What is Rule 169 in the Highway Code?

Rule 169:“Do not hold up a long queue of traffic, especially if you are driving a large or slow-moving vehicle
slow-moving vehicle
A slow moving vehicle (or SMV) is a vehicle or caravan of vehicles operated on a street or highway at speeds slower than that of other motorized traffic.
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. “Check your mirrors frequently, and if necessary, pull in where it is safe and let traffic pass.”
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Can you speed to overtake UK?

A common misconception held by some drivers in the UK could lead to some very serious consequences while on the roads. There is a myth that it is fine to exceed the speed limit while overtaking the vehicle in front of you, so long as you tuck back in and slow to the speed limit immediately after doing so.
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Is it illegal to overtake multiple cars UK?

No, there is no specific legislation that outlaws overtaking more than one car at a time, but there are other road rules (not to mention common sense) that suggest it's a bad idea.
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Who has right of way at a junction UK?

Rule 172. The approach to a junction may have a 'Give Way' sign or a triangle marked on the road. You MUST give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road.
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Is it illegal to reverse onto a main road UK?

The law says that you must not reverse your vehicle unless you can do so safely. Many people live on main roads and have a driveway onto that road. It might not be possible to turn around in the driveway so the only options are to go into the driveway forwards and reverse out, or reverse in and go out forwards.
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Understanding Road Markings | Learn to drive: Highway Code

Who is at fault if you are reversing?

Generally, in a rear-end collision, the driver who drove into the back of the other car is held liable for the accident. This is because, according to the highway code, you should always maintain the correct stopping distance based on your speed, see infographic for guidance.
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Is reversing out of your driveway illegal?

While it's not illegal to reverse out of a driveway onto a main road, it's not advisable. Reversing into the driveway is a better option as you control the traffic flow behind you on the busy road. However, the safest option is if you can turn around in the driveway.
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Can you block a junction?

Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red and should avoid blocking the way or encroaching on the marked area at other times, e.g. if the junction ahead is blocked.
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Who has right of way at roundabouts?

When reaching a roundabout you should: Always give priority to the traffic coming from the right, unless you have been directed otherwise by signs, road markings or traffic lights. Check if the road markings allow you to proceed without giving way (always look right before joining just in case)
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How do you know who has priority on the road?

The most important rules are: Traffic on major roads has priority over traffic on minor roads. Vehicles travelling straight ahead or turning left has priority over traffic turning right.
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Can you overtake in fog?

You should not overtake on a single-lane road in these circumstances: In poor weather conditions: such as rain or fog where you are unable to safely see the road in front of you. When you don't have clear visibility of the road: such as on a bend, a hump bridge, or on the brow of a hill.
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Can I undertake on the motorway?

It's acceptable to undertake on motorways where average speed limits are in operation. Along these stretches of motorways overhead gantries will often advise vehicles to 'stay in lane'. Therefore, it may be safer to pass a car travelling below the average speed limit on your right if your lane is moving faster.
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Can you get penalty points for overtaking?

DRIVERS who fail to overtake properly could be slapped with an unlimited fine and up to nine penalty points on their licence. Under the Highway Code, motorists are advised of a number of situations where they should not overtake another vehicle.
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What is the highest legal speed limit in the world?

The first numeric speed limit for automobiles was the 10 mph (16 km/h) limit introduced in the United Kingdom in 1861. As of 2018 the highest posted speed limit in the world is 160 km/h (99 mph), applied on two motorways in the UAE.
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Is it OK to break the speed limit while overtaking?

“Although you should complete an overtaking manoeuvre quickly, never exceed the speed limit for the road.” As rule 125 of the Highway Code states, the speed limit is the absolute maximum you should drive on any particular road. This does not exclude overtaking.
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Can you do 10% over the speed limit?

The 'rule' itself is quite straightforward: if the speed limit is (for example) 30mph, the rule states that you won't get a speeding ticket unless you are going 10% plus 2 mph faster than the limit.
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Which lane should you be in at a roundabout?

As a basic rule of thumb, you should be in the left hand lane if you're going less than half way or half way around the roundabout, and you should be in the right hand lane if you're going more than half way around the roundabout. Top tip: Imagine the roundabout is a clock, and that you always enter it at 6 o'clock.
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What two safety items must by law be carried in your car?

Talking on the phone while driving is illegal. The following equipment must be carried in your car with you: first-aid kit, warning triangle, headlamp converters, and winter tyres/all season tyres in wintry conditions.
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Can you exit a roundabout in the right hand lane?

General rules for multi lane roundabouts in the UK are that if you are taking an exit to the right i.e. more than 180 degrees round then you have to get in the right hand lane on approach to the roundabout and stay in it until you have gone past 180 degrees if that makes sense.
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Is it illegal to stop on a roundabout?

It is not against the law to stop on a roundabout unless there is a yellow box located on the roundabout. It is necessary on a busy roundabout to get your place on the roundabout even if it means stopping on the roundabout itself. Be sure however, if on a driving test not to block exits and entrances to the roundabout.
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Can you stop in yellow box when turning right?

You can stop in a yellow box junction when turning right if you are prevented from turning by oncoming traffic, or by other vehicles waiting to turn right.
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What is yellow box for?

A yellow box is meant to improve traffic flow at road junctions. Motorists are not allowed to stop inside a yellow box and obstruct other vehicles, except under the following circumstances: 1. Turning vehicles in a box-junction do not block other vehicles.
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Who has right of way when reversing out of a driveway?

The rules of the road are pretty much the same for this as they are for a driver emerging from a side road or side area – i.e. you have the right of way! It is primarily the responsibility of the driver that is backing out to ensure that their trajectory is clear to avoid hitting other vehicles or pedestrians.
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Is it illegal to do a 3 point turn on a main road?

Its fine unless there is a solid line down the middle of the road, a one way street, or a dual carriageway... or if there are signs saying no u-turns. If you did it in a stupid place then in theory they could do you for dangerous driving, but doesnt sound like thats the case here.
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