What was Michael Jackson's vocal range?

Michael Jackson: Vocal Profile/ Range [High Tenor/ 4 Octaves]
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Is Michael Jackson a soprano?

While MJ had a higher soprano voice, and at times a tenor voice, which not a lot of men have, it is possible to replicate, especially if your vocal range is in this rough area. In this guide, we explore how to sing like Michael Jackson and provide some tips to replicate some of the more unusual aspects of his voice.
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Did Michael Jackson have good vocal technique?

His grunts were achieved with good technique, and added to an already impressive vocal delivery. His vocals could be fierce and demanding (Smooth Criminal), or mellow and heartbroken (Earth Song). He had the ability to sing both staccato (Smooth Criminal) and legato rhythms in perfect timing.
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Does Michael Jackson sing in falsetto?

Michael Jackson

Because of his multitude of talents, you don't often hear about Michael Jackson's smooth falsetto. But honestly, watch the video below and tell us having an incredible falsetto voice doesn't just scream Michael Jackson. Like his colleague Prince, Jackson's falsetto was as sexual as it was virtuosic.
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Was Michael Jackson's voice always high?

Michael Jackson was as famed for his high-pitched voice as for his plastic surgery. And as the story goes, his softly-spoken manner was a direct result of his father Joe allegedly forcing him to undergo 'chemical castration' when he was just 13 in a bid to delay puberty and keep his singing voice high.
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Michael Jackson's Vocal Range (F1-C6)

Was Michael Jackson a baritone?

Big belts for him are up in the 5th octave, which is most certainly not where a baritones belts sit. He has a lot of throatiness up high, yet still such ease. His natural comfort is in the tenor area, so he cannot be a baritone, no matter how low he can go.
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What is Philip Bailey's vocal range?

Noted for his four-octave vocal range and distinctive falsetto register, Bailey has won seven Grammy Awards. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame as a member of Earth, Wind & Fire.
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What was Elvis Presley's vocal range?

Elvis Presley was a baritone whose voice had an extraordinary compass — the so-called register — and a very wide range of vocal colour. It covered two octaves and a third, from the baritone low-G to the tenor high B, with an upward extension in falsetto to at least a D flat.
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Who has the largest vocal range?

The widest vocal range of any human is 10 octaves ranging from G/G#-5 to G/G#5 (0.7973 Hz - 807.3 Hz), achieved by Tim Storms (USA) at Citywalk Studios in Branson, Missouri, USA, on 1 August 2008. Mr. Storms also holds the record for the lowest vocal note.
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What was Freddie Mercury's vocal range?

One study on Freddie's vocal range even confirmed that he was able to vary from about 92.2 Hz to 784 Hz, meaning he was reliably able to hit notes from the booming low of F#2 to the high pitch G5 – that covers a full three octaves!
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What is Bruno Mars vocal range?

Bruno Mars has that distinctive light-lyric tenor voice that is relaxing to listen to. Its range is from C3-D5-C6, and he sports that retro style of singing, which endears him to his fans. Moreover, Mars possesses that huge voice that makes him not a Spinto tenor.
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What is Adele's vocal range?

The vocal range of Adele, as mentioned above, is not remarkable compared to other singers. Her mezzo-soprano vocal type and vocal range of 2 octaves and 3 notes from C3 to F5 is nothing exceptional.
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Who died on Earth Wind & Fire?

Andrew Woolfolk, a saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist for Earth, Wind & Fire has died after a six-year illness, band frontman Philip Bailey confirmed in a social media post Tuesday afternoon. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member was 71.
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Who can sing the lowest note?

Since 2012, Tim Storms has held the world record for the lowest ever vocal note – that's a deliciously gravelly G -7 (0.189 Hz), which is eight octaves below the lowest G on the piano.
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What singers have the most octave range?

Based on the findings, Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has demonstrated the greatest vocal range in studio. Mariah Carey comes in second, followed by Prince, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Christina Aguilera and David Bowie. The Vocal Ranges of the Greatest Singers.
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Is 2000 watts a lot?

Living on 2,000 watts is harder than it sounds–that's roughly a sixth of the average rate of energy consumption in America.
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What is Chris Brown's vocal range?

Chris Brown's Vocal Range: E2-G6 - YouTube.
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What is Celine Dion's vocal range?

Celine Dion's Vocal Range

The vocal range of Celine Don is Bb2 – C6 – E6 with the most extended note of 15 seconds duration. Her vocal type is Lyric Soprano with three octaves and three notes.
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What is Zayn Malik's vocal range?

His upper chest voice has been developing a more even mix, showing openness up to B4. Malik can stay in the Tenor tessitura consistently, showing off his incredible ease (Pillowtalk). A beautiful falsetto with the ability to seamlessly transition from chest to head voice (see You and I).
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