Is Zac Efron still in love with Vanessa?

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron were one of the hottest celebrity couples of the 2000s. The two of them played love interests in the High School Musical film series, and they ended up dating in real life. Hudgens and Efron broke up many years ago, but Hudgens recently talked about her relationship.
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Does Zac still love Vanessa?

Zac Efron is reportedly single after ending things with his Australian girlfriend, Vanessa Valladares. The pair was initially spotted together in the summer of 2020, having met at a cafe in Byron Bay, Australian where Vanessa worked.
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Does Zac Efron still talk to Vanessa Hudgens?

The former Disney stars went their separate ways later that year, with a source telling Us Weekly, “It was mutual. They have been together for so long. It just ran its course. They are still talking and still friends.
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Is Zac Efron back with Vanessa?

It appears he's single! Efron and Australian girlfriend Vanessa Valladares split after 10 months of dating in spring 2021. The pair reportedly met in the summer of 2020 when Valladares was working as a waitress at the Byron Bay General Store & Cafe. News broke in April 2021 that Efron and the model had split.
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Who hooked up with Zac Efron?

Sarah Bro. Zac Efron and Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro first sparked dating rumors in January 2019, after they were spotted at a Los Angeles fitness class together. Two months later they were seen at a UFC match in Las Vegas together. They seemed to confirm they were a couple in March 2019.
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Why Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens's Love Didn't Survive | Rumour Juice

Who is Vanessa Hudgens husband?

Personal life. Hudgens was in a relationship with her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron from 2005 to 2010, and with actor Austin Butler from 2011 to 2020. In 2021, Hudgens confirmed via Instagram that she was in a relationship with Major League Baseball shortstop Cole Tucker.
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Who is Vanessa's boyfriend?

Nick is a British photographer and creative director, working under the name 'Tom Fraud' on Instagram. His profile reveals that he works for clothing brand, Lascivious, with Nick clarifying that "Tom Fraud is a fictitious name representing Art & Freedom".
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Is Vanessa Hudgens in a relationship?

Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker have enjoyed documenting their growing romance through cute photos on social media. The pair first sparked romance rumors when they were spotted holding hands in November 2020, less than one year after her split from longtime love Austin Butler.
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What does Vanessa's boyfriend do?

He's a photographer who also goes by Tom Fraud.

According to his website (opens in new tab), Hardy is a former creative director for one of London's biggest photo agencies, with years of experience. He also showcases his work on his Instagram account, with several of his recent photos featuring Villela.
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Is Vanessa leaving Selling Sunset?

Vanessa and Maya may not be back for season 6, either.

Both Villela and Vander hint in the final episode that they may not come back for Selling Sunset season 6. Villela, as mentioned, is mulling over a potential move to London; Vander, meanwhile, tells Jason that she wants to spend more time with her family in Miami.
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Does Vanessa leave Selling Sunset?

Later, Nick showed up at the office to give Vanessa a promise ring before having to leave the country again for work. And after grabbing lunch with Davina, who convinced her to follow her heart, Vanessa seemingly decided to move to England and was last seen with her luggage at the airport.
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Does Zac Efron love Lily Collins?

While some fans may 'ship a romance between these two heartthrobs, Gossip Cop has reported that any romance rumors are simply “not true.” The outlet reports that the two have remained friends following their short-lived romance back in 2012, and are not dating.
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Does Zac Efron Date Lily Collins?

Lily Collins

The Baywatch star casually dated Collins in 2012, long before the two made their Netflix flick. The pair wound up calling it quits after just three months. “They're no longer together,” an insider explained to Us. “They were never serious, though; it was just a casual thing and it fizzled.
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Why did Zac and Lily break up?

An insider revealed to E! News that the stars weren't actually dating, sharing, "They weren't really together, so you can't say they broke up because they were never officially a couple." Adding, "They hung out every now and then, but it was totally casual."
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