What is an example of submissive?

If you are submissive, you obey someone without arguing. Some doctors want their patients to be submissive. Synonyms: meek, passive, obedient, compliant More Synonyms of submissive. submissively adverb. The troops submissively laid down their weapons.
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What does it mean when you're submissive?

To be submissive is to obey or yield to someone else. When you are submissive, you submit to someone else's will, which literally, you put your own desires lower than theirs. You can see this in the Latin root of submit, submittere, which is formed by sub- "under" + mittere "send, put." Definitions of submissive.
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How can a woman be submissive?

Keep reading for 10 ways to be a submissive wife.
  1. Be the peacemaker. ...
  2. Allow your husband to be your provider. ...
  3. Keep the house under control. ...
  4. Be open to your husband's sexual needs and desires. ...
  5. Listen intently to your husband without interruption. ...
  6. Include your husband in financial decisions.
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How can you tell if someone is submissive?

Additionally, a submissive person will remain as still as possible. They won't look at the other person, especially when being stared at. They may even arrange themselves to be lower than the other person to show that they're not a physical threat. These gestures can go so far as to include kneeling or bowing.
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What are the signs of a submissive girl?

The signs of a submissive woman often come with passive-aggressive symptoms. Suppressing desires and opinions doesn't make them go away. The characteristics of a submissive wife often include indirectly sharing negative feelings. They haven't gone anywhere just because she's trying to comply.
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How do you tell if she's submissive?

15 Signs of Verbal Submissiveness
  1. #1. Defensiveness. 1.1. Justifying. 1.2. “ Just… ” 1.3. “ ...
  2. #2. Insecurity. #2.1. Filler Words. #2.2. Tail Filler Words. #2.3. ...
  3. #3. Indecisiveness. 3.1. Verbal Flip-Flop. 3.2. “ They Said…“
  4. #4. Social Fear. 4.1. “ Come on… “ 4.2. Passive Aggressive Attack, Then U-Turn.
  5. Persistence, Pressure & Power.
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What is the act of submission?

: an act of giving a document, proposal, piece of writing, etc., to someone so that it can be considered or approved : an act of submitting something.
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What is submission in a relationship?

Submission is an act that is expressed mutually and voluntarily. Being submissive helps us to be less self-centered and allows us to consider the desires of others. Submission has nothing to do with being weak, but allows us to be strong enough to open our hearts to others.
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What does a submissive wife do?

A submissive wife is: someone who does what she does out of love for her husband. someone who helps her husband as they work together to achieve their goals. a godly woman who is upholding the laws of the church.
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What is human submissive behavior?

submissive (or passive) behavior means shying away from saying what you really mean and not seeking to achieve your needs, particularly when someone else has conflicting needs. A submissive person is a shrinking violet, avoiding upsetting others either because they fear them or they fear to hurt their feelings.
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What it means to be submissive to your husband?

Submission looks like respecting your husband's point of view. It means humbly sharing your opinion with him. It means not invalidating him, especially in front of others. It means trusting his decision as a leader, while feeling empowered to give your own point of view.
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What is submissive body language?

Submissive gestures

Hands out and palms up shows that no weapons are held and is a common pleading gesture. Other gestures and actions that indicate tension may indicate the state of fear. This includes hair tugging, face touching and jerky movement. There may also be signs such as whiteness of the face and sweating.
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What it means to be submissive to a man?

“Certainly submission does not mean going against my morals. Submissiveness simply means being humble, and engaging in a positive dialogue with your husband. It means maintaining your own dignity, while helpfully cooperating with your husband in building the family.”
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What is submitting to a man?

Submission in marriage is a spirit of respect a wife has toward her husband. It is an attitude intended to help her and her husband to live a more contentful, peaceful life together.
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What is submission in a marriage?

Submission in marriage means selflessness, service, accountability, and respect for your partner, which should be mutual; it is not slavery or a woman's call to lose her voice. The fundamental rubric on which The Christian marriage is built is love, and love is anything but the desire to control.
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What causes submissive behavior?

Submissive behaviour is largely associated with perceptions of inferior social rank or status and can be seen as a form of social defence in the context of others who are more powerful or of higher rank in some way (Gilbert, 1993).
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What does submission look like in marriage?

Often, submission is learning to consider your spouse's opinion as just as important as your own when making major decisions. It can look like listening as your husband shares the stress of his day, even though your day has been every bit as wearing.
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What's the most painful submission?

Calf Slicer

Slicers of any kind are painful, but the calf slicer is one of the worst. A compression lock that uses ones wrists or ankles to put pressure on the muscles and the joints. Calf slicers have been known to separate joints, furthering the pain. This powerful move is another leg attack fighters fear.
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What is the most effective submission?

A look at the submissions most frequently used to finish matches will show you the go-to moves for a lot of these elite competitors.
  • =5 Triangle Choke (11 Finishes)
  • #4 Arm-Triangle Choke (18 Finishes)
  • #3 Armbar (36 Finishes)
  • #2 Guillotine Choke (38 Finishes)
  • #1 Rear-Naked Choke (145 Finishes)
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How do I submit a man?

How do I submit to a man?
  1. Let Him Take the Lead. …
  2. Ask Him for His Opinion. …
  3. Think of His Needs. …
  4. Try Not to Criticize Him or Speak Negatively of Him. …
  5. Be Intimate Frequently. …
  6. Talk to Him About the Changes in Your Marriage. …
  7. Don't Accept Abusive Behavior.
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Which zodiac is submissive in bed?

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

This is why Libra is more likely to be submissive in the bedroom. It can be sexy to be submissive, but it also means they don't have to worry about being too aggressive or lenient.
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