Why do titanium bike frames crack?

If the titanium absorbs either gas it becomes brittle and will crack over time. This crack is right near the BB at the seat of two major welds. The tube would have been very hot there and if it was not properly shielded by argon during welding and cooling, it could have absorbed air during that period.
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How long will a titanium bike frame last?

Depending on the frame material, how well it is maintained, and how hard it is used, bike frames last anywhere from 6 to 40 years. Carbon and titanium bike frames will last the longest with proper care, with some even outlasting their riders.
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Can titanium frame break?

Titanium frames are durable and very flexible, but when they break, there is not much you can do. Titanium can be spot-welded easily, and no argon cover is needed to protect the weld.
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What causes a bike frame to crack?

Age is probably the main factor in a bike frame cracking. The older it gets, the weaker the material gets. The weaker the material gets, the more likely the frame is to crack.
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Is titanium good for bike frames?

Lighter than steel and stronger than aluminium, titanium has long been considered one of the best – and most luxurious – frame materials. While carbon fibre is clearly the material of choice for top racing frames, titanium is no slouch either when put to good use.
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Is it worth buying a titanium bike?

It has unparalleled strength to weight ratio, is twice as strong as aluminium with half the weight of steel. A titanium frame is a forever frame. Titanium is robust, impact resistant, fatigue tolerant, has no paint to chip or mark and will never corrode. As a material, it is peerless.
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Are titanium bikes good for heavy riders?

Steel, aluminum, or titanium would make an excellent choice of frame material for any heavy rider; all would hold up under normal non-aggressive riding conditions for recreation and fitness.
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Can you ride a bike with a cracked frame?

If you find any crack anywhere, stop riding the bike. Warranty the frame if possible, get it repaired by a professional framebuilder, or junk it and get a new frame.
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Can a cracked bike frame be repaired?

In some cases a cracked aluminum bike frame can be welded, but it is complicated, it will take a lot of your time (1-2 weeks of running around) and is expensive to do well, plus the frame will become heavier. Also, some cracks may just be too difficult to be safely repaired.
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Can titanium frames be repaired?

Titanium is also a low density metal which allows for very durable eyeglasses and sunglasses. However nothing is unbreakable and unfortunately titanium is no exception. The good news is that titanium eyeglasses and sunglasses can be successfully repaired.
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Is titanium bike better than steel?

Steel offers better value than titanium, and durability and longevity are key. That said, steel frames, unless made of stainless steel, need to be painted to stop external corrosion and can be coated inside the tubes too in order to stop rust.
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Are titanium frames strong?

Titanium is an extremely strong, lightweight metal that's well-suited for eyeglass frames.
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Is titanium good for a touring bike?

Titanium is arguably the best material possible to build a touring bike. Immune to corrosion, durable and strong, and available in a wide range of stiffness, a well designed titanium touring frame will never let the rider down and will put up with anything that is thrown at it.
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Are titanium bikes stiff?

Many riders find that titanium frames offer the best ride characteristics of any bike frame material. The reason is that the material strikes an excellent compromise between compliance and stiffness. Titanium frames offer the stiffness of aluminum or carbon fiber with a less harsh ride feel.
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Which is better carbon or titanium?

Buy titanium because you want a bike to last a lifetime and value the light weight and smooth ride. For many cyclists, there is no choice other than carbon fibre. It's the dominant material in the racing world, it's the lightest and stiffest of the four frame materials, but it can also be the most expensive.
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Why are bike frames brazed instead of welded?

“Traditionally frames have always been brazed not because a weld would fail but because the tube would fail right next to the weld due to the tube being very thin. Many bicycle tubes are heat treated to strengthen them.
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How much does it cost to repair a frame?

The cost to fix a car frame can range from $600 to $10,000. Since it sounds like you had a minor accident, I hope the cost of repairs is on the lower end for you. For the safety of the passengers, cars these days have what is called crumple zones.
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Do carbon bike frames crack easily?

Carbon bikes are becoming much more reliable, and cracks are becoming much less common. However, carbon bikes do crack. This is often caused by prior damage to the frame, and sometimes manufacturing faults. If you notice a crack in your frame stop riding it, as carbon is well known for failing spectacularly.
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What do you do with a broken bike frame?

You may even be able to donate your broken bike for parts. If your bike can't be fully repaired, you can recycle your bicycle at a local specialty recycling facility. Contact your local recyclers to find out if they can accept bikes for recycling.
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Does carbon fiber crack easily?

We say “carbon fiber,” but what we really mean is “carbon-fiber composite”—it's not the only material in your frame. That's because carbon fiber's incredible stiffness properties come at a price: On its own, it is quite brittle and prone to splitting and cracking.
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Has a titanium bike ever won the Tour de France?

1973 was the first time the Tour was won on a titanium bike. Luis Ocana was riding a Speedwell Titalite frameset, although it may have been badged as a Motobecane.
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Are titanium bikes lighter than steel?

In part 2 of our series 'Myths in Cycling,' we'll look at why titanium isn't always lighter than steel. I can hear you saying, “What? Everybody knows that titanium has half the density of steel.” That much is true: The same part made from titanium will weigh half as much as the equivalent from steel.
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How much does a titanium bike frame weight?

Generally, a high-end titanium road frame built stout enough to ride well weighs in at around 1,150 grams. Litespeed's new T1sl is 1,050 grams in a size medium—pretty impressive.
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