What is Sakura Tea?

Sakura Tea (100g)
This tea is made by preserving cherry blossoms in salt and plum vinegar. Its salty taste is common in Japan and the tea is most often used for celebrations and special occasions.
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What are the benefits of Sakura Tea?

Sakura tea has a high concentration of polyphenol antioxidants that are known to fight free radicals that damage DNA causing premature aging. By drinking Sakura tea, there will be fewer free radicals in your body, and this will slow down the aging process by combating lines, wrinkles, and skin dullness.
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What kind of tea is sakura?

Sakurayu (Japanese: 桜湯), Sakura-cha (桜茶), literally "cherry blossom tea", is a Japanese infusion created by steeping pickled cherry blossoms with boiled water. This combination becomes a type of herbal tea, and has been enjoyed in East Asian culture for many generations.
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How do you use sakura tea?

Gently pour hot water over flowers (approximately 160 degrees fahrenheit), let steep for at least 5 minutes. Pour yourself a cup of tea and add salted water to taste. Enjoy!
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Does Sakura tea have caffeine?

Introducing the flavor series of Japanese limited Blends which blend the aroma unique to Japan. Recommended for those who want to try a Delicious and Refreshing black tea with with a Sakura Aroma (with no sugar and no caffeine).
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How to enjoy Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea/Sakura Tea/Sakurayu

What does salted sakura taste like?

They taste a little earthy and bitter with a subtle flowery flavor. The authentic flavor emerges when the blossoms get pickled with salt and plum vinegar. Sakura flavor doesn't resemble the flavor of cherry fruits. The cured flowers have a deep sour, salty taste.
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Is Cherry Blossom good for skin?

Cherry blossoms are high in antioxidants which smooth out the skin and prevent damage by protecting the skin's natural barrier. Antioxidants help repair skin, prevent sun damage and brighten skin tone.
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What goes well with Sakura Tea?

It blends well with both sweet and bitter flavors, including different types of chocolate and fruits. When you try the sakura matcha combo, you'll taste the matcha first, for sure. The sakura sneaks in after the green tea, adding hints of bitterness and sweetness as a twist on the overall flavor.
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Why is cherry blossom tea salty?

When prepared for consumption, cherry blossoms are most often pickled with salt and vinegar and as a result, have a distinctly salty flavor. This is especially true for sakurayu or cherry blossom tea. Brewing sakurayu is a fantastic experience for any tea lover.
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Does sakura extract whiten skin?

Cherry blossom extracts can lighten hyperpigmentation and clarify uneven skin. Actually, its potency is quite close to Vitamin C and suppresses overproduction of melanin for a brighter and less patchy skin appearance.
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What is sakura powder used for?

Sakura powder makes sweets spring-colored

It goes well with sweets for confectionery. In Japan, we mix it with udon and noodles to make noodles with a cherry blossom flavor. It goes well with food. As it is powder type and easy to use, any sweets and cuisine can be easily made gorgeous.
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Is cherry blossom good for hair?

Benefits of Japanese Sakura for Your Hair

Its formula that's made with Japanese sakura blossoms and raspberry extracts help bring out your hair's natural shine, leaving it radiant.
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What does sakura smell like?

Although the scent of cherry blossoms is so faint, you almost can't smell it. When pickling the leaves and petals, the coumarin, a chemical found in cherries as well as many other plants, is brought to the surface, giving it a vanilla, floral, earthy, and slightly bitter scent.
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What does sakura stand for?

The national flower of Japan, the cherry blossom – or Sakura, represents a time of renewal and optimism. The pops of pink mark the ending of winter and signify the beginning of spring. Due to their quick blooming season, cherry blossoms also symbolize the transience of life, a major theme in Buddhism.
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What is sakura extract?

SAKURA EXTRACT has been proven as an anti-glycation agent with promotion of collagen formation in fibroblasts that leads to anti-ageing. It surely satisfies users of your brand, food and cosmetics applications. Sakura flowers and Mt. Fuji, beautiful spring in Japan.
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Is Lipton a tea?

Lipton is a British brand of tea, owned by Unilever. Lipton was also a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, later sold to Argyll Foods, after which the company sold only tea.
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Is sakura and cherry blossom the same?

Cherry blossoms in Japanese are known as sakura and it would not be an exaggeration to say they are a national obsession. Different varieties of cherry blossoms bloom at different times, but most hit their peak in Tokyo at the end of March to the beginning of April. During this season, the atmosphere changes.
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Can you eat sakura?

Sakura cherry blossoms are considered edible. The pink petals are very tempting to look at. The pink petals are beautiful, and some people want to eat them. That's the reason sakura blossom petals are added to desserts.
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Why is it called royal milk tea?

The tea company Lipton in Japan invented this product in 1965 as part of its “royal” recipe series (source). Compared to a typical milk tea, the ratio for milk is much higher so it balances the semi-bitter taste of strong tea with the creamy richness of milk. The cooking method is similar to Indian Chai.
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Does sakura taste good?

Lesser known is the country's love for sakura, or cherry blossom flavors. Available a few weeks before the first blooms, these are a must for enjoying the cherry blossom season. Don't mistake this flavor for its cherry fruit! Sakura is much more subtle: sweet with a hint of the flower's fragrance.
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What Flavours go with sakura?

Sakura – Asparagus – Raspberry – Chocolate

The floral notes from the sakura match fruits like raspberry. The almond aroma in the sakura combines with chocolate. Resulting in following dessert; Sakura icecream, raw asparagus, raspberry, chocolate spongecake.
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