Where do dragonflies lay eggs?

Dragonfly larvae require water to survive, so female adults are always searching for water habitats such as ponds, streams and swamps to lay their eggs. The eggs are laid directly into or close to water. Once hatched, the larvae adopt an aquatic lifestyle very different from their parents.
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Do dragonflies lay eggs on land?

Dragonfly eggs are only laid in still water, as eggs laid in quickly moving water will wash into fish-feeding areas. Female dragonflies lay their eggs on submerged aquatic plants, mud banks submerged in water, or if they can't find a better spot, directly in the water.
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Where do dragonflies put their eggs?

Dragonflies lay eggs in or near water, where their young hatch and develop into nymphs. They live underwater for months and sometimes years before emerging as adults.
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What does it look like when a dragonfly lays eggs?

The Golden-ringed Dragonfly lays its eggs by hovering vertically and stabbing its abdomen into stream-beds. Exophytic eggs are round in shape, laid in a jelly-like substance and are deposited loosely into water. Species that lay this type of egg include some emerald dragonflies as well as chasers, skimmers and darters.
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Do dragonflies lay eggs on leaves?

Female dragonflies, like hawkers and darners, lay endophytic eggs. This means that scythe-like ovipositors are used to inject these elongated eggs into plant stems, leaves, rotten wood, or debris that is at or near the surface of a water source. Sometimes the eggs are injected directly into stream or pond sediment.
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Dragonfly laying eggs on the pond

How many eggs does a dragonfly lay at once?

From Egg to Nymph

Females will lay dozens, or possibly hundreds, of eggs. No parental care is provided after the eggs are laid. Most dragonfly eggs hatch in one to three weeks, but some species can overwinter. The hatching larvae are aquatic nymphs.
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How long does it take dragonfly eggs to hatch?

A dragonfly starts life as an egg laid in or near water. Dragonfly larvae, called nymphs (also naiads), are aquatic. The egg usually hatches in 1-2 weeks. The nymph will feed and grow, shedding its skin several times.
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What month do dragonflies come out?

Dragonflies are most numerous during the summer. However, certain species come out earlier; some can be seen only in the spring, their flight seasons starting in late April or early May, and finished by mid-June.
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Do dragonflies live for one day?

Is it true that they only live for one day? At the shortest, a dragonfly's natural life-cycle from egg to death of adult is about 6 months. Some of the larger dragonflies take 6 or 7 years! Most of this time is spent in the larval form, beneath the water surface, catching other invertebrates.
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What attracts dragonflies to your yard?

Dragonflies like to sun themselves, and the warmth of flat rocks provides the perfect setting. Try a mix of light and dark rocks and observe which color attracts more dragonflies to your area.
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Where do dragonflies sleep at night?

The main way dragonflies have to protect themselves when they are sleeping is to hide away from potential predators. They do this in part by physically hiding in vegetation, and in part by using camouflage.
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Why do I have so many dragonflies in my yard?

The most common cause of dragonfly swarms for homeowners is standing water. Dragonflies rely on the water for reproduction, and so do almost all of their primary prey organisms. If your house is located next to a large body of standing water, such as a lake or pond, it will attract large amounts of dragonflies.
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What time of day do dragonflies emerge?

Dragonflies are most active when it is warm and sunny so it may be better to avoid the hottest part of the day. If possible go in the morning and if you want one of those dew on the wings shots, go first thing.
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Do dragonflies eat wasps?

Wasp, bees, butterflies, ants, and other yellow bugs, dragonflies hunt and eat them all. They are one of nature's best pest control.
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What is bad about dragonflies?

Dragonflies aren't an aggressive insect, but they can bite out of self-defense when they feel threatened. The bite isn't dangerous, and in most cases, it won't break human skin.
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How do dragonflies have babies?

The egg, the nymph (or larva), and the adult. The dragonfly begins life in or near the water, as an egg. After mating, the female dragonfly will often lay her eggs while still holding on to the male, or while the male guards her from predators and other males. Rarely, she will lay her eggs alone.
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Do dragonflies eat butterflies?

Adult dragonflies will also eat any insect they can catch. While they usually eat mosquitoes and midges, they'll also eat butterflies, moths, bees, flies and even other dragonflies. Larger dragonflies will eat their own body weight in insect prey every day. They are extremely agile and catch their prey midair.
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What does it mean when you see dragonflies?

Dragonfly's can be a symbol of self that comes with maturity. They can symbolize going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change. The Dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings and change for many centuries. The Dragonfly means hope, change, and love.
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What do dragonflies turn into?

Dragonflies are insects. They have three stages in their life cycle: egg - larva - adult. Adult dragonflies have a long and slender abdomen, two pairs of wings and three pairs of legs.
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Who eats dragonfly?

Dragonflies serve as food for many different aquatic species and amphibians, birds, and even mammals. Fish, frogs, newts, and other larger aquatic creatures eat the dragonfly nymphs. Adult dragonflies are food for birds, lizards, bats, and even spiders!
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What does it mean when you see a lot of dragonflies at once?

Dragonflies can also symbolize that you're ready for a change in your life, and they can be a great initiative to get started. If you see two dragonflies together, it can serve as a confirmation that you're in a mature relationship that is one of a kind.
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Why are dragonflies circling my house?

Beneficial Insects

If you're seeing them around your house, it may be because your yard harbors their favorite food: mosquitoes. A mosquito's life cycle is also closely allied with water, and standing water near your house, even in a birdbath, may be inadvertently breeding mosquitoes.
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Do dragonflies mean snakes are around?

Snake doctor, generally used to refer to dragonflies and damselflies in the South, refers to a folk belief that dragonflies follow snakes around and stitch up injuries they may sustain, especially those that leave them in pieces.
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