What is the best thing to feed turkeys?

FEED turkeys cracked or whole kernel corn, sunflower seeds, oats, wheat, or non-medicated commercial poultry or turkey rations. FEED turkeys daily by broadcasting food at a rate of 2 large handfuls (or 1/2 cup) per turkey per day.
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What do turkeys like to eat the most?

Preferred foods of wild turkeys

Generally, turkeys thrive in and near mature forests that produce abundant amounts of mast, the fruits and nuts of woody plants. In the spring, they tend to eat leaves and grasses, and in the fall, they feed more on fruits, berries, seeds and insects.
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What should you not feed turkeys?

Here is some food that you should not feed to turkeys:
  • Low-Quality chicken feed.
  • Dairy foods.
  • Onions.
  • Raw meat.
  • Chocolate.
  • Processed foods.
  • Fruit pits and seeds.
  • Tomato and eggplant leaves.
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What kind of food attracts turkeys?

Turkeys love acorns and pecans, as well as dogwoods, huckleberries, blueberries, and other fruits found in the understory. Planting food plots: Follow these tips to establish food plots as a supplement to natural forage. Food plots can also be used to increase turkey sightings and harvest success.
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Do turkeys need special feed?

Turkeys need different feeds depending upon their age, whether they are young poults or adults, and the time of year, mainly are they on a maintenance ration or are they in breeding season.
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What Turkeys Eat

Do turkeys eat bird seed?

Foods They Eat

Seeds and grain, including spilled birdseed or corn and wheat in agricultural fields. Berries, wild grapes, crabapples, and other small fruits. Small reptiles including lizards and snakes. Fleshy plant parts such as buds, roots, bulbs, succulents, and cacti.
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Can turkeys eat chicken starter?

Chick starter can be used to raise turkeys, with cautions: It does not have enough proteins or vitamins for good development. If chick starter is used, be sure to supplement with brewer's yeast at the rate of 2 cups per 10 lbs of chick starter.
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How do I attract turkeys to my property?

6 Ways To Attract Turkeys To Your Yard
  1. Provide Turkeys with a Varied Diet Year-Round.
  2. Provide a Water Source.
  3. Install Shelters and High Perches.
  4. Provide Nesting Sites.
  5. Limit Your Use of Pesticides.
  6. Lock Up your Pets.
  7. Attracting Turkeys May Be Illegal in Some States.
  8. Turkeys Can Cause Damage to Your Property.
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Is Cracked corn good for wild turkeys?

Cracked Corn-Corn is chocked full of protein and fiber that makes a great wild turkey food. Cracked corn is simply corn that has been dried and broken into pieces. This process makes it easier for wild turkeys to digest.
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How do you get turkeys to come?

Hunt The Evening
  1. Start Early. You wouldn't get to your morning spot late. ...
  2. Give them Room. Don't hunt directly under roost trees. ...
  3. Build a Hide. Get set for a long wait. ...
  4. Pipe Down. Hens and gobblers alike often aren't much interested in breeding—or talking about it—late in the day. ...
  5. Run an Interception.
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Do turkeys eat carrots?

Turkeys love to pick at natural plants. They will consume all sorts of leaves and grasses. You can also feed your turkey various vegetable plants like lettuce, cabbage, carrot leaves, and much more.
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Can turkeys eat whole corn?

Whole corn is an excellent choice if you want to feed them. Cracked corn works good too but tends to get covered up quickly if it is snowing or blowing. I've found they also like alfalfa hay, strange as it might seem. They get right into it and eat the green leaves and flowers.
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What kind of fruit do turkeys eat?

Other planting suggestions include black cherry trees, blueberries, wild grapes and dogwood. Wild turkeys consume cacti fruits in arid areas and like many species of wildlife, will even consume poison ivy berries too.
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Can turkeys smell you?

This saying is always linked with Turkey's sense of smell ” If they could smell you, you'd never kill them.” Turkeys do not lack a sense of smell but it is almost non-existent. Because of small under-developed olfactory lobes, many scientists believe their sense of smell to be equivalent to lacking.
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Can turkeys eat meal worms?

Providing mealworms, whether dried or live, is a great and very, very safe way to attract birds into your yard. I encourage you to try them as an added treat to provide to the birds coming to your yard. They won't last long, especially live mealworms, but you will enjoy watching the many birds who love this food item.
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Do turkeys eat oats?

Turkey also eat waste grains in harvested fields of corn, buckwheat, soybeans, oats, and grain sorghum, and they will use food plots, as well. Turkeys foraging in agricultural areas in the fall and spring eat mostly waste grains, wild plants, insects, and young grasses.
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Should you feed wild turkeys in winter?

Biologically, artificial feeding is not the best approach to helping wild turkeys. Long- term habitat management aimed at increasing the suitability to turkeys year-around as well as during extremes of winter is the best investment.
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Do turkeys like peanuts?

If you want to feed Wild Turkeys, I would recommend our Wild Birds Unlimited Wildlife Blend. It's a nice mixture of peanuts, sunflower seed and corn. Our Choice Harvest Blend also has enough tree nuts, sunflower seeds, dried cherries, and suet nuggets to satisfy any turkey as well as a wide variety of other birds.
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What do farm raised turkeys eat?

American farmers are raising turkeys in scientifically designed, environmentally controlled barns that provide maximum protection from predators, disease and weather extremes. They are fed a balanced diet of corn and soybean meal mixed with a supplement of vitamins and minerals.
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What trees do turkeys like?

Turkeys also prefer pine trees to any other types of trees. They offer cover year round and often a clean forest floor to take off and land on. A single pine tree will do the trick if it is big enough, but clusters of them are best.
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What is good turkey habitat?

It is now recognized that turkeys do best in areas with a wide variety of habitat types and plant species. One recent researcher has described the ideal turkey habitat as one-half wooded, one quarter abandoned fields and one-quarter active agriculture.
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Do turkeys eat alfalfa?

Though all turkeys will eat insects, particularly grasshoppers and cicadas when available. Even small frogs and salamanders can be targeted by turkeys. Other key foods include legumes such as beans, peas, clover, alfalfa and chufa (more on that in a moment).
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Can turkeys eat scratch grains?

Feeding Directions

Purina® Scratch Grains can be fed to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys to encourage natural pecking and feeding instincts. Scratch Grains is a grain supplement, not a complete feed and should not comprise more than 10% of the birds' diet.
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Can chickens and turkeys live together?

One of the main ways to keep turkeys healthy is too NOT raise chickens and turkeys together. When turkeys and chickens are raised together, turkeys run a high risk of contracting the disease histomoniasis, also known as blackhead.
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