What is the best birth stone to have?

But anyone who, by the luck of the draw, was born in April has been bestowed with the very best birthstone of them all: the diamond.
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What are the best birth stones?

1. Emerald (May) The lush abundance of spring is mirrored in May's birthstone, the emerald, with its deep green hue, making it the best birthstone of them all. According to legend, emeralds are also a source of great luck and offer protection against evil to those who wear them.
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What is the most beautiful birth stone?

Opal is a very unique gem that can display multiple colors in one stone, and as you rotate it the gem glitters. Many are mesmerized by this gem and rightly so consider it the prettiest birthstone.
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What birth stone is most common?

Peridot, the birthstone for August, “ruled the map,” emerging as the most popular stone in 40 states, including New York and California. Other birthstones are emerald, ruby, sapphire and opal.
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How do I choose my birth stone?

Help your customers choose the “right” birthstone, by explaining that they have more choices than the month of their birth. They can select birthstones according to their zodiacal sign, the day of the week or season of the year in which they were born, or by religious affiliation.
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What is the rarest birthstone?

While on the topic of alexandrite, this is currently the rarest gemstone on the birthstone list and can come at quite a cost.
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Do all months have 2 birthstones?

Traditionally each month is associated with one birthstone but you will find some months have multiple birthstones. This fact does create some confusion but the multiple options for some months was created in order to allow more affordable options in addition to the traditional more expensive stones.
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Does wearing your birthstone bring you good luck?

The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck, good health, and protection. Astrologers long ago attributed supernatural powers to certain gemstones.
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What is the rarest gemstone in the world 2021?

Painite : Not just the rarest gemstone, but also the rarest mineral on earth, Painite holds the Guinness World Record for it. After its discovery in the year 1951, there existed only 2 specimens of Painite for the next many decades.
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What stone is more expensive than a diamond?

Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, and gem-quality green-blue-hued emeralds are more expensive than the same quality of diamond. The Rockefeller Emerald is the most expensive emerald ever sold by weight, selling for $5.51 million in 2017.
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What is rarer than diamonds?

Diamonds are one of the most valuable precious stones around, but not because diamonds are especially rare. In fact, high-quality emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all rarer in nature than diamonds.
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Is Jade more expensive than diamonds?

Gem-quality jadeite commonly comes in white or deep green but blue, crimson and black varieties have also been discovered. Thanks partially to Chinese demand, rare imperial green jade, a translucent stone that's been compared to fine emerald, is the most expensive gem in the world, worth more per gram than diamonds.
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Which finger should I wear my birthstone ring?

The Little Finger – wearing a birthstone ring on the little finger (or pinkie) is a way to make a specific statement. Though small, the little finger attracts more attention than the thumb, believe it or not. This makes it an ideal location to wear a birthstone-graced allegiance to an institution, cause, or family.
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What happens if we wear birth stone?

Birthstones are said to have healing properties. Wearing them may help release the blockages in the physical, mental and spiritual stage. It is believed that these supernatural gemstones have the power to focus the healing energy of the planet on your body through contact, this leaves you more relaxed and composed.
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Can I wear my birthstone everyday?

First of all, you should make sure that your birthstone is hard enough to be worn on a daily basis and that's when the Moh's hardness scale comes in hand. Anything above 7.5 on the Moh's scale is good enough to be worn daily and anything below that should get special attention.
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Can you wear a different birthstone?

It is widely accepted that wearing the wrong birthstone can bring bad luck, poor health, and financial troubles to a person. Should you be afraid to choose to wear a birthstone then? Absolutely not.
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Is my birthstone aquamarine or Bloodstone?

The March birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone. Aquamarine is blue or blue-green — its name comes from the Latin word aqua marinus, which means water of the sea, referencing its tranquil blue color. Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is dark green with red specs, hence its name.
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Who should not wear moonstone?

* Moonstone should not be worn with cat's eye and hessonite. * It is said that moonstone is not for females, even though it powers the feminine. In men, using it to power your feminine can help in balancing your life. * Gemini should not wear this stone.
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Who can wear amethyst stone?

Amethyst is the birthstone for people born in February and has special effects on channeling happiness and prosperity in their lives. However, anyone can wear this gemstone and channel positive energy in their lives.
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Who wears emerald on ring finger?

Emerald is known to give its wearer maximum advantage when it is worn on the little finger, preferably the little finger of the right hand. Women can wear the Emerald stone on the little finger of their left hand too.
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Why are Chinese obsessed with jade?

Chinese culture considers jade to be a lucky stone. To them, it is known as “The Stone of Heaven.” Jadeite is so precious that there is a saying that goes, “gold is valuable while jade is priceless.” Jade symbolizes prosperity, success, and good luck. It is also a symbol of renewal, longevity, and even immortality.
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Why is jade so special?

Jade (nephrite) was regarded as the most precious stone in ancient China, and it symbolised purity and moral integrity. Prized for its durability and magical qualities, the stone was laboriously carved and polished into all manner of objects from jewellery to desk ornaments.
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What is rarest thing in the world?

Eucalyptus deglupta, commonly known as the rainbow eucalyptus, is the only Eucalyptus species found naturally in New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao. As the outer bark is shed annually, the inner greener bark is revealed, which then matures and turns purple, orange and maroon.
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