Where is the chip located on a cat?

For cats, the standard site for microchip placement is in the subcutaneous tissue between the shoulder blades. For correct placement, your cat should be either standing or lying on her stomach. The loose skin between the shoulder blades is gently pulled up, and the needle is quickly inserted.
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Can you feel a cat's microchip?

Feel for a Microchip

Sometimes you can feel a microchip beneath the cat's skin. This isn't always the case, though. It depends on the cat's weight and the placement of the chip. You're feeling for a hard object the size of a grain of rice underneath the skin between the shoulder blades.
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How do you tell if a cat is microchipped?

Cut a strip of paper to roughly 3/4 inch wide and close it with scotch tape. Put a message on the collar, such as “Am I yours? Please call (your name & phone number).” This will show the owner that someone is concerned. Many local veterinarians and animal shelters will scan cats for a microchip, free of charge.
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Can you scan a cat microchip with your phone?

Unfortunately, no. A smart phone can not and will not ever be able to read a pet's microchip. There are no apps for iphone or android that do this and there never will be. There will never be an iphone, android- google, samsung or otherwise that will ever have that capability.
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Can you remove a microchip from a cat?

Can You Remove a Microchip? Yes, a chip can be removed from a microchipped cat or dog in rare circumstances. Although, microchips are a little peskier to take out than they are to put in since they require a surgical procedure.
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How Do Pet Microchips Work?

Do pets at home have a microchip scanner?

If you're bringing home an older dog or a rescue dog, find out as much as you can about whether they've been chipped or not. If you're not sure, your vet, local rescue centre, or Pets at Home store will be able to scan them to find out more.
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How do you know if an animal is chipped?

To tell if a dog is microchipped, gently feel the dog's skin between its shoulder blades and its neck. See if you can feel a small, hard object about the size of a grain of rice just beneath the skin. If so, the dog is microchipped. If you can't feel a chip, however, the dog may still have one.
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How big is a chip for a cat?

A cat microchip is implanted through a syringe that injects it underneath the skin. Although there is no universally agreed upon location, a cat microchip is usually implanted between the shoulder blades. At approximately 12mm long, it is about the same size as a grain of rice.
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How long do microchips last in cats?

How long do microchips last? Microchips are designed to work for 25 years.
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Should I be able to feel microchip?

It is common practice to insert the chip, which is non-toxic and about the size of a grain of rice, between your cat's shoulder blades. It will not cause your cat discomfort or allergic reactions. Because the chip is skin deep you may be able to feel it occasionally, depending on the size and weight of your cat.
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Can you break a microchip?

Microchips can never break or fall-off.
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Can you GPS a cat?

The features of the cat GPS chip are the same as those of the dog GPS chip, and when it takes a long time to return home, it is entirely possible to track down your cat thanks to its cat GPS chip and to go and look for it quickly to keep it safe.
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How do I check my microchip?

Look Up the Chip

If a microchip is detected by the scanner, it will reveal the microchip's unique number. You then need to check the microchip at petmicrochiplookup.org. This tool will tell you which organization your chip is registered with. Then go to that registry and look up your microchip's number again.
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Can a stud finder find a microchip?

No, a stud finder, metal detector, ham radio, walkie-talkie or super spy ring DO NOT detect a pet microchip.
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Do microchips have GPS?

Pet microchips do not have GPS technology. Instead, they use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that is able to be scanned for information, like the pet owner's contact information. This means that microchips can't give your pet's location if they get lost, but can lead to their safe return when found.
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How do you scan a cat chip?

Start scanning slowly between the pet's shoulder blades, going side-to-side in an “S” shaped pattern for ten seconds. If no chip is detected, rotated the scanner 90 degrees and scan again between the pets shoulder blades. If the microchip is not detected, there is a very small chance it may have shifted in the pet.
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How do I change the owner of a microchip?

A. If you are the previous keeper of a pet and want to start the transfer to the new keeper, sign in to your account and select the 'Transfer Keeper' button next to the pet you wish to transfer. Enter the new keeper's email address and a contact number and click 'Transfer'.
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How much does it cost to microchip a cat?

The cost to have a microchip inserted can vary by a lot, depending on when and where you have the procedure done. According to Petfinder, the average cost of having a veterinarian insert a microchip is around $45, which generally includes registration on the microchip company's database.
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How long does a microchip last?

When a microchip scanner is passed over the pet, the microchip gets enough power from the scanner to transmit the microchip's ID number. Since there's no battery and no moving parts, there's nothing to keep charged, wear out, or replace. The microchip will last your pet's lifetime.
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How do I deactivate my chip?

If you would like to close your Chip account please select "Contact us" on the profile tab to get through to our Customer Success Team. From here please select "Send us a Message" and then 'I want to close my Chip account' down the bottom of the screen.
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Can a cat have two microchips?

In most cases, both chips are fully functional. A second chip may be placed by a veterinarian or shelter who fails to scan the cat before placing it, or who uses a scanner that is not compatible with the first chip. Double microchipped cats add a twist to a controversy that has surrounded microchips from the start.
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How can I find my lost cat without a microchip?

Once you know your pet isn't in your house, immediately start walking around your neighborhood. Talk to neighbors and leave your contact information in case they spot your pet. While you're walking the neighborhood, call your cat's name and shake their favorite treat or food bag loudly.
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Is there an app to track your cat?

Using Weenect Cats 2, you can track your cat's movements on a real time map via the smartphone app (iOS and Android). The cat tracker collar allows you to locate your pet wherever it happens to be, so your cat is safe wherever its adventure take it.
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Can I put a tile on my cat?

Tile's Bluetooth cat tracker is the solution to your problems. With a Tile Mate, Tile Sticker, or Tile Pro, finding your cat will be a breeze. You can loop or stick the lightweight, water-resistant tracker onto any cat collar.
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