What happens in a talking circle?

Talking circles can be used for discussion, problem solving, and/or decision making. The basic purpose of a talking circle is to create a safe, non-judgmental place where each participant has the opportunity to contribute to the discussion of difficult and/or important issues.
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How do you facilitate a talking circle?

The process is simple: a token, traditionally a feather or talking stick, is passed clockwise from participant to participant. Upon receiving the token, the participant speaks freely, openly, and honestly, addressing the topic at hand or responding to something someone else said.
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What is the purpose of an indigenous talking circle?

Talking Circles in classrooms are usually used to demonstrate that everyone is connected and that every person in the circle has an equal voice. They also ensure that everyone can see and hear the speaker.
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What happens in a healing circle?

Healing circles are often called hocokah in the Lakota language, which means a sacred circle and is also the word for altar. The hocokah consists of people who sit together in a talking circle, in prayer, in ceremony, and are committed to helping one another and to each other's healing.
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What are signs that you are healing?

5 Signs You're Healing Emotionally
  • Your thoughts are more positive and calm. Your wounds no longer define you as a person. ...
  • Life feels like it's getting better. ...
  • Your relationships are getting better. ...
  • Your finances are improving. ...
  • Your health is changing for the better.
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What does a circle mean spiritually?

It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, God ('God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere' (Hermes Trismegistus)).
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How do you end a talking circle?

Once everyone has had an opportunity to speak, the talking piece is back in the hands of the facilitator. Usually facilitators will close the circle with a short reflection on the subject matter and encouraging words for participants.
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Is eye contact disrespectful in indigenous culture?

The notion that Aboriginal people avoid eye contact reflects more myth than reality as more Aboriginal people enter the workplace. By making eye contact and maintaining it, you are showing respect by acknowledging what they are saying.
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Why do people sit in a circle?

A circular seating arrangement isn't hierarchical, so people are more likely to feel that they're valued. They're also more likely to feel comfortable sharing their ideas. Other arrangements compel the opposite response, like a setup where a speaker stands at the front of a room and addresses a group facing toward him.
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What are examples of talking pieces?

You will need a talking piece. Examples include a small, soft toy; a special stick or stone; a rattle or gourd; or some other object that can withstand being passed around the class multiple times.
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What makes a good talking piece?

Use talking pieces that not only have a significance in the conversation, but that also offer symbolic representations to deepen the context. Explore the use of uncommon talking pieces that have a place in the organizational culture.
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What are the benefits of circles?

It's a carefully planned time in which children can develop a wide range of skills and attitudes such as confidence, self-esteem, talking and listening. Circle time can help children to enjoy learning. It also helps children with their friendships and strengthens the relationship between the teacher and the class.
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What is it called when people sit in a circle and talk?

Talking circles, also called “peacemaking circles,” come from the traditions of indigenous people of North America, particularly tribes in the Midwest. Circle processes are based upon equality between participants and the principle of sharing power with each other instead of having power over one another.
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How does a circle make you feel?

Circular shapes offer reassurance

'Circles and ovals are instantly recognizable, making us feel a sense of security and similarity. Simplistic shapes like these provide a feeling of stability and assurance.
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Why shouldn't you sit with your back to the door?

According to Vastu Shastra, one should not sit with the back directed in front of the door in the office or even in the house. Also, one should avoid sitting with the back directed towards the window. Actually, by sitting with back towards the door or window, the energy inside you flows out.
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Why do Native Americans not look you in the eye?

In many Native American cultures, the eyes are believed to be the window to the soul. If you look someone directly in the eye, you could steal their soul. Or they could steal yours. In order to avoid inadvertent soul loss/theft, eye contact may be avoided.
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What cultures do not like eye contact?

For example, in African-American cultures, eye contact with authority figures may be viewed as disrespectful. Similarly, among some Asian groups, eye contact between strangers could be considered shameful. In some Latino cultures sustained eye contact may be viewed as disrespectful.
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What country is it rude to look someone in the eye?

In some countries, such as Japan and Korea, intense eye contact is often considered as being aggressive and disrespectful.
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Is there an end to a circle?

While the circle has no beginning or end, the curve, as part of the circle, can insinuate a direction and orientation, and can also imply movement.
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Why is a circle powerful?

From a psychological point of view, circles represent the notions of unity, integration, wholeness, and they give us a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony. They have no beginning and no end, and they also don't have angles. That's why a circle is a powerful element, yet safe, soft, and mild.
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What is a soul circle?

A Soul Circle is a safe space for you to explore new ways of connecting with your soul through guided experiences while being a witness to others who are doing the same.
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What does karma circle mean?

The Karma Circle refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. . .“ What goes around comes around” Karma is the belief that the sum of a persons previous actions decides their fate in future endeavors and existences.
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What is circle intimacy?

Circle One: The “CIRCLE OF INTIMACY” includes those closest to us. These are people that are so important to us that their absence would have a significant impact. They could be family members or very close friends.
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What questions should I ask during a restorative circle?

Did this behavior impact another person, with or without them knowing it? Have you ever used your words or actions to harm or exclude another? How do you think that behavior made them feel? Is there anything you could do or say differently next time?
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Why are circles calming?

Circles are pleasing to the eyes because they're smooth and don't have sharp angles. Consequently, their presence make an image feel youthful, happy, and carefree. The circle has many uses in photography: When arranged in a pattern or other formation, it makes the photo feel synergetic due to its calming qualities.
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