What colors are good for hallways?

Neutrals will ensure your hallway feels light and airy. Consider light and mid-tone shades of yellow, green, pink and blue pastel colours to inject subtle colour that feels cheery and uplifting. And, of course, there's always the perfect grey paint for a timeless shade.
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What is the most popular color for a hallway?

15 Gorgeous Hallway Colors Designers Swear By
  • of 15. Brown. "I always think it's a mistake to try to make an interior room look brighter with white," says interior designer Tom Stringer. ...
  • of 15. Baby Blue. ...
  • of 15. Bright Yellow. ...
  • of 15. Black Blue. ...
  • of 15. Brown Gray. ...
  • of 15. High-Gloss Green. ...
  • of 15. Beige. ...
  • of 15. Hot Pink.
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What color should hallways be?

Lighter shades of blue or green are ideal for hallways with no windows or doors. Because there is limited natural light, these colors will help to create some brightness in the space.
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What is the best paint to use in a hallway?

Eggshell paint is a good choice for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.
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What colours make a hallway look bigger?

The gradation of shade and color of paint on opposing walls can either lengthen distance by using a lighter shade, or shorten a distance with a darker shade. Light colors such as creamy white or light gray help to brighten a room, making it appear larger and wider.
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Good Colors for Painting a Common Hallway in an Apartment Building : Colors With Interior Design

How do you make a hallway look welcoming?

How to create a welcoming hallway that engages
  1. Consider how you use your hallway.
  2. Make the colour work for the space.
  3. Choose statement lighting.
  4. Create the illusion of space with mirrors.
  5. Maximise storage with a console or clever storage.
  6. Hang artwork and other decorative details.
  7. Think about the finishing touches.
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How do I make my hallway look nice?

How to make a narrow hallway look wider
  1. Paint your walls in neutral colours. ...
  2. Consider diagonals or vertical stripes for any runners. ...
  3. Paint your ceiling a light colour. ...
  4. Give your front door a lick of paint. ...
  5. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. ...
  6. Don't over-decorate!
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How do you brighten a hallway?

How to brighten up a hallway with no windows
  1. Paint the internal face of your door.
  2. Use light from adjoining rooms.
  3. Use mirrors to reflect light.
  4. Light colour schemes.
  5. Declutter.
  6. Skylights.
  7. The bannister and stairs.
  8. Embrace the darkness.
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What is the best Colour for a dark hallway?

Dark-coloured paint makes for a dark hallway. So, choose a shade that will help the space feel light and airy. A light grey like Rock Salt will lend your hallway a contemporary feel, like you might find in the reception of a boutique hotel. In fact, any kind of pale neutral would work well.
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What color paint hides imperfections best?

Using Dark Color Paint:

Just like the same way, flat finishes reduce dent visibility; darker paints also reflect less light than lighter paints. This makes them a better choice for hiding drywall imperfections. The only drawback of using dark color paint often makes the room look smaller.
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Should the hallway match the living room?

Choose rugs that contain the different colors of your hallway and living room so that both rooms feel pulled together. These colors don't have to match exactly, just contain a similar shade so that your eye recognizes them as being connected. A rug can also help connect the two spaces physically.
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Should all rooms in a house be the same color?

As a general rule of thumb, you should never paint your entire home one singular color. That isn't to say that you can't use the same color in some capacity throughout your entire home; however, it shouldn't be the primary wall color in every room.
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What colour should I paint my narrow hallway?

The best interior paint colour choices for narrow hallways are taupe, light tan, light gray, creams, and definitely light greens and blues. Also, you can always opt to cover one side of your narrow hallway with artwork or photographs as well.
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What colour goes best with grey?

Six Colour Combinations that Look Great with Grey
  • Red and Grey. If you are looking to create a dramatic scheme that evokes an energy and a hint of drama, then red and grey is a passionate colour combination. ...
  • Mustard and Grey. ...
  • Green and Grey. ...
  • Teal Blue and Grey. ...
  • Blush Pink and Grey. ...
  • Blue and Grey.
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Is green a good colour for a hallway?

Green hallway paint is soothing, calming and reassuring, but can become a little oppressive if overdone. All shades of green work well against a white ceiling and darker flooring, but experiment with your space. If you are using more that one shade and your space is tight, keep the lighter colours toward the ceiling.
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Which colour is best for stairs?

A lot of stair trim and risers are painted white or white, cloud white being the default choice. Lately, darker colors and even black colors have been used with some great results. The look is almost dramatic, so much so that the stairway itself becomes the focal point of painting it.
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Which colour is best for living room?

The 20 best paint colors for your living room
  1. Classic blue. KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock Classic blue has a calming and relaxing effect, especially when you opt for a lighter shade. ...
  2. Dark blue. ...
  3. Coral. ...
  4. Gray. ...
  5. Light peach. ...
  6. Lilac. ...
  7. Lime green. ...
  8. Mint green.
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How do you brighten up a dark room?

How to Brighten a Dark Room in 10 Creative Ways
  1. Place mirrors near light sources. ...
  2. Fairy lights, candles, and other ambient light sources. ...
  3. Pick lighter color or transparent furniture. ...
  4. Cover floors with large, bright area rug. ...
  5. Embrace white walls. ...
  6. Deep clean your windows. ...
  7. Opt for light beige/gray curtains.
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Is yellow a good colour for a hallway?

The best color hallways

'Entering a yellow hallway is likely to make you feel happy and vibrant,' he says. 'While as a color that can fatigue your eyes quickly, yellow is perfect in a hallway for creating a sunny welcome – and a creative burst as you leave.
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How should I dress for a small hallway?

Small hallway ideas – 10 tips to make your entrance hall look...
  1. Consider scale, light and color in a small hallway. ...
  2. Decorate with your favorite color. ...
  3. Tone it down and opt for sophistication. ...
  4. Add a standout pattern for impact. ...
  5. Decorate with an accent color for impact. ...
  6. Use symmetry as a design feature.
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How do you paint a hallway?

Coordinate with adjacent rooms. If the hallway has fixed openings to other rooms, choose paint colors that coordinate throughout the area to give the space visual flow. Rooms off the hallway that have doors that can be closed, offer more color freedom.
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How do you brighten a windowless hallway?

Add mirrors to brighten your windowless hallway

Mirrors help reflect light, so they can make a cramped, windowless hallway feel a little brighter. Maximize your luminosity by placing a mirror directly in front of a console lamp, or hang one in between two sconces to help make the space feel bigger and airier.
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What should I hang in my hallway?

6 hallway decor ideas you can do yourself to add interest to a boring window-less space + free art printables to pull it off inexpensively.
  • Add interesting lighting.
  • Throw in a plant or two as hallway decor.
  • Paint your doors for contrast to decorate a hallway.
  • Hang large-scale art to trick the eye.
  • Roll out a runner.
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How do you make a small hallway inviting?

Turns out there are some easy fixes to transform a narrow hallway into a warm, light, and inviting space.
  1. Use mirrors.
  2. Incorporate cubbies.
  3. Illuminate the space.
  4. Paint the walls.
  5. Add color to your trim.
  6. Incorporate molding.
  7. Add artwork.
  8. Install recessed shelving.
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How do you decorate a hallway and stairs?

17 clever hallway, stairs and landing ideas you need to see
  1. Maximise your landing like Erica. ...
  2. Make a mirror mosaic. ...
  3. Create a staircase gallery wall. ...
  4. Opt for on trend hallway tiles and two-tone walls. ...
  5. Turn your landing into an office space. ...
  6. Keep styling simple. ...
  7. Love a long hallway mirror.
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