What causes bitterness?

Psychology Today states that “all forms of bitterness starts from one feeling; anger.” It is human to be angry. We all get riled up every once in a while. However, holding on to that anger for too long will lead to bitterness.
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What causes a person to become bitter?

Regret, embarrassment, shame, and guilt from a single mistake can haunt you for years. And the ensuing negative thoughts, stress, and pessimistic outlook can create a dynamic in which you view the world in a bitter way—all because you feel that you are unworthy of feeling OK.
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What is the source of bitterness?

The Cause of Bitterness

All bitterness starts out as hurt. And your emotional pain may well relate to viewing whoever (or whatever) provoked this hurt as having malicious intent: As committing a grave injustice toward you; as gratuitously wronging you and causing you grief.
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What are the signs of bitterness?

7 Signs You Might Struggle With Bitterness
  • You have imaginary conversations.
  • You replay a conversation or experience over and over in your head.
  • You feel the need to tell someone what he/she did.
  • You are easily offended by this person.
  • You have strong negative emotional reactions to things they say and do around you.
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How do you get rid of bitterness?

How to Overcome Bitterness and Resentment, According to 8 Experts
  1. Let go of grudges. ...
  2. Identify your expectations.
  3. Evaluate your expectations.
  4. Adjust these expectations.
  5. Forgive. ...
  6. Understand that bitterness and resentment will destroy you.
  7. You have to choose to forgive. ...
  8. Increase understanding and empathy.
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How To Get Rid Of Bitterness | Joyce Meyer

What are the dangers of bitterness?

The latest research to give credence to the link between state of mind and health is a recent study from Concordia University that has found constant bitterness can make a person ill. Holding on to bitterness can affect metabolism, immune response or organ function and lead to physical disease, researchers say.
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What causes bitterness and resentment?

Being hurt by someone, particularly someone you love and trust, can cause anger, sadness and confusion. If you dwell on hurtful events or situations, grudges filled with resentment, vengeance and hostility can take root.
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How do I stop being bitter in a relationship?

  1. Admit that you feel bitter. You've got to know it's there—and face it—in order to leave it behind.
  2. Acknowledge who hurt you and that you hold on to the hurt. Ask yourself why you won't let it go. ...
  3. Let go. ...
  4. Forgive. ...
  5. Change your expectations. ...
  6. Know that you are bigger than bitterness. ...
  7. Get help if you need it.
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What God says about bitterness?

Hebrews 12:15 made the subject of bitterness clearer: “See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that 'no root of bitterness' springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled.”
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Is bitterness an emotion?

A bitterness definition from psychology

In psychology, the emotional reaction and mood of bitterness is referred to as 'embitterment'. It is an emotional state of feeling let down and unable to do anything about it, or, more colloquially, to always feeling a 'loser'.
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What is the difference between bitterness and resentment?

Bitterness is a feeling of deep disagreeableness, often anger, and frequently acrimony towards a person or group. Resentment is a very similar feeling, but is usually directed toward a target as a result of a specific action or series of acts. To further complicate matters, they may be interchangeable in some contexts.
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What is the difference between anger and bitterness?

Anger can be understood as a feeling of displeasure whereas Bitterness is to be full of hatred and resentment. Anger, if not let to go, can turn into bitterness and the person becomes resentful, disappointed, and even full of hatred. Unlike anger that prevails for a short time, bitterness can last for a long time.
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Is bitterness a mental illness?

One expert has proposed that bitterness be recognized as a mental illness and categorized as post-traumatic embitterment disorder (PTED).
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What does it mean when a person is bitter?

Someone who is bitter is angry and unhappy because they cannot forget bad things that happened in the past: I feel very bitter about my childhood and all that I went through. She'd suffered terribly over the years but it hadn't made her bitter. B2.
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What does a bitter woman mean?

Bitter Woman Syndrome (not a real thing in psychology, by the way) is a term to describe a woman who, like Dr. Estes puts it above, has “had it” with life. They are angry, they hold grudges, and they've lost any zeal or passion.
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Why am I bitter towards my husband?

Bitterness comes when you hold onto hurt and refuse to forgive the person who hurt you. Most of the time, this comes as a result of ongoing actions of a small nature—lack of understanding, misuse of finances, harsh comments—that build up over time.
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Why am I resenting my partner?

“Resentment is often caused when someone feels slighted or harmed by another person in their life, and they do not feel that the person has apologized or made amends in a manner that is satisfactory to them,” psychologist Charmain Jackman Ph. D. tells Bustle.
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What is the root of resentment?

The word originates from French "ressentir", re-, intensive prefix, and sentir "to feel"; from the Latin "sentire". The English word has become synonymous with anger, spite, and holding a grudge.
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How do you deal with a bitter angry person?

How To Handle A Bitter Person
  1. Don't confide in them. This isn't the kind of person you should be sharing sensitive information with. ...
  2. Don't become their shoulder to cry on. ...
  3. Don't be rude, but don't agree. ...
  4. Talk to them about it.
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What is the sin of bitterness?

Bitterness is also a sin that can destroy life. Romans 12:19 commands us not to seek revenge, but instead to let God avenge. The key elements of bitterness are unresolved anger, the inability to grieve, and a lack of control: 1.
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Why is bitterness so destructive?

It will harden, break, and destroy the good in your life. Bitterness erodes optimism, shatters joy, and kills our ability to love others well. A bitter person goes through life with a heart that does not fully function. They live in a land of spiritual poverty while those around them drown.
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How do I let go of resentment and anger?

19 Strategies on How to Let Go of Anger
  1. Recognize the source of your anger. Recognize when you are feeling angry, and try to determine the cause. ...
  2. Practice relaxation techniques. ...
  3. Take a brief time out. ...
  4. Get daily exercise. ...
  5. Find workable solutions. ...
  6. Don't hold grudges. ...
  7. Practice forgiveness. ...
  8. Own your anger.
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How do I stop resenting my husband?

Here are four steps you can take if resentment is threatening your relationship:
  1. Learn your limits and communicate those to your spouse. ...
  2. Keep your commitments, and ask your partner to do the same. ...
  3. When you feel resentful, talk to your spouse about it. ...
  4. Look for opportunities that can offset your resentment.
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How do I move past the resentment?

Getting through resentment seems like an impossible task, but there are ways to move through these feelings and move forward from them:
  1. Let Yourself Feel. ...
  2. Talk to Someone. ...
  3. Understand Where the Resentment Came From. ...
  4. Remind Yourself That Mistakes Happen. ...
  5. Work Toward Forgiveness. ...
  6. Have Some Empathy. ...
  7. Apologize Sincerely.
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