What tech jobs are best for ADHD?

ADHD Friendly Jobs in Tech
Again, due mostly to the natural connection between ADHD minds and technology, ADHD friendly jobs can easily be found in tech. Technology jobs you might look for include software developer, video game tester or designer, computer programmer, and database administrator.
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Are people with ADHD good at tech?

Many young people with ADHD are encouraged to pursue careers in data science and analytics because their strengths often include attention to detail and hyperproductivity.
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What jobs do ADHD people thrive in?

Fast-paced job environments are a great fit for those living with ADHD because there is often a focus on being flexible and engaged in many different tasks.
Fast-paced job environments
  • emergency responder (firefighter, EMT)
  • retail worker.
  • service employee.
  • journalist.
  • teacher.
  • athlete.
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Is coding a good career for someone with ADHD?

Coding is creative: ADHDers' affinity for creative activities is well-known, but what might be less obvious is that programming has many of the characteristics that people with ADHD like about activities more traditionally considered creative. First, when you're programming, you're literally creating something.
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Is engineering hard for people with ADHD?

People with ADHD can be some of the most creative engineering students, according to Zaghi. But many programs don't appreciate the different ways people with ADHD learn. Nor do they reward the innovative thinking of these students. Most programs focus on using standard methods for solving problems, he explains.
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How to Grab the Best Job for an ADHD Brain!

Can a person with ADHD learn coding?

ADHD won't stop you from learning to code. You can train your brain to slow down for coding. You don't need meds, you just have to start being conscious about being present.
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Can ADHD be an engineer?


We may seem distracted but our hyperactive minds are almost always discovering amazing and exciting ideas. People with ADHD are fantastic engineers since we don't typically "go with the flow" and innovate! Also, we are great at planning backup contingency scenarios.
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Is software engineering good for ADHD?

Software engineering is not a simple job. It requires complex abstract thinking and the creation of multiple components that need to come together to work as a whole. It comes as no surprise that balancing the creation of these multiple components might not be particularly easy for someone with ADHD.
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What jobs can you not do with ADHD?

Having such a delicate condition, there are a few options considered as being the worst careers for ADHD adults that it might be best to avoid.
  • Event Planners. ...
  • Legal Practitioners. ...
  • Customer Care Representatives. ...
  • Truck Drivers. ...
  • Therapists. ...
  • Clerical Jobs.
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Are people with ADHD good at computer science?

Computer Science

For example, those with ADHD tend to perform well at jobs such as computer programming because they can hyperfocus on the task of creating and troubleshooting thousands of lines of code.
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Is ADHD a brain disability?

ADHD is a brain disorder.

Scientists have shown that there are differences in the brains of children with ADHD and that some of these differences change as a child ages and matures.
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Can technology make ADHD worse?

The screen overload, which 90% of families reported, had severe effects: It made ADHD symptoms worse. It ramped up other mental health issues, such as anxiety. It made general behavior worse, according to the vast majority – almost 85% – of caregivers.
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How common is ADHD in engineering?

One study found that only 3 percent of college students with ADHD were enrolled in engineering programs, compared to 76 percent enrolled in colleges of arts and sciences.
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Does ADHD make it harder to get into college?

Some elite colleges will reject about 90 percent of their applicant pool, making high school seniors across the country quake in their boots. What you may not know is that students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have advantages in the application process, as long as they play their cards right.
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What is ADHD paralysis?

ADHD paralysis happens when a person with ADHD is overwhelmed by their environment or the amount of information given. As a result, they freeze and aren't able to think or function effectively. This makes it challenging for the individual to focus and complete their tasks—including urgent ones.
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Is ADHD caused by too much screen time?

Though screen time doesn't cause ADHD, some studies have suggested that children with ADHD may be at increased risk of developing a screen addiction. While parents of children with ADHD can try to be aware of their kid's screen time, most children's screen time falls short of addiction, according to Lightfoot.
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Does ADHD qualify for SSI?

Having attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) is not an automatic qualification for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), but a documented diagnosis can be helpful if the condition and the impairments are severe enough. ADHD is included in the category of Listed Impairments, under the SSI guidelines.
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Is ADHD a chemical imbalance?

What is the cause or basis of ADHD? It is an impulse disorder with genetic components that results from imbalances of neurotransmitters.
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What are ADHD students good at?

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder can make learning difficult, but it can also be very helpful in life. Many children with ADHD are inattentive, and unfocused, but they are also very creative, and capable of thinking outside-of-the-box which leads to ingenious ideas.
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What is ADHD biggest strength?

Often among their greatest ADHD strengths are that they have so many ideas, and high energy levels to turn their ideas into reality!
The Good News
  • Imagination and Creativity. ...
  • Impulsivity and Spontaneity. ...
  • Energy and Enthusiasm. ...
  • Resilience and Perseverance. ...
  • Hyperfocus.
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What is the bright side of ADHD?

Previous research has established that individuals with ADHD are exceptionally good at divergent thinking tasks, such as inventing creative new uses for everyday objects, and brainstorming new features for an innovative cell phone device.
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What are the gifts of ADHD?

What is “The Gift of ADHD”? People of all ages who have the diagnosis of ADHD can reliably be observed to share a set of gifts including creativity, exuberance, emotional expressiveness, interpersonal intuition, ecological consciousness, and leadership.
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