What is not allowed in space?

Common items like salt and bread are banned from the International Space Station due to fears that they'll send floating pieces everywhere and potentially damage space equipment or accidentally get inhaled by astronauts. Basic eating, sleeping, and showering habits must also be modified.
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Is bread illegal in space?

Bread. Crumbs—from bread, crackers, cookies, etc—don't do well in space. They float around, and can fly into an astronaut's eyes and interfere with important equipment. That's why you'll find tortillas used instead of bread on all crafts traveling out of orbit.
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What foods can you not have in space?

7 Foods astronauts aren't allowed to eat in space
  • Bread. Even when you're on your best behavior, biting into that sandwich is still going to create some crumbs. ...
  • Salt and pepper. ...
  • Alcohol. ...
  • Soda / Pop. ...
  • Astronaut ice cream. ...
  • Fish. ...
  • Chips.
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Is cheese allowed in space?

Some foods can be eaten in their natural forms, such as brownies and fruit. Other foods require adding water, such as macaroni and cheese or spaghetti. Of course, an oven is provided in the space station to heat foods to the proper temperature.
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Is Pizza allowed in space?

Ice cream can't go up without freezers. Pizzas have not been perfected yet. Beyond that, astronauts can eat anything you might order from a typical menu.
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4 Things You're Not Allowed to Do in Space

Why is ice cream banned in space?

Because of the brittle and crumbly nature of the dehydrated ice cream, Astronaut Ice Cream could interfere with sensitive equipment and make for a dusty environment in microgravity.
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What do astronauts miss the most?

One of the most anticipated plans is the first meal back home. All have their favorites, but we often hear that pizza, ice cream and fizzy drinks are what astronauts miss most. But beyond food, what we hear most is that as soon as they get back on the ground, astronauts want a hot shower and hugs from their families."
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Is alcohol allowed in space?

“Alcohol is not permitted onboard the International Space Station for consumption,” says Daniel G Huot, spokesperson for Nasa's Johnson Space Center. “Use of alcohol and other volatile compounds are controlled on ISS due to impacts their compounds can have on the station's water recovery system.”
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Does food expire in space?

The short answer is yes. Although the food is not going to last forever, the decomposition process will be significantly slowed with the absence of oxygen. As a result, food stored in a vacuum-sealed bag or container will last significantly longer than without.
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What does space smell like?

Astronaut Thomas Jones said it "carries a distinct odor of ozone, a faint acrid smell…a little like gunpowder, sulfurous." Tony Antonelli, another space-walker, said space "definitely has a smell that's different than anything else." A gentleman named Don Pettit was a bit more verbose on the topic: "Each time, when I ...
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Can astronauts have tattoos?

As a teenager, I was told that getting a tattoo would mean I could never be an astronaut. This is not at all true. In fact, some Apollo astronauts were given tattoos– small dots to show where defibrillator pads should be placed in case of a medical emergency.
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Why does space smell?

One explanation is that the smell is due to a chemical reaction which occurs within the spacecraft during re-pressurisation. The process is known as oxidation—similar to burning but with no smoke. In space, atomic oxygen (single atoms) can cling to a spacesuit's fabric, to tools and potentially even to air-lock walls.
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Can you smell a fart in space?

Therefore, the fart will not be smelled by the astronaut, although they may marinate in it for a time. When astronauts are not in the space suit and floating about, the fart smell is exaggerated by the lack of airflow from the recycled air used and its inability to mask any smell.
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Can you drink milk in space?

Still, some astronauts request it. Whole milk does not dissolve properly. It floats around in lumps and has a disagreeable taste. Nonfat dry milk must be used in space packaging.
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What happens if you open a door in space?

The biggest, immediate problem with "openning the door" of a spacecraft is not that you would die immediately from exposure to the vacuum of space: you don't - you have of the order of minutes to do something about it. The problem is the violent outrush of air.
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What laws apply in space?

There is no claim for sovereignty in space; no nation can “own” space, the Moon or any other body. Weapons of mass destruction are forbidden in orbit and beyond, and the Moon, the planets, and other celestial bodies can only be used for peaceful purposes.
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Would an apple rot in space?

The apple wouldn't become rotten. You need bacteria to enable something to rot, and there are no bacteria on Mars. On the other hand, Mars does have a lot of wind. So the apple might be buried by blowing dust.
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How cold is space?

The Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite has refined temperature measurements taken way back in 1964. According to data from the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, the temperature of space is 2.725K (2.725 degrees above absolute zero).
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Why do astronauts drink urine?

This is an earlier version of the urine distillation assembly. Water is heavy and hard to transport into orbit, which is why the International Space Station is a champion when it comes to recycling. Even astronaut urine is captured and processed to make it drinkable.
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How do female astronauts deal with periods?

A combined oral contraceptive, or the pill, used continuously (without taking a week off to induce menstrual flow) is currently the best and safest choice for astronauts who prefer not to menstruate during missions, says Varsha Jain, a gynecologist and visiting professor at King's College London.
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Can you shower in space?

On the ISS, astronauts do not shower but rather use liquid soap, water, and rinseless shampoo. They squeeze liquid soap and water from pouches onto their skin. Then they use rinseless soap with a little water to clean their hair. They use towels to wipe off the excess water.
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Is it difficult to sleep in space?

In space, sleeping on the floor is just as comfortable as sleeping on the wall: there is no difference in the weightless environment. However, since astronauts are used to sleeping on a mattress on Earth, their sleeping bag has a rigid cushion, to exert pressure on their back.
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What is the most popular food in space?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, we give thanks on behalf of all space explorers for the top10 space foods of all time:
  • Antimatter. ...
  • Space Ram Soup. ...
  • Canasnacks. ...
  • 5.Spicy Green Beans. ...
  • 4.Coca-Cola and Pepsi. ...
  • 3.Orange Drink. ...
  • 2.Freeze-Dried Ice Cream. ...
  • 1.Candy-Coated Chocolates.
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Can you eat normal food in space?

Today, astronauts eat a varied diet that is similar to what we eat on Earth. The menu aboard the International Space Station (ISS) includes more than a hundred items - from vegetables and fruit to pre-prepared meals and desserts. Even condiments such as ketchup and mustard are available.
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What does space food taste like?

During his time as commander of the ISS, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield said, “Eating in space is like eating with a head cold. You just can't taste very much. So because of this, a lot of our food tastes kind of bland. That's why we like especially spicy food here, like shrimp cocktail with horseradish sauce.
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