Why are the crawleys called Grantham?

A: Crawley is the family name. Earl of Grantham is the title held by Robert, which passes through heirs. Matthew Crawley was set to become the next of Earl of Grantham before his untimely death; Matthew and Mary's son is now due to receive the title.
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Why is it called Grantham?

Grantham is basically the name of the area of land (county or whatever) that went with the Earldom when first created. The real Earldom of Grantham existed in relation to an area of Lincolnshire but the title became extinct in 1754.
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How are the Crawleys and the Grantham related?

Cora Crawley - Countess of Grantham, an American heiress whose dowry helped save Downton. Isobel Grey - cousin to Robert and Violet, mother of late Matthew Crawley, now the Baroness Merton, after her marriage to Lord Merton.
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Why is Cora Crawley called Lady Grantham?

Lord Grantham's wife, Cora Crawley (played by Elizabeth McGovern) is known as Lady Grantham. Her proper title is The Countess of Grantham and she, like Lord Grantham, can be addressed as Lady Grantham by equals and Mi'Lady by servants.
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Why is it Lady Mary Crawley and not Grantham?

Lady Mary Crawley: as a daughter of an earl, she uses the “Lady Given name” style, but never “Lady Crawley.” She does not use “Grantham.” Servants address her as “Lady Mary” or “my lady,” and refer to her as “Lady Mary” or “her ladyship.” Her sisters, Lady Edith and Lady Sybil, follow the same usage.
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The Dowager Countess & Lord Grantham discuss the Downton Estate | Downton Abbey

Does Lord Grantham have an illegitimate son?

Cora decides who's inheriting – and it's not Lady Mary's son

She knows that Thomas is the illegitimate son of O'Brien and Lord Grantham – and the rightful heir to the house.
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Is Marigold on Downton Abbey autistic?

Several online comments by Downton followers suggest that the character was written to be autistic. Others speculate that the child playing the part may have been sedated to keep her quiet. I think that the casting director chose the twins who play Marigold for their resemblance to the Edith character.
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Why is Lady Grantham called the Dowager?

Dowager means "a woman holding property or a title from her deceased husband." It comes through French from the Latin word meaning "to endow" and is related to dowry. Using the title dowager countess also distinguishes Violet as the widow of the previous Earl of Grantham from the current countess, Cora.
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Does Lord Grantham sleep with Jane?

SPOILER ALERT: Downstairs comes upstairs as Downton's Earl has secret bedroom tryst with his new maid. Things are about to get steamy at the Grantham country house in Downton Abbey. Viewers will see the Earl of Grantham commit the ultimate betrayal as he shares a steamy kiss with his maid, Jane, on Sunday night.
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Why was Mrs Hughes called?

Mrs Hughes arrived at Downton as Head Housemaid in 1895 and was promoted to housekeeper soon after. Mrs Hughes has revealed that she has never actually been married, but adopted the "Mrs" title as befits a housekeeper.
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Are the Granthams a real family?

Are the Crawleys of Downton Abbey a real family? The fictional Crawleys are based on the Earls and Countesses of Carnarvon, who still reside at Highclere Castle, where the series is filmed (though the fictional Downton Abbey is in Yorkshire, rather than Hampshire, where Highclere is).
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Do any families still live like Downton Abbey?

Hughes and the rest of the staff at Downton Abbey still exist today. Many of the great houses of England prevail (though they are as likely to be occupied by international billionaires with superyachts as they are by aristocrats).
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What does the gong mean in Downton Abbey?

etc. taking their proper places in the progression. In a proper 1920's household, the dressing gong would have been rung at 7:00 p.m. so everyone would be alerted to dress and be assembled before 8:00 o'clock when dinner was likely to be announced.
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Are Lord and Lady Grantham real?

Earl of Grantham is a fictional title in the peerage of Great Britain. As of 1920, the current holder of the title is Robert Crawley. The Earl is addressed as "Lord Grantham" and the Countess as "Lady Grantham".
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What religion is Lord Grantham?

The family is staunchly Anglican, as Robert remarks that there has not been a Catholic Crawley since the Reformation.
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Is Lord Grantham unfaithful?

- Feeling ignored by Cora (who was busy running their house-turned-makeshift hospital) and useless during the war, Lord Grantham almost starts an affair with a maid. - He tries to pay off his son-in-law, Tom Branson, because he is of a lower class. He later owes much of his renewed success to said son-in-law.
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Is Patrick Gordon an imposter?

Violet is then convinced Major Gordon is a fake, most likely Peter (which would explain how he knew some of the private details of the Crawley family and possibly Patrick's strange mannerism of wiping his lips with his fingers).
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Does Robert cheat on Cora?

Robert Crawley loved his wife but a thorough gentleman though he was, he had his moments of indiscretion. Robert almost ended up cheating on Cora with the housemaid Jane, although he did seem to regret letting his feelings run away with him later.
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Is Mary Crawley a narcissist?

She's just so pretty and smug and narcissistic and demands that everyone around her worship her at all times even while she's casting aspersions and throwing out verbal shrapnel like a grenade lobbed into a scrap metal factory.
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What is a male dowager called?

A dowager king, or dowager king-consort. It's rarer because men get crowned more often than women, but it's a real thing.
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Who is the most popular character on Downton Abbey?

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham

The snooty but endlessly witty Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by national treasure Maggie Smith, tops most people's favourite Downton character lists.
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Does Tom Branson remarry in Downton Abbey?

Fans will also have been delighted to see that chauffeur Tom has found love again as he appears to remarry in wedding scenes that see him and maid Lucy Smith (Tuppence Middleton) tie the knot. Tom married into the aristocratic Crawley family only to be devastated by the death of his first wife, Lady Sybil.
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Why did Dan Stevens leave Downton?

Stevens said last year that he was afraid of being "typecast" to newspaper The Australian. He explained that he didn't want to stay in Downton Abbey too long as he was concerned he wouldn't be able to get a "variety" of parts following the series. “I try not to be resistant to too many things,” he added.
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WHO raises Sybil's baby?

Tom again holding baby Sybbie not long after Sybil's death. Baby Sybbie (age 1) with her father, Tom, holding her. One-year-old Sybbie in the library with Mr. Carson.
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What surgery did Mary Crawley have?

Mrs. Crawley directing the withdrawal of fluid from around the heart of a local farmer. Mrs. Patmore's successful cataract surgery.
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