What happens if you get a flat with no spare?

In most cases, they'll install your spare tire for you so you can continue driving. But if you have a flat spare tire, you'll probably be towed to the nearest repair center instead.
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Is it OK to not have a spare tire?

If you live in an urban area with 24-hour towing, and you're doing mostly daytime driving, you may be good with no spare. Just be sure you have roadside assistance coverage included in your auto insurance policy or another service. Without it, a standard tow (around 5 miles) can cost you over $100.
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Is it illegal to drive around without a spare tyre?

No, the law doesn't state that you must have a spare tyre on hand to fit in the event of a puncture. However, it is advisable that you do if your vehicle doesn't use run flat tyres. The majority of new cars use run flat tyres so don't need a spare.
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Do I need a spare if I have run flat tires?

No spare: Vehicles equipped with run-flats do not carry a spare wheel and tire, which means they don't have a jack or tools either. In fact, eliminating the spare tire and reallocating that space to some other purpose (styling, a third-row seat, interior room, etc.) is a big reason why carmakers offer run-flats.
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Is it illegal to not have a spare tire in the UK?

No, keeping a spare tyre in your car is not a legal requirement according to UK law. However, it is still advisable to carry one in your vehicle, as well as a jack.
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FLAT TIRE with NO SPARE.. What To Do

Is no spare wheel an MOT failure?

Although a spare wheel is not a requirement for an MOT check - a 'space saver' spare fitted as a road wheel will not pass. Chips of over 10mm in the driver's line of sight and over 40mm in the area swept by the wipers will result in a fail - as will any scratching that limits the drivers vision.
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Can I drive my car with a flat TYRE?

Driving on a flat tyre is not just unsafe, it can also cause damage to the wheel the longer you drive on it for. If the tyre is still fully on the rim of the wheel, it will provide some cushioning over a short distance, but you run the risk of the rubber starting to break off.
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Can you replace just one run-flat tire?

Since the other tires are in almost new condition, you can replace just the one tire. Make sure you replace the tire with the same exact make/model/size and type (ie, runflat). A problem arises if the other tires (specifically the one on the opposite side of the same axle) are significantly worn.
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Can I have 2 run-flat tyres and 2 normal tyres?

Can you mix run flats and standard tyres? You can't mix run flats and standard tyres. Run flats are only fitted to new cars which have a TPMS, tyre pressure monitor system.
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Can I replace run-flat tires with regular tires?

Replacing Run Flat Tires

The answer for the two questions “Can I put regular tires instead of run flats” is yes. You can completely replace flat running tires with regular tires, as long as it meets the manufacturer's requirements. A good tire not only improves the quality of your vehicle, but also ensures your safety.
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Why do modern cars not have a spare wheel?

Carmakers are skipping the spare because of regulatory pressure to squeeze more miles out of every gallon of fuel: Ditching the 40 or 50 pounds that a tire and jack usually add to a car's weight helps to increase fuel economy slightly.
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Can I drive on a spare tire for a week?

However, the tire itself is not built to last. Your owner's manual will give recommendations for driving time and speed. A general rule of thumb is to drive no farther than 70 miles and no faster than 50 miles per hour before replacing your donut with a new tire.
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How do I know if my tyres are run flats?

Look at the markings on the Tyre

The next easiest way is to check the tyre markings on each of your tyres. Depending on the brand, run-flat tyres will be marked with one of these codes: ROF: This marking is used by brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Dunlop. It stands for Run on Flat.
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Can you buy a spare tire?

Today, most modern cars come with a donut spare tire in the trunk. However, you can also purchase a spare tire yourself and free precious space in the trunk.
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Can I use a 10 year old spare tire?

Most full-size spare tires are designed to last anywhere from seven to 10 years, according to John Paul. That said, drivers should never use a tire with visible damage, such as cracks in the sidewall, punctures, impact bulges or irregular tread wear – all of which are dangerous to drive on.
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Why are run-flat tires so expensive?

Run flats are more expensive than regular tires. Partially because they are 'performance' tires designed for high end or performance cars, and partially because they are a smaller part of the market, they tend to be more expensive.
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Can you fix a run-flat tire with a nail in it?

The short answer is no. Manufacturers of run flat tyres recommend that you replace your tyres rather than repair them for a very good reason – the reinforced design and structure of a run flat makes it extremely difficult to tell whether there's secondary damage and the internal structure has been compromised.
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How many years do run-flat tires last?

There are two viable run-flat technologies at present: the support ring system and the self-supporting system. Both systems typically have the same 30,000- to 40,000-mile life expectancy as regular tires, though run-flats generally cost 25-to 30-percent more than conventional tires, says VandeWater.
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Do I have to replace all 4 run-flat tires?

Overall, the general consensus is that replacing run-flat tires with run-flat tires is recommended but not required. If changing from run-flat to conventional tires, replacing all four tires is highly recommended. Mixing run-flat and conventional tires can significantly reduce the stability of vehicle handling.
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How much does a run flat tire cost?

Typically, Run Flat Tires cost about $200-$500 per tire for a passenger vehicle, or about 50-200 percent more than standard tires. The best benefit when it comes to cost comes from the fact that these tires can outlast several tire changes. It remains affixed to the wheel within the tire. It is peace of mind.
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Can I put non run-flats on my BMW?

One cautious bit of advice, though, if you're considering changing your BMW's run-flat tires to regular tires, you must do so on all four tires because of the handling and performance differences between the types of tires. As a way to reduce overall weight of new BMWs, they no longer come with spare tires.
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Do the AA come out for flat tyres?

Your car could break down for a number of reasons, like a flat battery or a flat tyre. If you're at the roadside - or even at home - a breakdown service will send a mechanic out to your car to try to fix the problem.
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Can I drive 1 mile on a flat tire?

No. Do not drive on a flat tire. However, it may be necessary to travel a short distance on a flat tire when pulling over to the side of the road. But driving on a flat tire is a surefire way to put your passengers at risk and seriously damage your vehicle.
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Can I pump up a flat tyre?

Is it safe to inflate a flat tyre? Yes, simply follow our video guide above on how to inflate a flat tyre – just remember that you'll still need to visit a mechanic so that they can replace the damaged tyre. If your tyre fails to inflate when you're inflating it, it could be too damaged.
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Is it illegal to sell a car without a spare wheel UK?

While it's a useful feature to have – no-one wants to be stranded with a flat tyre – there is no legal requirement to have a spare wheel in your vehicle. In fact, the RAC estimates that 90 per cent of new cars don't come with a spare wheel. Most now feature either run-flat tyres, or repair foam and a compressor.
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