What race has the thickest hair?

In most cases, ethnicity has been classified into three groups: African, Asian and Caucasian. It has been reported that Asian hair is generally straight and is the thickest, while its cross-section is the most round-shaped among these three.
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What race has the best hair?

Caucasian, Asian and Indian hair samples were put to the test for the World's Best Hair study. Their results put an end to any splitting of hairs over the issue: in terms of health, the Indian hair is the best, topping other ethnic groups on all four counts.
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Which ethnicity has the longest hair?

You see, the women of the Red Yao tribe have some of the longest hair in the world – as in their hair is almost the same length as their height!
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What ethnicity is the hairiest?

The hairiest men in the world seem to come from Northern India and Pakistan (the Punjab Sikh men are especially hairy), the Middle East especially Iran, Iraq, Syria, eastern Turkey, the eastern Mediterranean such as Greece, Lebanon and Israel and the rest of the Mediterranean, Central and northern Europe.
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Which race grows hair the fastest?

Hair Growth Rate

Asian hair shows the fastest growth rate in comparison to the other two hair types. African hair has the lowest growth rate.
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Do Asians have thick hair?

Geneticists at the University of Tokyo and several other institutions in Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia have now used the HapMap to explore why Japanese and Chinese people have thick hair: The cross-sectional area of East Asian hair fibers averages about 30% larger than that of Africans and 50% larger than that of ...
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Why is Indian hair so thick?

Indian women do a 'champi' every week (if not more often) to make their hair grow long, thick and strong. A champi is nothing but a hot oil massage. You have to warm up the oil on the stove for a few seconds, and then massage it into the scalp with firm circular strokes, using only your fingertips (not your nails).
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What is Caucasian hair?

Caucasian hair can be straight, wavy or curly. Its color can vary from blond to dark brown. This hair type grows diagonally and at a rate of about 1.2 centimeters per month. Caucasian hair strands are oval in shape. Caucasian hair density is the highest of the three ethnic categories and is therefore the fullest.
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Do Asians have body hair?

The body hair of Asians differs from that of other races in a number of ways. Asians have shorter, straighter, thinner, and less body hair than Caucasians and black individuals. Since a case reported by Itin et al. in 1994, research studies of knotted body hair have rarely been reported.
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Why do some ethnicities have more body hair?

But the evolutionary reasons why hairiness varies with ethnicity are unclear. Caucasian people are generally hairier than the Japanese, for example, even though testosterone levels are the same. The difference seems to be in how sensitive the hair follicles are to those testosterone levels.
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Why is African hair so different?

Compared to silkier hair African-American hair contains more lipids, or fats, but the lipids are less bonded which is why the hair loves oils so much. Along with that, the follicle size is much thicker and it has a flattened elliptical cross section causing it to be curlier than other hair types.
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How thick is African hair?

Specifically, the average density of afro-textured hair was found to be approximately 190 hairs per square centimeter.
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What races dont grow facial hair?


Your race can have an effect on your facial hair growth. People from Mediterranean countries tend to be able to grow thick beards compared to people from other regions. According to a 2016 study , Chinese men generally have less facial hair growth than Caucasian men.
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Why is African hair so dry?

When you have afro hair, the natural oil your scalp produces can easily get stuck. As the oils are stuck and not moving down your hair, the ends of your afro hair become weak, brittle and dry.
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Which ethnicity has the biggest nose?

Africans have the widest and most prominent nose compared to other ethnic groups. Their noses are featured with enlarged nostrils, wide and rounded tips and a lack of protruded nasal bridge.
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Do Asians age slower?

Asians are often said to look at lot younger than they really are, and statistics show that Asian women enjoy better health and longer lives. For instance, more than 50,000 people in Japan are above the age of 100, and China has a low rate of breast cancer. It's not just the diet that's affecting it.
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Why do Asians have good skin?

Here's the good news! Asian skin actually ages at a slower rate, which is probably why you've been complimented on your youthful appearance. The secret is that Asian skin has a thicker dermis (the layer of skin that contains collagen and elastin). And the more collagen and elastin you have, the fewer wrinkles you get.
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Is black hair thicker than white hair?

Gray or white hair is generally longer and thicker than black hair: Just think about that one long white eyebrow hair of yours that sticks out annoyingly past all the others and keeps growing back, hydra-like, when you pluck it out. Yes, gray hair also grows faster and for a longer time than black hair.
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Why is Indian hair the best?

Indian hair extensions is 100% virgin Indian hair, the reason customers choose Indian hair is because of the hair length, softness, quality and texture. For most people, this is a good choice for hair wigs and hair extensions. Indian hair is available in straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave, curly hair types.
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What type is Indian hair?

Typically virgin Indian hair is sold in three textures (a) Natural Straight (which is actually lightly wavy) (b) Natural Wavy (c) Curly (the curl tightness may vary slightly).
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What is the secret of Indian hair?

Indian hair care focuses heavily on hair oils. Be olive oil, almond oil, good old castor oil or a mixture of these oils, oiling has been a part any Indian hair care routine. Regular oil massage is a must in any indian hair care routine. This age old practice still works wonderfully well and is used regularly.
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Why is Chinese hair so healthy?

History of rice water usage for hair

In modern-day also women of Huangluo in China have almost 6 feet long hair without any grey ones. They use rice water for their hair regularly which keeps the hair so healthy.
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Do white people's hair grow faster?

Slow growth rate? It has been suggested that African hair grows much slower than Caucasian hair ( Br J Dermatol, pg 294–7, 2001.). African hair was measured at between 3.7 to 4.3 inches per year while Caucasian hair was measured at 5.7 to 6.3 inches per year.
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Do all Asians have brown eyes?

Between 55 and 79 percent of people worldwide have brown eyes. Brown is the most common eye color. Dark brown eyes are most common in Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Light brown eyes are found in West Asia, the Americas, and Europe.
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Can Asians grow beards?

Can Asians grow beards or not? Yes, you most likely can. Even though the common Eastern Asian genetics tend to come with weaker beard growth than that of Caucasian average genetics, there are still some tricks that even Asian guys can utilize to grow full beards naturally.
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