What to do if a toothbrush gets flushed down the toilet?

  1. Get out a plastic grocery bag or sealable baggie and place it by the toilet. Make sure it is open.
  2. Slip on a pair of long rubber gloves and pull the toothbrush out of the water. ...
  3. Place the toothbrush in the plastic bag, seal the bag and discard the toothbrush.
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Can you retrieve something that has been flushed down toilet?

Thankfully, most toilet drains are made to only allow water to pass through, so items will usually get caught in the drain or at the bottom of the toilet. To retrieve the flushed item, you can try fishing the item out of the toilet bowl or drain with your hands, a wire clothing hanger, or a drain snake.
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What happens if you put a toothbrush in the toilet?

"As you flush the toilet it, you expose your toothbrush to germs from the fecal matter." MythBusters found toothbrushes sitting outside a bathroom can be speckled with fecal matter, too. In fact, toothbrushes right out of the box can harbor bacteria because they aren't sold in sterile packaging.
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What happens if a toy gets flushed down the toilet?

It could cause a serious toilet clog that may require a call to a plumber. It will upset your toddler that their favorite toy is now gone. Your child may even get bolder and flush even more important things down the toilet. If this happens to you this season, here are some things you can do to try and retrieve it.
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How much does it cost for a plumber to unclog a toilet?

The national average cost to unclog a toilet is $200 to $700, with most people spending about $350 for a plumber to use an electric auger to clear the toilet drain clog and test the system.
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Toothbrush Stuck in the Toilet

How long does it take for toothbrush to dry?

Letting your toothbrush sit out in the open air on the bathroom sink for thirty minutes or so will help to dry up any dampness left after brushing. Check the bristles to ensure they are dry before putting your toothbrush away.
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How far does the toilet water spray when flushed?

One flush of the toilet produces thousands of tiny aerosol droplets, which can contain bacteria and viruses and contaminate surfaces up to six feet away.
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How much bacteria is on your toothbrush?

Your toothbrush is loaded with germs, say researchers at England's University of Manchester. They've found that one uncovered toothbrush can harbor more than 100 million bacteria, including E. coli bacteria, which can cause diarrhea, and staphylococci (“Staph”) bacteria that cause skin infections.
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How do you know if your toilet is clogged?

How to Tell if Your Toilet is Clogged. Signs that your toilet (or sewer line) is blocked include: The water does not flush properly, stays in the bowl for long periods or ends up overflowing over the top of the bowl. When the toilet is flushed, water starts to gurgle up in your shower or bathtub drain.
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What do you do if you drop your toothbrush in the sink?

As such, when brushing your teeth and you accidentally drop your toothbrush inside the sink, don't even think of cleaning it – no matter how clean your sink looks. Instead, toss it and get a new toothbrush. That's what most dentists recommend.
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What happens if your toothbrush falls in the sink?

You've dropped it…anywhere

Your toothbrush can pick up bacteria even if you've just dropped it in the sink for a few seconds. As a general rule of thumb, if your toothbrush ends up anywhere it's not supposed to be, just toss it.
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Why you should always close the toilet lid?

When you flush the toilet, do you close the lid? If you don't, you are likely releasing a “toilet plume” into the air — which is essentially an aerosol spray filled with bacteria. All that bubbling, swirling and splashing can aerosolize fecal waste, sending tiny particles airborne.
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What diseases can you get from toilet water?

coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus, and various sexually transmitted organisms.
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Is it better to close the toilet lid before flushing?

Closing the lid when you flush is a good habit to get into.

Closing the lid before flushing can definitely curb the spread of some aerosolized microbes that would otherwise be sprinkled throughout the bathroom, says Marilyn Roberts, Ph.
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How long can bacteria live on toothbrush?

UV sanitizing kills bacteria; viruses can survive on toothbrushes for 24 hours; toothbrush design, color, opacity, and bristle arrangement are a major factor in retaining microorganisms.
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How should I dry my toothbrush?

When you're at home, store your toothbrush upright in a cup or toothbrush holder. This allows it to air dry, which will help kill those germs.
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Can you snake a toilet?

A toilet snake is a type of drain snake made specifically for use on toilets. You use a toilet snake the same way that you use a drain snake, but toilet snakes are made specifically so that they don't damage the porcelain of your toilet bowl.
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Do plumbers fix clogged toilets?

A professional plumber can diagnose and repair this serious problem. The toilet is gurgling.
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Is a blocked toilet the landlords responsibility?

Landlord's accountability

If you suspect that there is a blockage in your plumbing system, then you should inform your landlord straight away as it is his responsibility to fix any obstructions, damage or leaks that could cause a flood or any further damage to the property.
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Is there a trap in the toilet?

Toilets have their own built-in traps, and so do floor drains. The trap on a floor drain is located below the surface of the floor; the photo below shows a floor drain as seen from the side.
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Can I soak my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide overnight?

Avoid soaking your toothbrush overnight; otherwise, you run the risk of damaging the bristles. Also, don't gargle with the mouthwash you have used to disinfect your toothbrush, because of the bacteria it will now contain. Store your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide.
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