What powers do planning enforcement have?

A planning enforcement order enables an authority to take action in relation to an apparent breach of planning control notwithstanding that the time limits may have expired.
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What is a planning enforcement?

Planning enforcement is where the Council investigates complaints about work that might not have planning permission. In some cases planning permission is necessary before work starts. Yet some minor works or changes of use do not need permission. You should check with the Council first.
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What is the role of planning enforcement officer?

To investigate, assess and take appropriate action in respect of alleged breaches of planning control throughout the district in order to safeguard the environmental quality and amenities of the district and maintain public confidence in the planning system.
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What happens if planning conditions are not met?

Failure to have a valid planning permission by not complying with the approved drawings or planning conditions may have some of the following consequences, including: the service of a temporary stop notice closing down any works on the site. the issue of a breach of condition notice. the issue of an enforcement notice.
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What is a planning enforcement notice?

Enforcement Notices are legal documents that require certain action be taken to remedy a breach of planning control. They are issued where development has taken place without the correct planning permission or outside the conditions of a planning permission.
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What is Planning Enforcement?

What happens if you ignore planning enforcement?

Failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice

Such action may involve: prosecution of the parties concerned in the local courts – depending upon the availability, nature and strength of evidence. issuing an injunction through the high court.
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What happens if I ignore a planning enforcement notice?

What happens if an enforcement notice is not complied with? It is an offence not to comply with an enforcement notice, once the period for compliance has elapsed, and there is no outstanding appeal. A person guilty of an offence is liable on conviction to an unlimited fine.
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How far back can planning permission be enforced?

Any other breach of planning control, enforcement action must be taken within 10 years beginning with the date of the breach. This 10-year period applies to material changes of use and a breach of condition imposed on a planning permission.
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Can a planning officer enter your land?

An Enforcement Officer will pay an initial visit and may ask to enter the site. If Officers require access to a site and experience difficulty in obtaining this the Council can exercise a right to enter onto land. Sometimes an investigation is resolved without the need to contact the owner/occupier of the land.
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How long after can planning conditions be enforced?

What time limits apply for taking enforcement action? Enforcement action must be taken within 4 years in relation to the erection of buildings, and within 10 years in relation to changes of use (unless it relates to the change of use to a dwelling), and breaches of conditions.
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How do you fight planning enforcement?

If you decide that you want to lodge an appeal against a notice, you can do so online at the planning casework service area of the Planning Inspectorate's website. If you wish to make a ground (a) appeal against a planning enforcement notice, you must pay the fee amount which is stated in the notice.
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What is the role of the planning authority?

Your local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development, anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre, should go ahead.
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What is the main role of planning?

Planning involves the setting of goals and whether these predetermined goals are accomplished that is ensured with controlling. Planning provides standards against which actual performance is measured. With the help of standards, deviations in the performance are found and corrective actions are taken.
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What happens if you get a planning enforcement notice?

Failure to comply with a valid enforcement notice is a criminal offence which may be prosecuted through the courts and further action to remedy the situation, such as demolition works, can be undertaken as direct action by us to rectify a planning breach.
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What is an example of planning enforcement?

Examples of things we investigate

Examples include: building works to a property without planning permission, where permission is required. changes in the use of land or buildings without planning permission, for example, changing a shop into a home, where permission is required.
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What happens when a planning officer visits?

For most applications, the planning officer visits the site and take photos of the location of the proposed development. They may also take photos of properties on either side or to the rear. These help the officer to assess the proposal.
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What can deny planning permission?

Common Reasons Why Your Planning Permissions May Get Rejected
  • Loss of privacy. ...
  • Loss of light. ...
  • It has an impact on trees. ...
  • It has a negative effect on the environment. ...
  • Use of hazardous materials. ...
  • It restricts road access. ...
  • It impacts safety. ...
  • Your property is a listed building (where applicable)
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Can planning enforcement enter your property without permission?

A planning officer has the right, without warrant, to enter the land at a reasonable hour to see if there has been a breach of planning control if there are reasonable grounds. It is a criminal offence to obstruct their entry.
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What is the 4 year rule?

The '4 year rule' is a term used within town planning, particularly within the planning enforcement specialism, regarding whether enforcement action can be taken against certain types of development (that require planning permission) carried out in breach of planning control.
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Can you get in trouble for not getting planning permission?

However, people who do not get the necessary planning permission for something they are doing risk the possibility of serious consequences from enforcement action that can be extremely costly, and failure to comply with an enforcement notice can result in court action and legal penalties.
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Can planning permission be taken away?

They all allow councils to revoke or modify a planning consent “to such extent as they consider expedient” with regard to the Development Plan and other material considerations. The powers can only be used before the development, or the change of use given permission for, is complete.
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Can a Neighbour block planning permission?

When it comes to planning permission, your neighbours are notified of the proposed plans and offered with an opportunity to make comments on the application. This can be in support for the development or against the development. Just because they object does not mean it will be rejected.
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Is planning enforcement confidential?

All complaints made to the Council about planning enforcement matters are confidential and are not divulged to the subject of the complaint.
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Is planning enforcement Anonymous?

Unfortunately you cannot report a breach anonymously, except in very special circumstances. If you are concerned about giving your details, or have a reason not to, please speak to us first. If the case is serious it may lead to a court case or an appeal, so we may ask you to be a witness.
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Can you appeal a planning enforcement notice?

Parties that are served a planning enforcement notice have the right to appeal. This is a chance to have the matter considered by the Planning Inspectorate.
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