Why do Sith only use red lightsabers?

The primary reason for the Sith utilizing red lightsabers had to deal with their manufacture, using synthetic crystals which were initially red in color. Synthetic crystals were not normally used in lightsabers due to their unstable nature.
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Can only Sith use red lightsabers?

Star Wars: Why Sith Only Use Red Lightsabers, But Jedi Can Wield Blue, Green & More. In Star Wars, Jedi can wield different colored blades, but why do the Sith only use red? Lightsabers come in a variety of colors, but the Sith are notorious for exclusively using the red variants of the weapon.
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Why are Sith lightsabers only red?

Construction. In the construction of a Sith lightsaber, individuals partook in a process known as bleeding. By ways of the Force, they would pour negative emotions such as rage, hate, fear and pain into kyber crystals. The process would result in the crystals gaining a distinctive crimson or red hue.
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Can Sith use non red lightsabers?

So there is no ancient Sith law requiring dark side users to wield a red blade. Most Sith end up using a red lightsaber because of the process involved in attuning themselves with a lightsaber crystal, which is called bleeding. But a Sith can in fact use almost any color of lightsaber they choose.
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Do any Jedi use red lightsabers?

Some Jedi are explicitly shown using red lightsabers in Legends, however. This includes Adi Gallia, Even Piell, Depa Billaba, A'Sharad Hett, and even Luke Skywalker.
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Darth Vader Learns Why Sith Lightsabers are RED (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

How many GREY Jedi are there?

14 Gray Jedi in the Star Wars Universe.
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Why are grievous lightsabers not red?

And since the character's hatred for the Jedi is pronounced, it only makes sense that his “trophy” lightsabers would be exclusively green and blue: he doesn't hunt Dooku or his allies.
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Why do Sith have yellow eyes?

According to Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia, “Eyes reflect the emotions harnessed by the Sith. When rage and anger seethe inside a dark side user, their eyes may burn yellow with a fiery-red rim.” Simply put, a Sith's emotions and strong connections to the dark side are usually the reason behind their yellow eyes.
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Why is KYLO Ren's lightsaber so unstable?

In The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, it's confirmed that Kylo Ren's lightsaber contains a “cracked kyber crystal that is the cause of [the] ragged, unstable appearance” of the central blade and the two smaller blades that comprise the crossguard.
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Is the purple lightsaber a Sith or Jedi?

The most notorious purple lightsaber wielder acquired his crystal on Hurikane, a Jedi by the name of Mace Windu. During his travels to the planet, Windu destroyed one of the native inhabitants during a grueling chase.
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Why was Mace Windu's lightsaber purple?

Mace Windu's lightsaber is purple because actor Samuel L. Jackson asked for it. Cast as the senior Jedi, Jackson requested a blade that glowed in his favorite color from Star Wars creator George Lucas. The idea interested Lucas, who made it a reality for Windu's action debut in Episode II – Attack of the Clones.
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Did Anakin keep Dooku's lightsaber?

Immediately after the execution, Anakin holds Dooku's lightsaber in his hand.
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Why do Jedi not use force lightning?

Force lightning ability was not restricted to dark-siders. Jedi and other light-siders who were strong of will and character could learn this power without falling to the dark side—but its use was viewed as inherently corrupting, and most Jedi Councils forbade its use.
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Why does Rey have a yellow lightsaber?

From a certain point of view, Rey's lightsaber signifies all these. To defeat Palpatine once and for all she took on the strength of all the Jedi who came before her. So like the Jedi Sentinels, her yellow lightsaber may represent her balance of all the other schools of thought that came before.
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Did Sith ever use blue lightsabers?

A blue-bladed lightsaber belonged to the Sith Master Darth Sidious after his resurrection on Byss.
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Is the Darksaber a lightsaber?

Description. The Darksaber was a unique black-bladed lightsaber. The Darksaber was an ancient black-bladed lightsaber. It had a unique blade that was shorter than that of most lightsabers, and shaped like a traditional sword.
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What is the coolest lightsaber?

Star Wars: 18 Coolest Lightsabers In The Franchise, Ranked
  • 6 Ahsoka Tano's Curved Hilt White Lightsabers. ...
  • 5 Lord Corvax's Ornate Lightsaber. ...
  • 4 Luke Skywalker's Green Lightsaber. ...
  • 3 The Unique Mandalorian Darksaber. ...
  • 2 Darth Maul's Double-Bladed Lightsaber. ...
  • 1 The Historic Skywalker Saber.
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Who has a Crossguard lightsaber?

The crossguard lightsaber was an ancient lightsaber variant with three blades: a primary blade and two vents just below it called quillons. It was once common among Makashi practitioners by the time of the Great Scourge of Malachor. The Sith Lord Darth Atrius wielded a pair of such lightsabers imbued with his anger.
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How did Palpatine hide his Sith eyes?

Palpatine utilizing Force clouding while speaking with members of the Jedi Council Force clouding was a cloaking technique employed by the Sith to conceal their true nature from the Jedi and other users of the Force. The individual would pull their dark powers into themselves and adopt a mask of insignificance.
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Why was Count Dooku not a Darth?

Technically Dooku is a Darth as well, as the Emperor renamed him Darth Tyranus when he became his apprentice in Attack of the Clones, yet in a universe where Jedi and Sith usually claim similar titles like "Master" or "Darth," Dooku is a Count. This topic of Dooku's interesting title was discussed on Quora.
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Why did Dooku not have Sith eyes?

Of course, Sidious didn't tell Dooku the full plan, so that didn't work out too well for him. Regardless, Dooku's eyes weren't yellow because he wasn't motivated by anger. He was merely a practical Sith, making him exempt from the yellow eye feature.
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Why is Grievous always coughing?

Dooku was actually responsible for the crash, but told Grievous that it was the Jedi who had sabotaged the shuttle. This in turn fueled his hatred of the Jedi. As a result of the enhancements, his organic lungs were irritated by some of the implants, resulting in his persistent cough.
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How did General Grievous get 4 lightsabers?

We have confirmation from the Lightsabers: A Guide to Weapons of the Force factbook that the four lightsabers belonged to various Jedi masters that Grievous had defeated; Shaak Ti (which he took from her in in a deleted scene), Eeth Koth, Pablo-Jill and Roron Corobb.
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Why was General Grievous not a Sith?

He was able to learn whatever style his opponent uses as he fight and use it against him and be better at it cuz of his computer power. He killed countless and super powerful jedi.
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