What color of car has the best resale value?

White, Black, Gray, and Silver continue to top the list of best colors for cars.
Top 8 Colors for 2022
  • Silver/Gray (34% – up 3%)
  • White (24% – down 2%)
  • Black (18% – down 1%)
  • Blue (12% – up 2%)
  • Red (7.5% – down 1.5%)
  • Red (9%)
  • Green (2%)
  • Natural (1.5% – down 1%)
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Which color car has the highest resale value?

In fact, brown cars depreciate about four times faster than cars of the color that best holds its value, yellow, with those vehicles only depreciating at 4.5% over three years, on average.
They are:
  • Orange: 10.7%
  • Purple: 13.9%
  • Red: 14%
  • Green: 14%
  • Blue: 14.3%
  • Gray: 14.3%
  • Beige: 14.4%
  • Silver: 14.8%
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What color cars retain their value?

Overall, yellow is the vehicle color that holds its value best, depreciating 70 percent less than the average vehicle. “Yellow is among the least popular car colors with the lowest vehicle share and is commonly a color for sports cars and other low-volume vehicles that hold their value relatively well,” said Brauer.
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What color cars are harder to sell?

The three paint colors with the highest depreciation—purple, brown, and gold—also have low market share, but depreciate far worse than average. “Rarity alone does not equal value. If a color doesn't resonate with enough used car shoppers it will hurt resale value, even if it's uncommon,” said Brauer.
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What color cars sell fastest?

The best-selling vehicle colors nationally are black, white, gray and silver, with blue and red being nearly tied for fifth. That doesn't necessarily mean you're better off buying a black, white, gray or silver car, truck or SUV. Supply and demand play into color pricing.
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Your Car's Color and its Effect on Resale Value. Why color matters...

What color car is easiest to maintain?


These cars are one of the easiest colours to keep clean because they hide dust more easily than black and darker coloured cars, and also do not highlight mud that builds upon the lower panels as much as white cars. The easiest, most forgiving colour of all car paint colours.
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What color car hides scratches best?

The best colour for hiding minor dents and scratches is white. The reason for this is because its bright colour helps minimize the appearance of scratches, especially when it's a bright day. While white is the best colour, you won't go wrong with other lighter colours, such as silver grey.
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What are the worst colors for cars?

If you're primary concern is minimizing the risk of a car accident based on color, then you should avoid the following car colors:
  • Black,
  • Grey,
  • Blue,
  • Red, and.
  • Green.
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What colour makes a car look bigger?

Black makes a car look smaller, says Bryan Nesbitt, General Motors' executive director for North America exterior design and global architecture strategy. White makes a car look larger.
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What is the most popular car color for 2021?

According to PPG, 35 percent of all new cars built in 2021 were painted some variation of white, with black a distant second place at 18 percent. Grey rose in popularity by two percent, taking up 14 percent of the market share, followed by silver at 11 percent.
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Does car color affect price?

“Color generally doesn't have an impact on the price of buying a new vehicle. However, in-demand colors like white, grey, and silver may be widely available and easier to purchase than those with unique colors. More popular colors will also hold better resale value over time since there is more demand for them.
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What does a white car say about you?

People who prefer white vehicles are often thought of as perfectionists. These personality types know what and how they like things, and they want to keep everything pristine. People that drive white cars are always organized and are thought to have the cleanest interiors of any car.
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Why white cars are the best?

Clean Look.

That's because white makes your car look spotless and well maintained. Also, carmakers make their models in white color, so it would be easy for them to check on errors. So, no matter if you're going to get an average sedan or a sports car, you can never go wrong when they come in white color.
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Which colour is best for car?

White. As mentioned above, white is considered the safest colour choice for cars. White coloured car is highly visible in the different driving conditions, night time or day time, city or highway.
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What color car is the cheapest?

Red is the most expensive colour, worth an extra $338; grey is the cheapest, worth $389 less than the convertible average. For trucks, black is the most valuable colour, worth an extra $221; blue is the cheapest, averaging $237 less than a typical pickup. "Here's the catch," Klein says.
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What car color gets in the most accidents?

Researchers in a few different studies have found that black cars have a much higher accident rate than cars of any other color. One study that was reported in Money Super Market found that black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in collisions than vehicles of any other color.
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What color car looks cleanest?

Beige, light blue, light gray, and silver are the best car color choices for those who want to keep their vehicles clean. In addition, white paint can hide dust and debris well.
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Which car colors fade the fastest?

So why does red fade more than other paints? It's because wavelengths associated with red are the lowest energy of visible light, so to appear red it's absorbing much more energetic wavelengths, which causes more aggressive degradation of the paint's molecular bonds. This is in addition to what UV rays are doing.
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What's the hardest car color to keep clean?

Black shows every nuance of paint flaws. Black car paint is the hardest color to keep clean. Will show dust from the moment you stop cleaning, until the moment you start cleaning once again! Black interiors hide actual dirt the best, but enhance the superficial dirt like dust, debris, and lint.
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What color car lasts the longest?

The longest-lasting car paint color is black. A car painted black will retain its luster and shine the longest because it does not reflect light like other colors. The more a car reflects light, the more likely it will be to fade and lose its luster over time.
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What color car gets the least dirty?

Silver. Of the 3 most popular, silver is the best car color to hide dirt and scratches. It can save you on the time and money spent regularly maintaining your car's stylish appearance because you can visibly go longer without needing a wash.
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What color car is best for hot weather?

White is the best car color if you live somewhere with a lot of hot sunny weather because it reflects the sun's rays and doesn't absorb heat like black and other dark colors do, and this helps to keep the temperature down inside your car.
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Is white or black car better?

Black cars are usually more durable and can offer better performance than white ones. Black cars are not very suitable for nighttime driving as they do not reflect lights well. They are not very good as far as maintenance is concerned as the weather does not help their maintenance and cleaning.
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Why are grey cars so popular?

Consumer preference for grey, which comes in many varying shades, can be attributed to a wide range of reasons; it can be a sleek and deeper tone than other shades, is well-suited to black trims and darker wheels and offers an attractive compromise between the also-popular black and white, with wider resale appeal than ...
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