Why does my electric fence alarm keep going off?

There can be many faults that cause an alarm condition, if you can't see any obstructions on the fence like a broken or snapped wire, twisted wires, loose HT cables or fence wires unclipped from insulators and touching your steel bracket it may be an energiser fault.
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What triggers electric fence alarm?

The fence will go to alarm if: The fence is earthed for 3 pulses/seconds (shocks someone/something) OR if a live wire and an earth wire make contact for more than 3 seconds OR of a live wire is cut. The siren would then sound.
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How do you find a fault in an electric fence?

To find this fault, move along the fence line, taking readings every 100 metres or so. As a rule of thumb, the voltage will drop roughly 100 volts every 100 metres as you head in the direction of the fault, and will then level out once you pass the fault.
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How do I reset my electric fence energizer?

To reset and clear the memory condition turn the energizer On and Off and On again. Only if the alarm condition is resolved will the energizer operate without alarm activation.
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Why is my electric fence on light flashing?

If the light is flashing, the fence is working correctly. If there is no flashing, the fence voltage is too low and you know you have a problem."
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Finding faults in your electric fence system

Does rain affect electric fence?

Electric fences are effective even in the rain.

However, due to the small size of raindrops, they do not do any damage to the electric fence. It would only be a problem if the electric fence had already been destroyed by the time it started raining.
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How do you reset a Merlin electric fence control panel?

After the ALARM light stops flashing, enter your PIN and push the # key to clear the alarm memory. Enter your PIN and push the * key, enter the digit '3', then push# key. The control panel will beep three times to confirm the fence is in low voltage mode.
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How do I test my energiser electric fence?

Testing Your Electric Fence Energiser
  1. Turn off the energiser.
  2. Disconnect the earth or wire going to ground (often green in colour).
  3. Disconnect the live fence wire (often red in colour). ...
  4. Turn the energiser back on and pick up your fence tester.
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How long does an electric fence last?

How long do electric fences last? You may be able to have your electric fence last 10 years with nonpermanent braided rope or electric rope. A good quality conductor or electric ropes made of stainless steel can have it last longer as well.
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What happens if you don't ground an electric fence?

If It Isn't Grounded, It Won't Shock

When an animal touches the electrically charged fence wire, the animal feels the electric current as the charge passes through the body. The charge then completes the circuit through the soil via the ground rod and then up the ground wire to the ground terminal charger.
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Why is the ground wire hot on my electric fence?

The ground wire gets hot on electric fences because it carries electric current from the fence charger to the fence posts. If there is an improper connection between the ground wire and the electric fence charger, electric current can flow back up the ground wire and cause the ground wire to become hot.
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Do electric fences pulsate?

An electric fence energizer converts mains or battery power into a high voltage pulse. The energizer releases this pulse on to an insulated fence line about once every second. The pulse itself is only around 150 microseconds long.
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How do I earth an electric fence?

The Basics of Earthing Your Electric Fence
  1. Energizer Size. - Up to 15 Joules – 3 stakes minimum.
  2. - 4 metres between earth stakes.
  3. - 3 earth stakes minimum*
  4. *As a rule of thumb, use at least 3 earth stakes or the Energizer Stored Joules rating.
  5. - Rusty or corroded earth stakes.
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Why does an electric fence click?

It is almost entirely due to a spark or arcing of the electrical current across the fence hardware that most radio noise created by electric fencing is caused. This form of interference generates a distinctive tick-tick-tick sound that can cause communications to be disrupted over distances of up to a mile in length.
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How many volts should my electric fence be?

The voltage of an electric fence should vary from about 2000 to about 10,000 volts. A 10,000 volt output is the maximum voltage allowed by international regulations. The voltage that is used depends on the desired power of the shock and the distance on the fence that can be shocked up to.
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Can you check an electric fence with a voltmeter?

The Digital Voltmeter can help you locate the source of a short by measuring the voltage in the fence line. You can also use the Neon Fence Tester, although it is not as accurate. Attach it to the fence line, moving it laterally to get a good contact, and place the probe in the ground.
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How long do electric fence chargers last?

Battery units in these chargers are good for 3 to 4 years, before needing to be replaced. This is still a better option than replacing an entire charger every 4 years or so.
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Can dry ground affect electric fence?

Arid regions generally leave sandy soil that's dried out and barren. This sandy soil creates poor conditions for electric fence operation, even when installed normally. To combat these poor conditions, fence systems must be adapted to the terrain to ensure that a proper charge is delivered.
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How do I reset my Merlin Energizer?

To load factory default settings: Unplug the energizer from the mains and disconnect one of the battery terminals. Reconnect the battery terminal and apply mains to the energizer. Within 65 seconds of reconnecting the battery terminal, the key sequence 2 3 8 9 # must be entered on the keypad.
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How do you bypass a fence alarm?


Enter your PIN and push the * key, enter the digit '1', then push the # key. The control panel will beep 3 times and the FENCE ALARM light will start flashing slowly to confirm the fence alarm is bypassed. To cancel the bypass, repeat the same sequence of keys.
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How do I turn off my Nemtek electric fence alarm?

Remove the tab on noticing the energizer turning On or Off. After an alarm occurs: Switch the unit off with the Nemtek tab or remote key-switch. This will silence the siren ( if it has not already timed-out), internal beeper and will switch the strobe off.
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