What to say to avoid answering a question?

10 English Phrases to Avoid Answering a Question
  • #1 – No comment.
  • #2 – I'm not at liberty to say.
  • #3 – Wait and see.
  • #4 – Let me get back to you.
  • #5 – I'm sorry, that's confidential.
  • #6 – (Sorry) That's personal.
  • #7 – I'd rather not talk about it.
  • #8 – Mind your own business.
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How do you politely avoid answering a question?

Try one of the following evasive maneuvers instead.
  1. Answer with another question. Pause and respond with a question of your own. ...
  2. Dodge the question. ...
  3. Shame the questioner. ...
  4. Start with “No.” ...
  5. Ignore the question. ...
  6. Put them on the defensive. ...
  7. Use a canned answer. ...
  8. Give a general answer to a specific question.
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What do you say to avoid a question?

Here are your key phrases: "I think what you're really trying to ask me is…" and "I think what you're really trying to get at is…." For example, if Aunt Margaret asks when you're going to finally get promoted, you can respond with something like, "I think what you're really trying to ask me is how I'm enjoying this ...
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How do you successfully respond to a question you really don't want to answer?

How To Successfully Respond To A Question You Really Don't Want To Answer
  1. Make Sure You Understand The Question. ...
  2. Take Time To Respond. ...
  3. Answer Part Of The Question. ...
  4. Postpone Your Answer. ...
  5. Turn Around the Pronouns. ...
  6. Divert The Question. ...
  7. Give The Asker Some Control. ...
  8. Watch Your Tone.
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How do you shut down a nosy question?

10 assertive tips on dealing with nosy questions
  1. Go with your gut. ...
  2. Don't be rude back. ...
  3. Use “I” statements. ...
  4. Find out more if appropriate. ...
  5. Say how you feel about being asked or about giving the information. ...
  6. Depersonalise your answer. ...
  7. Express your feelings if you want to. ...
  8. Move them on.
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How to avoid answering questions - Speaking Skill

How do you dodge a question?

The simplest approach to dodge the question is just to refuse to answer. You can give a straightforward refusal or to act as if no question was asked and continuing the conversation by talking about something else, or come up with straight lies.
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How do you respond to a rude question?

Useful Expressions to Handle Uncomfortable Questions
  1. I'd rather not say.
  2. I'd prefer not to talk about that.
  3. I'd rather not get into [this topic] at this event.
  4. I'd prefer not to discuss this right now.
  5. I'm sorry, that's private.
  6. That's a little too personal.
  7. That topic is too difficult to discuss at this moment.
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Is avoiding a question lying?

Liars and truth-tellers both have pauses in their speech, but good liars avoid answering questions, scientists say. DESPITE WHAT YOU MIGHT think, it is almost impossible to tell a liar from the way they talk, according a new study.
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What are the 17 signs of lying?

Below, you'll find 34 signs of lying, as explained by experts and science.
  • They give way too much information. ...
  • They can't keep their story straight. ...
  • They put up a physical wall. ...
  • They're giving way too little information. ...
  • They're doing strange things with their eyes. ...
  • They're fake smiling. ...
  • They can't remember the details.
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What words do liars use?

There are a few telltale phrases that signal someone might be lying.
4. Overemphasizing their trustworthiness: "To be honest."
  • "To be honest"
  • "To tell you the truth"
  • "Believe me"
  • "Let me be clear"
  • "The fact is"
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What does it mean if someone avoids answering a question?

Question dodging is a rhetorical technique involving the intentional avoidance of answering a question.
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How do you answer a Manipulative question?

You might try these approaches:
  1. Acknowledge their perspective. “I know you're stressed because you have a lot to do for this gathering.”
  2. Express your anger and hurt in a calm and polite way. “I've asked you before not to shout at me. ...
  3. Explain how the manipulation affects you and the relationship.
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How do you outsmart a manipulative person?

9 Psychological Tricks to Fight Back Against a Manipulator
  1. Get rid of the motive. ...
  2. Focus the attention on the manipulator. ...
  3. Use people's names when talking to them. ...
  4. Look them in the eye. ...
  5. Don't let them generalize. ...
  6. Repeat something until they really understand. ...
  7. Distract yourself and relax. ...
  8. Keep your distance.
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What are the 4 stages of manipulation?

Under this model, the stages of manipulation and coercion leading to exploitation are explained as follows:
  • Targeting stage. The alleged abuser or offender may:
  • Friendship-forming stage. The alleged abuser or offender may:
  • Loving relationship stage. ...
  • Abusive relationship stage.
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How do you avoid loaded questions?

To avoid asking loaded questions yourself, you should avoid assuming things in your questions that the person being questioned might disagree with; if necessary, you can separate your original question into a series of questions, in order to confirm that the other person agrees with all of your assumptions.
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How do you respond to uncomfortable questions?

The best way to immediately respond to uncomfortable questions is a polite comment such as:
  1. I'm so sorry, I don't like talking about that.
  2. I'd rather not discuss that.
  3. I don't want to get into that.
  4. I'd rather not discuss this now/here.
  5. Sorry is it okay if we change the subject?
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What is the one thing all liars have in common?

One of the reasons people lie is to control how someone else feels. By making up something or stretching the truth, liars can manipulate how their listeners will react, especially if they know their audience well. Liars don't only hide the truth; they hide their feelings, too. They lie to avoid facing the facts.
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How do liars react when accused?

Denial is a common reaction when an innocent person is accused, which is why liars will sometimes attempt to deny your accusations. The catch, though, is that because they're acting, their denials tend to be over the top.
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How do you outsmart a compulsive liar?

How to cope with a pathological liar
  1. Don't lose your temper. As frustrating as it may be, it's important not to let your anger get the better of you when confronting a pathological liar. ...
  2. Expect denial. ...
  3. Remember that it's not about you. ...
  4. Be supportive. ...
  5. Don't engage them. ...
  6. Suggest medical help.
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What is a narcissistic liar?

Narcissists may lie for a variety of reasons which include seeking admiration or to hide their flaws or mistakes. They commonly lie to seek attention. In some cases, a person with this type of personality disorder will lie in order to make the person (s)he is lying to question their own sense of reality.
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What is the easiest way to catch a liar?

6 Ways to Detect a Liar in Just Seconds
  1. Start by asking neutral questions. By asking someone basic, nonthreatening questions, you are able to observe a response baseline. ...
  2. Find the hot spot. ...
  3. Watch body language. ...
  4. Listen to tone, cadence, and sentence structures. ...
  5. Watch for when they stop talking about themselves.
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How do you cover up a lie?

5 Steps to Save Your Reputation When You're Caught Lying
  1. Own Up to It. Being caught in a lie is embarrassing, which means your first instinct might involve denying it. ...
  2. Apologize. ...
  3. Avoid Excuses, But Provide Explanation. ...
  4. Do Damage Control. ...
  5. Avoid It in the Future.
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What are the signs of a guilty person?

Signs of Guilt
  • Being sensitive to the effects of every action.
  • Overwhelmed by possibly making the “wrong” decision.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Putting others before yourself until it's detrimental.
  • Avoiding your full range of emotions.
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How do you respond when someone accuses you of something you didn't do?

If you are accused of something you didn't do, remain silent, consult a lawyer, collect evidence, avoid contacting your abuser, and obey the court.
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How does a guilty person act?

They try to justify everything they do — not just whatever they lied to you about, but any action they take. “If [they] are constantly sharing all the reasons they need to take a certain action or think a certain way…they might be suffering from guilt,” psychotherapist and relationship expert Kelly Bos, tells Bustle.
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