Why do spiders stop moving when you look at them?

Web-spinning spiders obviously remain motionless while they are waiting for something to land in their web. Moving around wastes energy and draws attention to the spider, which makes it more likely to be eaten by birds, and makes flies less likely to get caught in the web.
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Can spiders see you looking at them?

Most spiders don't have good enough eyesight to see where you're looking, but some spider species' vision is good enough to be able to see you and your eyes and thus might be able to tell if you're looking at them. The vast majority of spiders don't have good eyesight.
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Do spiders remember you?

One of the most basic reasons a spider won't remember you is because it can't see you or your face, according to the Australian Museum. About half the spiders out there catch prey with webs. They don't need great eyesight, they just have to sit and wait for their prey to come to them.
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Are spiders afraid of humans?

Yes, spiders are afraid of humans, but not because they are feeling the emotion of fear, but because of their survival instinct. Spiders are afraid of animals that are larger than them and see them as a threat. That's why they're scared of humans because they see us as a natural threat to their existence.
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Can spiders be friendly?

So is his tagline “friendly neighborhood”, because spiders are not friendly, well that is in terms of socializing, of course. They are isolated. They do not go out of their way to greet us, even if they are squatters in our homes. At best, they are indifferent, minding their own business and never wanting attention.
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Can spiders smell fear?

While the theory is unproven, it is likely that spiders can detect human fear.
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Does killing a spider attract more?

No, dead spiders won't attract other spiders. At least not directly, but it might indirectly as their carcass can turn into food for other insects and attract other spiders to eat said insects.
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Will spiders seek revenge?

No, spiders will not get revenge if you do something bad to it such as destroy its web, because it doesn't have an emotional capacity to do so. Revenge is a highly subjective act and very emotional, which is why it's rarely seen in animals other than humans.
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Can you befriend a jumping spider?

Like most spiders, jumping spiders really don't like to be touched or handled. For the most part, you should avoid trying to handle your spider. If you do need to move him, try to nudge him into a cup using a piece of plastic or other material. You can still enjoy your pet.
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Why do jumping spiders wave at you?

Jumping spiders often wave their pedipalps – leg like structures at the front of their head – which is probably what you observed waving. They use these to signal other members of their species (mate attraction) and to help capture prey.
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Are spiders deaf?

“Surprisingly, we found that they also possess an acute sense of hearing,” he said. “They can hear sounds at distances much farther away than previously thought, even though they lack ears with the eardrums typical of most animals with long-distance hearing.”
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Can spiders see in the dark?

Spiders, despite being mostly nocturnal creatures that are usually equipped with 8 eyes, do not generally see very well in the dark. They typically use their eyes to detect motion when there's light. Instead, they rely on other senses to detect prey and obstacles in their environment.
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Can spiders love humans?

I would say that spiders are not capable of love, but as others have said, may perhaps have an understanding of familiarity, but that is only if they recognize the human as, well, a human, and not just a part of their environment.
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Can you train spiders?

Researchers at the University of Manchester have trained a regal jumping spider named “Kim” to leap on demand. It's the first time a spider has been successfully trained to jump. Unlike domesticated pets like dogs, spiders typically don't eat more than once a week.
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Do spiders have personalities?

Summary: Spiders, like humans and many other animals, have distinct personalities. Two studies have unveiled interesting findings about the relationship between personality traits of spiders and their decision-making as well as hunting styles. Spiders, like humans and many other animals, have distinct personalities.
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Do spiders talk to each other?

Spiders do find and communicate with each other in a fascinating manner. They relay information by vibratory mechanisms and by pheromones. Although their communication system is complex, these critters understand the message relayed amongst themselves.
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Can spiders cry?

Called stridulations, the shrill cries sound like squeaky leather and are made in response to the rhythmic squeezing actions of the male's genitalia from inside the female during sex.
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Do spiders chase you?

No, spiders never actively attack people. Spiders have no interest in humans most of the time, and will usually ignore us or consider us part of the landscape (if they notice we're there at all). Sometimes when we get too close or disturb them, they treat us like they would treat any predator.
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Why do spiders curl up when alive?

Spider legs are basically a series of little tubes. The joint where these tubes connect to the body, what you could think of as the “hip”, works much how you'd expect. It's equipped with both extensor muscles to extend the legs and flexor muscles to curl them in.
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Can spiders play dead?

Spiders play dead when they feel threatened, and it is meant to fool their predators into thinking that the spider is dead so that the spider can counterattack when attacked, or to cause the predator to go away. Some spiders also play dead for mating reasons.
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Do spiders hunt humans?

Deadly? Spiders are hunters, and they often use their fangs to take down their prey. But no spider in the world is large enough to hunt humans for food. In practically every case, a spider would prefer avoiding you over biting you.
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Should I be scared of spiders in my room?

“The majority of spiders in and around the home are pretty harmless,” Dr. Campbell says. “They're not really going to fight unless they're aggravated. And they are predators, so they will prey on other insects inside the home and potentially pest species inside of your house as well.”
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What sounds do spiders hate?

The team established that the spiders freeze when exposed to low-frequency sounds of about 80 to 400 hertz that resemble a low hum, or buzz.
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Do spiders have vaginas?

More generally, male spiders use their “hands” (called pedipalps), to transfer sperm into female spider “vaginas” (called epigynes).
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Do spiders like to be petted?

You can pet some big spiders like tarantulas, but I think that most spiders probably prefer that you show affection by watching them from a respectful distance and maybe offering food treats.
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