Why carbon is a unique element?

Carbon atoms are unique because they can bond together to form very long, durable chains that can have branches or rings of various sizes and often contain thousands of carbon atoms. Silicon and a few other elements can form similar chains; but they are generally shorter, and much less durable.
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Why is carbon a unique life?

Life on earth would not be possible without carbon. This is in part due to carbon's ability to readily form bonds with other atoms, giving flexibility to the form and function that biomolecules can take, such as DNA and RNA, which are essential for the defining characteristics of life: growth and replication.
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Why is carbon a unique element explain Class 10?

Answer: Because, Carbon is the only element that can form many no. of compounds because each carbon atom can form four chemical bonds with the other atoms, and because the carbon atom is just right, size to fit in comfortably as a part of very large molecules.
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What makes carbon such a unique element Class 11?

Answer. ➡️ Carbon is special because its atoms can bond to each other to a practically unlimited degree. This is possible because of carbon's electron configuration.
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What makes carbon such a unique element Mcq?

What makes carbon such a unique element? (a) Elemental carbon comes in two forms, diamond and graphite. (b) Carbon forms four bonds, although the ground state configuration would predict the formation of fewer bonds. (c) Carbon forms covalent bonds rather than ionic bonds.
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Why is the Carbon Atom said to be unique?

What are the 3 unique properties of carbon?

Some characteristics of carbon are given below:
  • Carbon makes 4 electrons to form a covalent bond.
  • It has a number of allotropes and other forms of existence. ...
  • Carbon is highly unreactive under conditions that are normal.
  • This chemical element is represented with the symbol C.
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Why is carbon the most important element?

One of the most important chemical elements is carbon. This is because it is the main element in all living things, and because it can make so many different compounds. Unlike most elements, pure carbon can exist in different forms.
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What makes carbon such a unique element quizlet?

Carbon is a unique element because it's atom has four unpaired electrons in it's outer energy level. Having four electrons it the outermost shell makes carbon an element that easily bonds with other atoms.
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What are the structural characteristics of carbon?

The carbon atom has six electrons, of which four are available for bonding. To reach electronic stability, carbon atoms must share four electrons from other atoms. (The gaining or losing of four electrons requires too much energy in such a small atom).
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What is carbon used for?

Carbon is used in some way in most every industry in the world. It is used for fuel in the form of coal, methane gas, and crude oil (which is used to make gasoline). It is used to make all sorts of materials including plastics and alloys such as steel (a combination of carbon and iron).
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What are the three fundamental structures of carbon?

Carbon-based molecules have three fundamental structures—straight chains, branched chains, and rings.
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Why carbon is considered the backbone of life?

Life on Earth is based on carbon, likely because each carbon atom can form bonds with up to four other atoms simultaneously. This quality makes carbon well-suited to form the long chains of molecules that serve as the basis for life as we know it, such as proteins and DNA.
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What are the most important characteristics of carbon?

Following are the main characteristics of carbon atom:
  • Valency of carbon atom is 4.
  • Carbon can make a single bond, double bond, and triple bond with other atoms.
  • It can make linear, branched chains and cyclic compounds by bonding with other carbon atoms and other elements.
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What are the 4 unique properties of carbon?

The unique properties shown by carbon are: 1) Tetravalency of carbon 2) Catenation 3) Isomerism
  • Tetravalency of carbon.
  • Catenation.
  • Isomerism.
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Why is carbon the King of elements?

Carbon is a nonmetal that can bond with itself and many other chemical elements, forming over ten million compounds. Because it forms more compounds than any other element, it is sometimes called the "King of the Elements."
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Which of the following is one of the unique bonding properties of carbon?

The carbon atom is unique among elements in its tendency to form extensive networks of covalent bonds not only with other elements but also with itself.
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Is water carbon-based?

Abstract. Liquid water is essential for life as we know it, i.e. carbon-based life.
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Is DNA carbon-based?

Carbon is the main component of sugars, proteins, fats, DNA, muscle tissue, pretty much everything in your body. The reason carbon is so special is down to the electron configuration of the individual atoms.
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What is the nature of carbon?

The versatile nature of carbon can be best understood with its features such as tetravalency and catenation. Tetravalency: Carbon has a valency of four so it is capable of bonding with four other atoms of carbon or atoms of some other mono-valent element.
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Why is carbon the most versatile element?

Carbon is versatile because it can form single, double, and triple bonds.It is abundantly found in the nature and most of the organic compounds. It can also form chains, branched chains, and rings when connected to other carbon atoms.
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Why is carbon such a versatile element?

Carbon is a such a versatile element because it can form four covalent bonds. Carbon skeletons can vary in length, branching, and ring structure. The functional groups of organic molecules are the parts involved in chemical reactions.
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What is the unique property of carbon that makes organic chemistry a separate branch of chemistry?

Carbon has a unique property of direct bonding between atoms of the same element to form long chains, to form branches, or to form close structures. This property is known as catenation. No wonder, it can form an almost infinite number of compounds, most of which are chemically organic in nature.
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What if carbon did not exist?

Carbon is in carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that works to trap heat close to Earth. It helps Earth hold the energy it receives from the Sun so it doesn't all escape back into space. If it weren't for carbon dioxide, Earth's ocean would be frozen solid.
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Is human body made of carbon?

The most important structural element, and the reason we are known as carbon-based life forms. About 12 per cent of your body's atoms are carbon. The hydrogen atoms in your body were formed in the Big Bang. All the others were made inside a star long ago and were flung into space by a supernova explosion.
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What is carbon made of?

Carbon atoms comprise a nucleus of neutrons and six protons surrounded by six electrons.
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