morphed through the years to biographies stating she named her tomcat after him to comment on his reputation.
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How old was Eliza when married Hamilton?

The pair were finally married on 14 December, 1780; he was just shy of the age of twenty-four, and she was twenty-three. The Hamiltons' marriage was both blessed with many children and fraught with scandal and credit problems. Elizabeth bore eight children between the years 1782 and 1802, miscarrying at least once.
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Why was Alexander Hamilton called the Tomcat?

In sum, this story has been repeated in dozens of Hamilton biographies as if it were undoubtedly true. They write that Martha Washington certainly had a tomcat and that this tomcat was “extremely amorous,” “lascivious,” and “feral.” They write that for this reason the tomcat was named Hamilton.
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