Will Dr Pepper dissolve nails?

Both the steel nails and the keratin nails from the Coke, Diet Coke, Vanilla Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper showed no signs of change, other than the darker color seen yesterday.
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Will Coca-Cola dissolve a penny?

When the copper oxide (the pennies) and the phosphoric acid (the cola) get together in the bath, the acid reacts with the copper oxide on the pennies and dissolves it. That's why the pennies get shiny.
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What can Coca-Cola melt?

No problem, as Coke, when poured on, melts car battery corrosion that he forgot to clean off right away. Coca-Cola can be used to dissolve a nail. Yes, a nail. Coke contains phosphoric acid, and it's said that if you soak a nail in it for four days, the nail will dissolve.
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Do teeth dissolve in soda?

No, Coca-Cola will not dissolve a tooth overnight. There is a small amount of edible acid present in many foods, including fruit juices and soft drinks such as Coca-Cola. But these foods are not acidic enough to harm your body tissues – in fact, your own natural stomach acid is more acidic.
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Will soda dissolve a nail?

The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. It will dissolve a nail in about 4 days.
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Does Cola Dissolve a Nail after 4 Days? Will the Phosphoric Acid eat away at the Nail?

Does soda melt your bones?

The theory is that the phosphoric acid (phosphate) used to enhance flavor in some carbonated beverages can interfere with calcium absorption and result in the loss of calcium from bone. Fortunately, there's no good evidence that a high phosphate intake affects bone metabolism or bone density.
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Do police use Coke to clean blood?

Remove blood stains: While the rumor that police use soda to get blood stains off highways is a myth, Coca-Cola is really effective at busting through blood stains — the show "MythBusters" even confirmed that this was possible.
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Does Coke eat meat?

According to UCSB ScienceLine, stomach pH is usually around 2. Therefore, with Coke's pH of 2.37, it should be able to dissolve meat as well. The experiment shows that even though it does tenderize the meat, Coke will not completely dissolve the meat after soaking for one week.
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Which soda is most corrosive?

This means that the darker-coloured sodas are stronger and are more corrosive compared to the lighter colour sodas. The American Dental Association or the ADA has warned people that too much soda could damage their teeth particularly their tooth enamel.
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How long would it take for Coke to dissolve teeth?

However, this process takes anywhere from 12-24 hours to start occurring on a freshly brushed tooth, which is why those individuals who brush twice a day and floss daily often maintain a cavity-free mouth. Unfortunately, one sip of soda can start dissolving your teeth without the help of bacteria.
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Can Mountain Dew dissolve a penny?

PENNIES ARE MADE OF COPPER, WHICH WILL DISSOLVE IN THE PRESENCE OF ACID, ONE OF THE MAIN INGREDIENTS IN ALL SODA IS PHOSPHORIC ACID. THE pH of soda is quite low, due to the phosphoric acid content. a penny will eventually dissolve in any aqueous solution with a low pH...
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Can Mountain Dew really dissolve a rat?

Experts called in by PepsiCo's lawyers offered a stomach-churning explanation for why it couldn't be true: the Mountain Dew would have dissolved the mouse, turning it into a "jelly-like substance," had it been in the can of fluid from the time of its bottling until the day the plaintiff opened it, 15 months later.
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Does Coke dissolve bones?

There is no evidence-based scientific research that has determined that drinking sparkling drinks that contain caffeine and/or phosphoric acid will weaken bones or cause osteoporosis. Phosphoric acid, used to give colas their tangy taste, does not reduce calcium absorption nor does it increase calcium loss.
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What does Coke do to natural hair?

Apparently, Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, a very low pH. So when you apply it to your hair, the cuticle tightens, which makes your strands look smoother and your curls look more defined. Others say the sugar adds build-up to your hair, making it look fuller.
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What acid is Coke?

To add to their taste. Coca‑Cola European Partners use a very small amount of phosphoric acid in some of the Coca‑Cola system's soft drinks, such as Coca‑Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar and Dr Pepper. It gives them their tartness.
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Does Coca-Cola remove super glue?

Whether it's floor glue or super glue, the soda can break down the adhesive properties of glue and save you some money along the way. If you have glue around, find out how to repair earbuds and find a place to have Coca-Cola handy with kitchen storage tips.
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Is Dr Pepper worse than Coke?

4) Pepsi and Dr.

Pepper contain, more or less, the same ingredients as Coke, but Hunnes points out that they boast 10 more calories and two more grams of carbohydrates (aka, sugar) each.
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Do all sodas have phosphoric acid?

Even though diet soft drinks (like Coke Zero) are sugar-free, they still contain phosphoric acid and are acidic. The acidity and sugar from soft drinks create an acid attack on your teeth, which can last 20 minutes after every sip, per the Mississippi State Department of Health.
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What does Coke do to bones?

Soda and Osteoporosis: The Cola Connection

Researchers at Tufts University, studying several thousand men and women, found that women who regularly drank cola-based sodas -- three or more a day -- had almost 4% lower bone mineral density in the hip, even though researchers controlled for calcium and vitamin D intake.
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What does drinking Coke do to your bones?

Abstract. Background: Soft drink consumption may have adverse effects on bone mineral density (BMD), but studies have shown mixed results. In addition to displacing healthier beverages, colas contain caffeine and phosphoric acid (H3PO4), which may adversely affect bone.
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